Women's Retreat

"A Mighty Rushing Wind"

A Message from Our Speaker...

Dennis and I are excited to be able to be with you in September. We are anticipating a powerful time of worship and ministry. Through the sharing of our testimonies of healing from sexual brokenness, the Lord has taken music and our ministry around the world. Meeting with you in Oklahoma City is like going home for us!

My story, Twice Broken - Being a Mary not a Martha, I pray will challenge, encourage and help to mend the hearts of many who have experienced their own shattered woundings. Anticipate and prepare your hearts now to worship and receive ministry, as Dennis leads in worship, sings over us, and as I share my heart with you. Our prayer is that you will come away from this weekend with a deeper understanding of who you are and receive healing and encouragement from your own broken places.  

Melinda Jernigan

The Western Area Friends Women have been praying for the past two years in preparation for Friends Women’s Retreat 2017. God has blessed us with not one, but two very gifted individuals to share with us the weekend of September 22-24. Having Melinda Jernigan as our speaker, and her husband Dennis Jernigan as our worship leader, is such a gift from God. We are counting the days as we pray for the women who will gather with us at Embassy Suites in Oklahoma City, OK. Please invite your unchurched friends as well as those who are seeking a relationship with Jesus, or wanting to grow in their walk with Him.

Our theme for the weekend is, “A Mighty Rushing Wind.” The purpose is two-fold. (1) Dennis Jernigan wrote a song titled, “Rushing Wind.” You may already know it. And, (2) The Western Area is found in the plains of Kansas, and the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles. The wind blows here like crazy! Because of that, we have wind generators everywhere, interspersed among the old water windmills that still pump water for our livestock. The new and the old work together in harmony, doing exactly what they were created to do. We as women, the old and the young, also work in harmony to lead others to the Living Water, and the Rushing Wind of the Spirit of God.

Who do you know who needs a healing touch? Who do you know whose life is a mess and needs the peace that only God can give? Encourage those women to come to Retreat. If they can’t afford it, pull together and raise the money so they can attend. Women’s Retreat isn’t only about getting away from the stressors of our busy lives, it’s also about centering in on who we are in Christ, and what we must do to bring others into the Kingdom. Please join us in Oklahoma City in September. I promise. You won’t regret it.

Linda Snyder-Patterson,

(Download the retreat registration by clicking on the PDF link below.)
Mike Neifert,
Jul 13, 2017, 7:02 AM