Women's Retreat

"Keeper of My Heart"
Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview, Wichita, KS
September 21-23, 2018

Women’s Retreat was a success thanks to you:

When we first began planning the 2018 FW Retreat, we kept asking ourselves, “What is our purpose?” 
and “What do we want to accomplish?” Two things we kept coming to were to encourage women and support and encourage our workers—especially the women.

As the planning progressed and things began to come together, we realized God had plans to do big things! We had two prayer powerhouses praying every week for months during the planning – Velda Harvey and Connie Young. God used our speaker Brockie Follette to teach us, entertain us and to challenge us. Our worship leader Katie Newton led us in precious times of music. God gave much wisdom and extra help to Amanda, our A/V gal. The staff at the Drury Plaza Broadview helped with things they nor we had planned for – like all those extra tables we needed for the silent auction! Our registrar, Sheila McIntire, worked tirelessly on her Excel spreadsheet; making sure you had the right roommates, the correct charges and all the numerous changes that kept happening right to the last minute. And then there were our workers themselves who were willing to have such an amazing part in our weekend. They took the time to think, speak, record, edit and send their videos – no easy task in many of their areas.

Once you start a list you risk forgetting something or someone, SO if you did anything, anything at all
before or during retreat, THANK YOU so much. Every part was vitally important.

And now the stats you’ve been curious about. We had 272 women register and 264 actually attend. Our mission project was to provide EFM with $4,000 for help to train pastors in West Bengal. We raised all of that thru the weekend and more! We also raised $650 at the marketplace on Saturday afternoon. We have sent EFM a check for $4,000 plus another $6,000 to provide a vehicle for missionaries to use while they are in the states! What a thrill to be able to give so much money to such worthwhile causes.

One more thank you. To You. You who attended the retreat, you who invited a friend, you who left work
early to drive your group, you who stepped out of your comfort zone into something very new for you.
You who left little ones at home, you who brought even littler ones with you. You who have been to
many (or all) retreats before. Thank YOU!

DeAnna Linville and Desiree Crisp
For the 2018 Central KS Retreat Committee
  • Desiree Crisp
    , Co-Chair
  • DeAnna Linville, Co-Chair
  • Denise Loganbill
  • Connie Young
  • Sheila McIntire
  • Tina Hawkins
  • Sally Waugh
  • Savannah Waller
  • Susan Neifert
  • Pam Chambers
  • Nelda Goodwin
  • Mary Paxson
  • Jan Thomas
  • Kaye Hardinger
  • Patty Savely
Mike Neifert,
Jun 20, 2018, 4:43 AM
Mike Neifert,
Jun 20, 2018, 4:46 AM