Women's Retreat

"Keeper of My Heart"
Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview, Wichita, KS
September 21-23, 2018

Women’s Retreat Plans Coming Together:
We've met and met and met. And planned and planned and planned! The committee is really excited about the weekend and how the Lord plans to encourage and strengthen you. 

Remember to be prepared for the Silent Auction.  You are welcome to bring great items to sell and we have been collecting items from different EFM mission fields! We have an EFM missions project for the funds raised at the auction. 

Saturday afternoon at University Friends Church you will be able to support several vendors, who have agreed to give a portion of their sales to our missions project. Also, at the church Saturday afternoon, some very uplifting and encouraging workshops.  

Registrations need to be postmarked by August 27. We cannot accept registrations dated after August 27. If you choose to use a card to pay, there is a $5 fee. You may use your card for the auction, but that will be $2. Sorry, but we have to pay for perks....just bring cash or check and it will all go toward missions!!

Please continue to pray for our speaker, Brockie Follette (see a message from her below), our worship leader, Katie Newton, our workshop leaders and the retreat committee as we work through the final details of the 2018 retreat. “Friend” Friends Women Fellowship and look for regular updates (and maybe a few surprises) on Instagram (fwfellowship) and Facebook (Friends Women Fellowship). We are also using the hashtag #fwretreat18 to inform everyone.

From our speaker, Brockie Follette:

Five times in Psalm 121 we find the words "He watches over..." This phrase can hold tension. On one hand, we can take a moment to bask in the thought of God watching over us so diligently that He never sleeps, and on the other hand we may remember a time in our life (even now) that we feel like God wasn't watching over us. I am excited to explore this together as we gather in September. I want to encourage you to come, no matter what season of life you are in. I've been in a few myself: awkward high school student, emotional college gal, child of divorce, seasoned single, married, married with step-kids, AMA (advanced maternal age) Mom, stay at home mom, working mom and now Grandma!!! Can't wait to see what God has in store for all of us together!!

Retreat Committee:

Please be praying for these ladies (pictured below) as they plan for the re
treat over the next several months:
  • Desiree Crisp
    , Co-Chair
  • DeAnna Linville, Co-Chair
  • Denise Loganbill
  • Connie Young
  • Sheila McIntire
  • Tina Hawkins
  • Sally Waugh
  • Savannah Waller
  • Susan Neifert
  • Pam Chambers
  • Nelda Goodwin
  • Mary Paxson
  • Jan Thomas
  • Kaye Hardinger
  • Patty Savely
Mike Neifert,
Jun 20, 2018, 4:43 AM
Mike Neifert,
Jun 20, 2018, 4:46 AM