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MID822 focuses on the integration of current and emerging e-learning tools for education and training. In the Jan 2011 semester, one Masters in Instructional Design and Technology class will use this space to learn by teaching one another. This version of the course is facilitated by Dr Ashley Tan.

Shared spaces

We have two main online spaces. We will use this wiki for individual and group writing. We will also use the MID822 Edmodo site (code: hlbefe) for announcements, to share current resources, write one-minute papers, provide back-channel feedback, etc.

Design philosophy & purpose

The smartest person in the room is not the person in front. It is everyone in the room. This learning space is a way of building the smarter room. It is a platform for the creating, publishing, and critiquing learning artefacts that are a result of collaboration.

This move away from the inflexible LMS that is BlackBoard is also influenced by the fact the all Singapore schools have had access to Google Apps at the end of 2009. This Google Site serves as one model of how to use the suite of Google Apps for teaching and learning.

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