Microwave Harassment


The information on this page is presented to show the public that invasive, silent, deniable electronic harassment technology has been available to anyone for decades now. When someone claims they are being targeted by unexplainable, disabling effects, weapons such as these listed below could be responsible. Instead of ridiculing the person claiming the attacks, the public should assist by asking officials to do a thorough investigation of every such case.

These are older, not secret technologies capable of extreme destruction of the ability to earn a living, and the quality of life of a target, listed below. None of these technologies require implants, and all can be transmitted silently, through walls, and leave no trace evidence.

Since few targets will aquire the correct detection equipment, destruction of a target's life even using these older technologies is a perfect crime under today's justice system. Today's justice system denies that any effective through wall harassment technologies exist, probably because they tacitly approve of the activities of the "anti crime" organized stalking groups who sometimes use this equipment.

Here is the list:

  • A simple microwave oven, door removed, with the door interlock switch bypassed, and held against the bedroom wall of a target in an apartment building or semi-detached house. This device can cause a variety of disabling medical symptoms.


    MODIFIED microwave oven weapon for improved focus of the microwave radiation, from the article above

    Some of the symptoms of microwave exposure are:

    Asthma, cataracts, headaches, memory loss, early Alzheimer's, bad dreams, depression, fatigue, concentration loss, appetite loss, heart and blood pressure problems, and cancer.

    Vendor offering plans for building a weaponized microwave oven (June 2008.) Click here if the above link is broken.

  • Joseph Sharp's voice to skull success, performed with Dr. James C. Lin's pulsed microwave transmitter, and publicly announced in 1974 at the University of Utah:

    March 1975 "American Psychologist" journal excerpts, and other voice to skull references.

    AUDIBLE sound transmitted directly into a target's skull, through a target's wall, of course, can drive the through-the-wall target crazy, and if the target complains, the target will be immediately diagnosed as mentally ill. The perfect crime.

    U.S. patent 6,587,729, issued based on Dr. Joseph Sharp's voice to skull success.

    Don Friedman's 2007 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request showing government involvement in the development of voice to skull for weapons potential

    Voice to skull (V2S/V2k), a commercial version dubbed MEDUSA - "Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio", proposed for commercial development for military and police use, ABC news. Below is the ABC posting:

    Original link: http://abcnews.go.com/print?id=5305386

    Microwave Ray Gun Controls Crowds with Noise


    July 4, 2008

    A US company claims it is ready to build a microwave ray gun able to beam sounds directly into people's heads.

    The device dubbed MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) exploits the microwave audio effect, in which short microwave pulses rapidly heat tissue, causing a shockwave inside the skull that can be detected by the ears. A series of pulses can be transmitted to produce recognisable sounds.

    The device is aimed for military or crowd-control applications, but may have other uses.

    Lev Sadovnik of the Sierra Nevada Corporation in the US is working on the system, having started work on a US navy research contract. The navy's report states that the effect was shown to be effective.

    Scarecrow Beam?

    MEDUSA involves a microwave auditory effect "loud" enough to cause discomfort or even incapacitation. Sadovnik says that normal audio safety limits do not apply since the sound does not enter through the eardrums.

    "The repel effect is a combination of loudness and the irritation factor," he says. "You can't block it out."

    Sadovnik says the device will work thanks to a new reconfigurable antenna developed by colleague Vladimir Manasson. It steers the beam electronically, making it possible to flip from a broad to a narrow beam, or aim at multiple targets simultaneously.

    Sadovnik says the technology could have non-military applications. Birds seem to be highly sensitive to microwave audio, he says, so it might be used to scare away unwanted flocks.

    Sadovnik has also experimented with transmitting microwave audio to people with outer ear problems that impair their normal hearing.

    Brain Damage Risk

    James Lin of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Illinois in Chicago says that MEDUSA is feasible in principle.

    He has carried out his own work on the technique, and was even approached by the music industry about using microwave audio to enhance sound systems, he told New Scientist.

    "But is it going to be possible at the power levels necessary?" he asks. Previous microwave audio tests involved very "quiet" sounds that were hard to hear, a high-power system would mean much more powerful and potentially hazardous shockwaves.

    "I would worry about what other health effects it is having," says Lin. "You might see neural damage."

    Sierra Nevada says that a demonstration version could be built in a year, with a transportable system following within 18 months. They are currently seeking funding for the work from the US Department of Defence.

  • Lowery's silent sound, patent 5,159,703 and used for self-help subliminal hypnosis tapes and CDs and by the U.S. Army in Gulf War One (1991).

    Together with Sharp's voice to skull, Silent Sound projected through a bedroom wall can hypnotize a target in their bed with the target being unaware. Unaware hypnosis is CLEARLY electronic harassment in the EXTREME!

    Silent Sound in Gulf War One

    Concept diagram, combined voice to skull and Silent Sound
  • An old medical device, the Russian LIDA machine, a pulsed 40 watt, 40 MHz radio transmitter which can be used to make a target exhausted on the job when pulsing at the rate consistent with sleep, and with a pulse rate increase, DEPRIVE a target of sleep too!

    U.S. Patent 3,773,049 describing the LIDA operating principle.

    Notes on the LIDA machine

    adeylida.gif LIDA machine
    Dr. Ross Adey is not a known participant in the human rights atrocities described on this site.
  • Through clothing (and through non-conductive wall) RADAR, widely used at airports and by police to look through clothing for hidden weapons. The harassment potential of this technology in the hands of organized stalking gangs is obvious.

    Through wall/clothing radar image
  • Code name EPIC through wall coordination/balance disruptor weapon may become technology #6, once it has been announced as having been successfully demonstrated. (Article, dated May 21, 2007)

    Electronic harassment targets have reported suddenly having their balance and coordination disrupted.

The CLASSIFIED equipment, coming into wider use in the 1980s, operates at a much more invasive performance level. Our group as yet does not have solid information as to how these classified devices work.

 The Mystery of Julianne McKinney

These are the notes surrounding the mystery of Julianne McKinney:

  • She was a member of the NSA (National Security Agency), a dissident alumnus who was one of the pioneers of the cause.
  • The Internet was replete with articles by her back in the mid 1990's (Her works are disappearing from the Web).
  • She was an advocate who assisted in identifying victims and conducted studies of the victims.
  • The last item I read of hers was way back, which was a strange, brief letter stating she was quitting the cause to take up something less taxing like knitting or something flippant like that. (It didn't sound like her).
  • Then there was always something that troubled me about her articles: They frequently start out lucid, informative, insightful, well-measured in choice of words. Then they frequently spin wildly off the deep end, spanning into the outrageous, to the point that it sours you on the article in its entirety. Which is unfair, because the article is invariably half right. Are they tossing this junk in there so as discredit their totality? I just generally cut out the weird stuff and grab the truth of it.

Looking back in hindsight, with the benefit of what I know now, these last two points are troubling: Did they kill her? Are they taking her works and tossing wild spins into it, so as to bring discredit to them in their entirety? (Tossing out the baby with the bathwater?) Which would be too bad because there is truth in them, you need just cut away the true and leave the garbage behind. 
To these questions, I don't know the answer. It nonetheless raises an intriguing question: Where is Julianne McKinney? To these suspicions, I would love to be wrong on this point, to discover that she has indeed taken up knitting over somewhere on Martha's Vineyard.
* Written 12-28-01

I shall be taking an early lunch and departing for the airport tomorrow and I think it would be useful to bring you up to date on the current circumstances over here in these waning hours. Ferocious ratcheting up of the physical abuse and assaults continues to be the order of the day. All that has been previously stated on this subject remains in effect with particular focus on the following:

  • Continued savage multilevel targeting of the right arm, hand, ferocious stabbing assaults to mid-back / shoulder. The violent onslaught is enhanced by the interplay of overlay assaults such as thermal (freeze) assaults to the right hand with the hand all swollen red to the size of wearing a heavy glove; acoustic slammings to the right arm with violent yanking of arm muscles (sustained "charley horse" effect); laser, rifle-blow type assaults to the neck (c-spine) with back of neck peppered with abraded laser injuries. All in all it can be assumed that these assaults are of a reversible nature, though that cannot be stated with certainty.
  • Then it appears they ran a bio assault to the lungs / respiratory tract with an abrupt and ferocious affliction of the respiratory system. It appears that they started with a bio and are repeatedly slamming it with multiple overlay assaults with caustic materials (chemical assaults) trying to see what effect can be achieved from the interplay. To the mix they have added an assortment of the nonlethal effectuations (running of the nose, involuntary cough mechanism, suffocation sessions, etc.) to create an overall distressing situation. In any event this one came out of left field and I assume it will subside over time, and there will be no residual damage.

2-19-02 Arrival in Europe
It is now my fourth day in Brussels and I think it would be useful to give a general summary of the current situation; much has changed and much has not. First there is the nonlethal assaults and injuries situation. I of course never anticipated that the nonlethal situation would improve much simply by a change in location. Anyone who knows anything about nonlethal targeting and the surveillance factor as alluded to by Alan Yu would be aware that physical proximity is not a necessary ingredient for their deployment. And anyone who has read of Michael Williams's story would know that Europe is no buffer from their abuses. While their capacity to assault at distance came as no surprise, I am somewhat taken aback at their willingness to violate the sovereignty of other nations in their deployment; I thought that somewhere there was a line that they would not cross.  Even so, proximity must have some bearing as some of the assault effects have disappeared from the panoply. I am getting a general shake-out of what they can and can't do at distance. The chemical assaults and "area-denials" have ended as these require proximity. Then there is the general pleasant climate here so unlike the hordes of colluding monsters (my countrymen) that I left back in the United States. And I don't have all those colluding, troublemaking merchants to contend with over here: They are all honest, friendly, and trustworthy. The people here are so kind and positive-minded; such kindness I have not known for many years in my country, going back to 1994. Bless them for their humanity! Then there is the television, radio programming and general Media over here. What a breath of fresh air it is! There is no morbid preoccupation with health and afflictions (with the exception of a British radio program whose bias and prattle is so hopelessly American) that so pervades the United States. I guess if you were so immersed in it and it was incrementally introduced to you, you wouldn't see the difference until you left. By contrast, it is sad to see the terrible damage they have done to my country.
Now to the nonlethal, physical abuse situation with a random collection of dated notes:

  • (2-17-02) Respiratory system continues taking a heavy hit from the respiratory assaults carried out concurrent with the "final fold-out". The throat has grown so hoarse that I can barely talk. Heavy targeting of the eyes has left the left eye moderately "crossed" with left eyelids pinched and curled back. It has a somewhat disfiguring effect and it remains unclear if the effect is reversible. (As it turned out the disfiguring effect on the eyes had reversed itself). Then the face has again grown inexplicably puffy and swollen.
    It appears that they explored the relocation situation to see what advantages could be realized by it; They figured they would be clear to inflict apparent and disfiguring injuries safe in the knowledge I would be in the company of strangers and away from those who are familiar with my appearance. The throat has been injured to the point that there is a near incapacity to talk and again being away from those familiar with my old voice assisted in the infliction of this injury. Again it remains unclear if these injuries are reversible.
  • (2-18-02) Respiratory system and throat continues taking a heavy hit with near full take out of the voice / capacity to talk. The body overall continues taking heavy ordnance with continued ferocious sleep deprivation and daylong infliction of extreme levels of pain. I anticipate that if the current circumstances prevail, the cumulative effect will soon be taking its toll and the body will be going down.
  • (2-19-02) Renewed assaults to the back of the neck, shoulders with skin disfigured by peppering injuries, abrasions and punctures. Renewed laser / puncture injuries to the legs (calves and ankles). While these injuries are minor and reversible, they have a temporarily disfiguring effect. Respiratory system continues taking a heavy hit. Again the body is taking heavy ordnance with assorted apparent injuries. My only wish and concern is that the body remains alive long enough to carry out the mission that was the purpose of this trip which is to deliver these asylum letters (three countries in all). Also, in the event I should be killed and found dead over here, it is my wish that I be buried over here, on free soil.

I have been in Brussels two weeks now and there is little to add but to say there are continuing circumstances of grave assaults whose main effects are sustained, ferocious sleep deprivation and daylong inflictions of extreme levels of pain. The ferocious slamming of the ears has left the ear canals swollen, fluid-filled with impedance in hearing. The continued deterioration from the respiratory assault is contributing to the overall state of the ears with contributory inflammation. Then they have resumed the nonlethal effect of gnarling of the muscles of the forehead and brow (involuntary, sustained contraction of facial muscles). Also they have resumed the torso-wide peppering of the skin with abraded, puncture-type injuries -means of induction unknown. Again most of the assaults described above, while distressing in their time, are of a reversible nature.

It was my initial intention to get settled in Brussels and make every effort to gain asylum here. But I cannot waste my efforts and resources in settling without some reasonable assurance that I will be accepted here. I have read some unsettling articles here that Belgium's immigration policies are not so tolerant. As such I shall remain in a fluid state, and I have begun sending out letters to other countries that might be more receptive to my appeal; I stand tentatively in Brussels, ready to go anywhere, and I shall "play the field".

In the context of continuing physical abuse, and America's disregard for the sovereignty of other nations (they feel free to injure and deploy their weapons anywhere), it hardly matters where I go. Getting the word out has taken precedence over any notion that I will ever find a tolerable life anywhere: no state can restrain them. While it is too late to save myself, there is yet a chance to save future generations.

On the nonlethal front, there is little to add but to state there are continuing circumstances of sustained, grave sleep deprivation and daylong impositions of extreme levels of pain. Torture of the genitals, right arm, right leg, acoustic slammings of the chest and abdomen, thermals to the head, right arm, and feet, and continued slamming of the ears are the main areas of focus. The body is held awake with extreme levels of pain, most notably acoustics to the internal organs, vibrating them to extreme levels of pain, ferocious levels of pain inflicted to the right leg, right arm, and mid-back / shoulder. The body usually folds under near morning, then awakens shortly after. Then there are continuing daylong assaults bringing the body to a near full drop. Continued peppering of the lower legs with bleeding injuries, staining up my pajamas, and occasional bloodstains on pillow and sheets. The ears continue taking a heavy pounding; the ear canals have grown swollen with compromised hearing. Then there are renewed mutilating assaults to the skin. The assaults begin as painful stabbings to the skin of legs and torso. When ended it leaves scatterings of smallpox-type lesions across the skin. Again the skin injuries, though unpleasant in their time, are likely reversibles. Aside from the continuing nonlethal situation, everything has been transformed over here with an agreeable environment. All this takes place, in fact, to the refrains of the beautiful classical music that can be had over European radio.

On to a miscellaneous sour note coming from across the Atlantic and received by me from my email: "Network Solutions" has again taken custody of this domain name. It looks like they waited for me to be out of the country (they were supposed to have this transfer completed by February 3 but delayed it to the end of the month. The registrar doing the takeover originally flagged itself as "VeriSign"; only later when it was too late for me did they show their true face as being none other than those scoundrels, "Network Solutions".) when they knew I would not have the resources to again engage them, to make their move. They had bought out the Canadian registrar where I attempted to shelter it, and merged all the domain names in their database, again taking control of pjproject.org. I shall do no more in my efforts to retain custody of this domain. If it is their intention to retake control of the domain, it it is their intention to knock this site off the Web again, let them! If this site disappears, the people will know what happened. In a short while, if I should I take asylum elsewhere, it will be a moot point.

I shall be departing for Paris tomorrow. In light of the continuing nonlethal situation and its likely outcome, I suppose the request for asylum is becoming more a rhetorical question, meaning there is really no need to wait around for an answer. Spreading the word has become the new priority, as it is likely too late to save myself; and it is time for the word to ring out in the land of liberté, égalité, fraternité.

It has been two weeks since my arrival in Paris and, as has been the case before, I write this entry under the duress of extreme bodily torture. The nonlethal abuse situation of course has not changed with the continuing theme of brutal sleep deprivation and daylong inflictions of extreme pain. They generally allow the body to sleep about three hours a night, then permit it grudgingly, taking care not to carry it to a full kill. Torture of the genitals and acoustics to the torso are the most notable effects at present though there are concurrent tortures of about fifteen areas of the body. I almost went down last night with uncontrolled palps of the heart but they backed off and let the body slump into unconsciousness. In addition they have resumed ferocious skin targeting with great states of irritation and bloody streaking of the skin, and have resumed impositions of ferocious gnarling contractions of facial muscles with facial discomfort and distortion. During the assaults there is concurrent torture of the genitals. Then they have ceased the imposed apparent injuries to the skin which left it peppered with lesions with subsequent mending. I guessed they reasoned it was somewhat stupid to be doing that at this particular time.

On a miscellaneous note, I have noted in recent world news that the U.S. has drawn up a "nuclear hit list", naming China and Russia, among others, as countries to which they reserve the right to attack with nuclear weapons. It is stated in conjunction with this so-called "war on terrorism"?? (to which I don't see the connection). It looks like the saber-rattling Fascists are again showing their true face to the world community. Crazy talk!!

Now a few personal notes on my life in Paris, and Europe in general. I am staying at "Hôtel le Central" in the Latin Quarter sandwiched between "L'école Polytechnique" and a beautiful church "St. Étienne du Mont" whose bells serenade me each day with their somber dignity. It's an inexpensive place (32€ a night) with much charm. It is one of those older hotels that are fast disappearing in Paris that hasn't modernized. As such the "W.C." is out in the hall and there is no elevator (I stay on the top floor and I'm getting a good measure of exercise in the bargain). I have a shower though it is primitive by U.S. standards ( it is a race to get done before the hot water runs out; my first shower was quite a bracing experience that at least woke me up!) Now I got the hang of it; they use bottled liquid soap for "la douche", lather up, then turn on the water. For you Americans, "douche" is not some off-color, intimate ritual but simply a shower. (The first time I was offered a douche I blushed crimson and nearly took offense).

It is interesting that the one thing I most dearly missed was to have coffee in my room. I ultimately resolved this when I found a cute little single-cup coffee maker ( a clever item made in the Netherlands) that is said to be ideal for camping and travel. So now I have the luxury of Flemish coffee in Brussels, now French coffee in Paris, as much as I want (they use thimble-sized cups over here which does not accord well with my american instinct for "bigness"). Even so the coffee is rich here, not like the water we drink in the U.S. Like Brussels, I like to check out the supermarkets over here and my mouth drops at the interesting things they eat and how they package it. Exploring and sampling the breads alone could occupy a month. One of my favorites, which appears to be a French favorite, is "gâteaux de Bretagne" with french coffee, their coffee preference is a bit stronger than the Belgian brew.

Other favorite haunts of mine in this majestic city are the used book stores, antique shops, the "petits cinémas" where all manner of films from around the world can be seen. ( I went to see a Chinese film and was shocked by its graphic homosexual theme and frank nudity. Evidently I didn't check closely the gender of his "amant" -étudiant as opposed to étudiante, in the movie description and it was the last thing I expected from China, so permissive and Western was its outlook). I also saw "Sobibor" and am looking forward to a run of "Shoah".

Then I checked out a couple of the model car stores in Paris that they name with the lofty title "Le Modèlisme". It has a humorous ring in English as "...isms" in English most typically are used to describe lofty philosophical schools of thought and religious affiliations. I guess the French model car hobbyists take their model cars seriously as they have elevated it to a religion. Now that's what you call an enthusiast!

But I think I should break off here with the small talk. I have not come here to play the tourist, my business is more serious than that. And the adverse, grave circumstances of continued torture impede all efforts to find enjoyment here. Still I marvel at the body's capacity to adapt to the most adverse circumstances. And I marvel at the indomitability of the human spirit. We, human beings, can find grace in our most hellish of grief.

And it is time for grief. From this distance I can allow myself this emotion as a human being, to look back and reflect on all that has transpired. All the injury, the destruction, the loss of the house, the loss of my livelihood, the killing of my dear pets, the loss of all the beautiful things I have painstakingly collected over these past thirty years, the estrangement from all family and friends. It is time for grief. It is time to weep.

3-29-02 (Archive)
The situation with Belgium all makes sense to me now: My assessment was correct. During that flurry of blocked phone calls when they were extraordinarily riled, Belgium was indeed attempting to contact me and offer asylum.

Then they vanished, the phone went dead, and they dropped off the screen. What happened? During the phone blocks they were buying time and ultimately succeeded in bribing Belgium away from offering assistance. Ramshackle Brussels is undergoing a complete "makeover". I encountered nothing but bullshit from these fools when I was there. That fool they sent to the garage sale was indeed from the Belgian Embassy, sent to play games and mislead me as to what it was that shut them up. I am ashamed of them.

(I believe the same occurred with the Dutch Embassy when they repeated that stunt, with some fool from their embassy calling the house, playing games. With Belgium it might be expected, but the Dutch have done a grave disservice to their forbears and their proud historical record of assistance to the persecuted.)

4-7-02 (Sunday)
I write this entry in the throes of brutal volleys of assaults being rained down on me, under the duress of unspeakable levels of pain, and as such it will be a feat of self-discipline to keep my words measured and objective. In fact, the ferocious upswing in the torture approaching a fatal outcome suggests that my asylum letters (France, China, Cuba) sent on 3-19-02 are having impact and they may indeed be going down. While it brings great suffering to me, if true, it is indeed great news to think that at last we will be taking an objective look at the situation and we will be sorting out what has and hasn't transpired here.

But whether or not I survive this, and whether or not their day of reckoning is just around the corner, are matters that are irrelevant to me: I have taken on this project to satisfy, first and foremost, myself, to be true to my conscience, and it is an inevitable manifestation of who I am at my very core. It couldn't have been any other way. I am about love, nothing but love; and it is my love for humanity that impels me. This project is a token of my love. Whether it is read, I care not; whether they heed the alarm or find out later likewise cannot matter to me. I can go to my grave knowing that I did my part, to the best of my ability, to leave a lasting legacy of good in a world fraught with malice and destruction. Of course I am human; forgive me if I could not have done more.

The torture situation is reaching exponential levels, imposing a firestorm of hellish suffering. There is at present, and among other things, concurrent and simultaneous torture of the lungs / chest, abdomen, genitals ( to the point of violent spasm of genital tissues), hands, eyes, feet, shoulder / right arm, heart, skin, head, left temple, neck, sleep dep (bringing the body to a near full drop), ears. For good measure they are evoking assorted involuntary effects such as flooding the stomach with acids (digestive), contraction of muscles across the forehead, and running of the nose. They are working themselves into a frenzy and the body is taking a savage pounding. Again I am surprised that the body has the capacity to sustain such high levels of pain and yet remain alive. It appears that the asylum letters are having some measure of impact and they have worked themselves up into a ferocious frenzy in consequence. I can generally sense when they are having problems by the general consequences over here. And curiously I am taking some comfort from it to know they have taken a hit. In any event there is nothing to do but hang on and patiently wait for a response that I am so looking forward to. I only hope that I can bear the current firestorm and stay alive long enough to see the fruits of my labor that is just around the corner.

I had stated previously that they had the capacity to deploy these weapons anywhere in the world and that comes as no surprise to anyone who has knowledge of nonlethal weapons. But I am mildly surprised at their willingness to trample beyond the borders of other nations, violating their sovereignty, to assault individuals on their soil. I may have underestimated their vileness. It is a breach of the rule of law and it is not what civilized nations do. But I guess nothing should surprise me anymore concerning these vile, unprincipled dogs. I just hope France has the wherewithal to push them out, back to their own soil where they can carry on with their barbarisms on their own people. Not here! They are not welcome here!

On another note, a new client has taken the hotel room next to mine where we share a common window ledge. Well I was startled to later find this ledge stocked with food items, slanting downward, perched up here on the top floor with sidewalk cafés beneath us. Some of the food items were gathered before my own window and impeded me from my habit of leaning out to get a view of the city. Well I frankly think it is reckless behavior as there is the risk of injuring someone below. The following morning it got stranger; I opened my drape and was dismayed to see before my window an open, nearly full bottle of wine standing there uncorked. Well it wasn't very French of them as the French drink their red wine at room temperature and there was no need to chill it out there. Whoever put it there reached far out the window and put it at the farthest end from themselves, at the corner where my own window opens. Well I just put it back on their side. Aside from the fact that it creates a reckless and needless hazard, there is of course, at least as it concerns me, the disinfo factor (discredit / character smear) to consider. They're a little late in coming but they may be packing up their show and bringing it over here. Well there may be nothing to this but I think it prudent to bring it up in consideration of their past practice of arranging assorted "props" about their victims. And I think I have already pretty much put this disinfo stuff to rest in prior entries so I shouldn't waste my time with their foolishness. The bottom line remains the same concerning any "post take out" disinfo stunts: Whether it is uttered by whoever or accomplished through props; if it emerges in a post take out setting and I ain't around to answer it, you can be pretty sure it's bullshit! And no, I don't drink. If indeed this is the case, then it can be assumed that the hotel staff has been compromised.*

*Postscript to this entry: A hotel employee came to my room this morning to ask if those items on the window ledge were mine. I answered, no, it was the client next door. He said a lady from the Plaza saw the bottle up there and complained that it was a hazard. I wholeheartedly agreed and the employee intends to speak with this person and ask them to remove these items from the ledge. The individual in this room has been curiously uncooperative with the request to remove these items. At first they ignored the request, then partially complied after being asked again, removing just the wine bottle and knife. The remaining items that were for the most part gathered before my window, I simply moved them over to their side. 

4-26-02 (Friday)
My situation in Paris remains one of patient waiting. I am at a stage where I can only patiently wait for the recipients of these asylum letters to study and digest the full import of my story as it is laid out in the volumes that span this website. It is a difficult thing to do with the continuing volleys of assaults being rained down on me with attendant extreme levels of bodily pain. But there is nothing can be done at present but wait. It was around the eighteenth of April that they began to back away from the extreme conditions of sleep deprivation and the body, for the first time in months, was able to lapse into unconscious states of sleep. It was an extraordinary luxury that we all of us take for granted. I don't know the reason for the reversal on this, though I suppose it wouldn't look too good for them, for me to lapse into a state of cumulative sleep lasting three days in the setting of a political asylum medical exam. They did have the foresight to cease the skin injuries that peppered my body. They were of a minor nature and have basically mended up. In any event, it is only speculation on my part. To cover other targetings worth mentioning, they went back to targeting the eyes whose effects have temporary disfiguring consequences; the assaults pinch / curl the eyelids as well as cause the eyes to be moderately "crossed" and wandering. Again the effect is reversible, righting itself when the assault ends. Then there were renewed threats to take out the vision. Their threats are extravagant exaggerations of the reality of the situation, intended to terrorize, and they are frankly growing tiresome to me. Then there was a mottled burn across the left side of the forehead from thermal assaults to the head which appears to have mended.

I don't much care to check my email as I hear nothing but trouble and hate from back in the United States. Compared to the genuineness I hear and see in French programming, newspapers, etc., the healthy trustworthy foods, and the kindness I encounter in conversations with the French people, opening my email program is like getting hit in the face with a bad wind. Just today I received an unpleasant, hostile message from one of my sisters who agreed to "hold down the fort" and take care of affairs back in the States. The message rambled on with hostile words, something to the effect that she was being "used", went on with false statements to the effect that she was never "thanked" which surely was not the case. I don't know what messages she's receiving over there, but the ones I send are always polite. In addition to copious "thank you's" she was told she could keep the apartment refund money and the written check I left them to pass around to those who helped.  In any event she announced in the letter that she was not going to renew the rental of my storage locker where my remaining property is stored when it expires in a few days at the end of this month, with the money that was left her. Again it rambled on to the effect that she was being "used" and wasn't appreciated (Extraordinary language to describe one family member doing a favor for another as it seems to ignore the concept of love). Well I am not going to quarrel with them, they threw in their lot with the Fascists a long time ago, thinking they backed the right horse.

I asked her again if she would renew the rental, reminding her of the serious consequences if she didn't, but I am nonetheless going to attempt to salvage the situation by sending off a letter and check from Paris to the storage place back in Michigan and hope it's received in the next few days. If not, it appears that the last of my property will be going down. I am deeply saddened by the hatred and strife that has engulfed my family. But in all fairness I should point out that I check my email infrequently, I don't know when this was sent, and she might not have known her backing away from this request would put me in such a bind. They are essentially good, simple people caught up in circumstances they don't understand.

Getting back to the genuineness I find here in France and the sharp contrast with what I experienced back in the States, I can assess it as such: I have been trifled with for so long that it takes time to realize that it's OK now, I can drop the almost instinctive guardedness, everything is genuine here, including the people; my trust is being restored. Being trifled with everywhere you turn nearly wears you down, and it appears to be one of their methods and strategies, in making the victim guarded and braced for trouble in all his interactions. It's basically a psychological tactic intended to induce paranoia and anxiety in the victim. They begin to anticipate annoyances and trouble in all of their encounters. From here, in contrast, where they are unable to continue the tactic, I am able to clearly assess it and assess the motives behind it. So while the volleys of assaults continue, my trust and relaxed approach to people is returning, and psychic mending is taking place. It is restoring my faith in the fundamental goodness of people.

So basically it's a method where they conference with all of the individuals with whom the victim interacts and set up assorted troublesome situations and harassment scenarios with the effect that the victim finds himself in a state of siege everywhere he turns. They can't run that one here in France and everything unfolds here without incident. Very nice. No individual player participating in the harassment is aware that he is part of a larger campaign intended to break the victim down. Each plays his part in isolation with no clue as to the purpose of their conduct. Curiously they all permit themselves to be led about by the nose like mindless donkeys, though I suppose threats or inducements will insure their cooperation. It's basically a psychological tactic like the tactic of isolating the victim. The pattern of isolating the victim goes way back to the postal period with the isolated seating situation where I was routinely assigned a seat in the aisle that was far distant from my coworkers. While I noted it as "isolated seating harassment", it was in reality the implementation of a psychological tactic that would carry thru, throughout the campaign.

I have enjoyed the broad array of available books here in France, though it has obliged me to go back to the practice of reading in French, and I have taken particular interest in those whose lives have been adversely affected by Fascism, from Ann Frank who was exterminated by the Nazis, to Thomas Mann (Être écrivain allemand à notre époque) who was obliged to flee Nazi Germany. It is always reassuring to know that there were those who kept their souls in a world engulfed by darkness and evil. It restores your faith in the fundamental goodness of man. There are parallels between what is happening in the U.S. and Nazism, and while admittedly the magnitude and numbers of those victimized do not compare, the methods and vile nature of the crimes closely parallel each other. It is even known that they studied and used the Nazi dossiers as blueprints for their methodology.

Why do victims of Fascism, even the most humble and common of them, instinctively reach for Art for form of expression? You found it in the death camps of Auschwitz, with their chamber music and the poignant poetry they left behind. I found it in my reading of the recent French release of "Journal d'Ann Frank" where she thirsts for books, eagerly waits for their delivery to her hiding place, and expresses such noble sentiments so eloquently, a thirteen year old no less, in her entries that she left behind, before she was brutally exterminated. A Dutch critic, when he read her work, was overcome with grief and lamented her death, as the world had lost an artist.

It is because, in a world gone mad with hate and inhumanity, they are searching for reaffirmation in the fundamental goodness of man. Encircled by barbarism and darkness, they remain stubbornly human and they need to have echoed back to them, what endures in their hearts.

It was on 4-30-02 that I moved to a new hotel (Hôtel Jarry) on the right bank. It was not a good idea to remain at the compromised one as their conduct was getting out of hand. True to form, the hotel I left set in motion their old "isolation tactic" and they had pretty much vacated the entire top floor where my room was located. It was a strange experience to navigate up the stairs through all the bustle and animated voices and sounds emanating from the rooms, then be greeted by the eerie, utter silence of the top floor where my room was. In any event, I got tired of the foolishness and left.

Now a brief update on the nonlethal assaults situation: There was a brief chop-up on what is a general respite in the sleep deprivation situation; first running a ragged half-night of torture (waking the body in the middle of the night and pounding on it), then settling in for permitting about six hours of sleep. While not the usual eight hours I take, it's still basically a respite and a vast luxury to me. It seems they just can't bear to let that one go and they're getting quite petulant about it.

Then they have resumed the brutal heatings of the head. The assaults have the effect of making the skin of the face reddened and coarse (the ears particularly chafed) with swelling and premature aging of the skin. It's unknown if the subsequent state of injury reverses itself over time. Again they have a high level of interest in injuring the appearance of their victims. Again they make the mistake of thinking other people are as shallow as they are, to think I identify myself by my appearance. That's not how I define my worth. And of course it has nothing to do with who I am.

Now a correction to the journals and I wonder it's taken me this long to figure it out. I refer here and there to their setting off odors for discrediting purposes. While in some instances it is the case like the smoke odor one, etc., but in many instances the odors are nonlethally evoked, targeting the olfactory part of the central nervous system. Like alterations in the sense of taste, where they can effectively flatten all sense of taste (Novocain effect), odors are frequently nonlethally evoked.

Some final words on the overall situation: I believe they are coming to the regrettable realization that they are going to have to run a full kill-off to get this website off the Web. Their only problem is how to plausibly cover it up.

I would like to take a moment to expand on Fascism, for this website has traced a path well beyond the particulars of my personal story of germinal events with my employment at the U.S. Postal Service unfolding to a general recognition of what appears to be a frank state of Fascism in our country, to spell out just what defines a fascist state, and how it stands apart from all other forms of government as an abomination to all of humanity. While I refer to it as a frank state of Fascism it is not so frank in that it operates out of the public eye, as a covert underbelly that guides and directs all that transpires in the United States now reaching into the world, even down to the illusion that we are a democracy with free choices (see Gary Hart episode, Michael Williams). It started out with abusive Intelligence Agencies operating under a cloak of secrecy who, drunk with power and wicked intentions, "got too big for their britches". Our fatal error was not cracking down on those who participated in the MKULTRA abuses when it finally came to light. Weak-willed, irresolute, our legislators were more inclined to see it as a national embarrassment rather than a threat to our democratic principles, and were all too willing to sweep it under the carpet, shrug and walk away. It was a grave error that came back to haunt them, engulfing them and dragging them into its fold. You can understand it all with MKULTRA; They developed a system of methods and tactics, a handbook if you will, for subverting people through threats, blackmail, intimidation, and incentives if the stick approach didn't work dragging them into the fold. They just plugged the methods in and played them, at every level from the individual to entire states, over and over, and they grew and grew and grew; to the point that these lawless thugs have effectively taken over this entire country! And like all fascists, who are at threat so long as liberty exists anywhere, now they got their eyes on the world.

So they want to impose "The New Order", excuse me that's Hitler's term it's been modernized in these expansive new days to a handy new slogan "The New World Order" (they are fond of buzzwords and handy little inside jokes that only they understand such as the use of "K" in MK-ULTRA), which is to say global fascism with the U.S. being the head of the beast, accomplished first through charming Russia out of the picture (how stupid can they be I thought they would have learned something from their experience with that non-aggression treaty with Nazi Germany. They even used a Hollywood actor for that one and it may have been the first time his talents were worthy of an Academy Award.), re-arming to which the world is curiously indifferent, and spreading its economic tentacles incrementally bringing the world to its knees through "globalization".

But what is Fascism? We toss the term around so loosely these days to any and all whose conduct is in some way restrictive and annoy us in one way or another to the point that we are losing sight of its true meaning. I will define it here in its truest sense and return to it the horrible impact it merits: Fascism differs from all other forms of government in that its intent is to harm humanity, harm and destroy the human spirit, with a pathological hatred for the Good. It hates truth, free thinking, books, art, free speech, free will, liberty, burns books, promotes lies, hates honor, beauty, hates morality and God, and in short operates with the sole intention of doing harm. No other form of government on earth operates with intentional malevolence. Whatever our political differences between democracy, socialism, communism, authoritarian regimes, etc., I think we can all agree that however misguided we perceive our adversaries to be, we are all working for the common goal of bettering humanity. Sure we might think that our adversaries approach is wrong, there are unreasonable restrictions in their system, or their practical application falls flat or misses the ideal, but we must keep in mind that unlike Fascism, they operate with benevolent intentions! That makes Fascism a pariah and a scourge of the earth. The scourge of Fascism makes unlikely bedfellows; It brought together Roosevelt and Stalin in the common purpose of stamping out that blight on the human landscape which was Nazi Germany.

And that's what is happening in the United States. They are textbook, garden-variety fascists with virtually all of the traits that define the term "Fascism", and you have to go back to MKULTRA whose agenda was "mind control" and whose very essence is Fascism distilled to its core and which continues to this day, to understand what they are all about; a program whose goal was to stamp out liberty of the human mind, free will, free thinking, whose goal is destruction and subjugation of the human spirit, which I might add is a foolhardy goal that will never succeed. It is an unimaginable wickedness that exudes nothing but contempt for the beauty of this miracle we call the soul and human spirit.

I called them garden-variety fascists whose ideology is as "old as the hills", there is nothing new here, its an aberration that crops up at times through the centuries and each time we humans have rallied our forces and stamped them off the face of the earth; Thank God! But they are textbook fascists with a difference whose methods are unprecedented and an extreme danger to the world. First we must look at the covert nature of their insidious expansionism, slithering stealthily through the grass like a snake unseen, unfolding its tentacles, encircling, in its quest to engulf the world, or like a lethal odorless gas, ever spreading and poisoning the human landscape. You need only think of "globalization" with the U.S. at the helm, and its economic entanglements and insinuation into other countries to recognize the danger there. They are hiding behind the good names of their predecessors whose intentions were benign, stealing their good reputations, masquerading behind the good name that our country still enjoys to a relative degree throughout the world. They are false-faced pretenders, impostors. Don't be fooled as their word is worth dirt for they will be soon to stab you in the back when their position is sufficiently consolidated. Ask Chamberlain about peace in our time, ask the Russians about the non-aggression treaty they signed with the Nazis.

In addition to the insidious, incremental, covert nature of this brand of Fascism that makes it unique and unprecedented, there is the matter of the technologies they are using that seem to fit and blend seamlessly with this covert approach, almost made to order. These weapons are the quintessence of the covert approach, stealthily lurking in the wind, invisible to the eye, it requires extraordinary counter-technology to detect and defend against them. If ever there was an evil use of Science, this is it. These weapons can be clandestinely deployed anywhere in the world with pinpoint satellite technology where they are free to injure and kill at will, for it is a misnomer to call these weapons solely nonlethal. I think the world is behind in addressing nonlethals and their potential for misuse and I think they should start drafting international treaties defining their acceptable use, taking countermeasures to defend against them, and provide a forum where complaints of their misuse can be fully investigated. So what we have here is garden-variety Fascism with a virulent, unprecedented twist that makes it an extreme danger to the world and mankind.

Fascism invariably fails and if they've read their history they would know that. It appears they do know this frustrating fact so maybe they think they'll have better luck with the "sneak approach". But they will still fail as Fascism is the epitome of folly. Folly!, the diametrical opposite of what we call wisdom. And they are light-years from wisdom, wallowing in an abyss of darkness and unreason. It is too unnatural to the order of the human race that instinctively aspires to the good, to joy and freedom, to stand. Their must be a benevolent force to their life; it can't be stamped out. The wise man knows you can't stamp out truth, you can't kill words, ideas, human thought, beauty, Art; as they are immortal abstractions. Fascists will burn the books, kill the writers, artists, free thinkers, dissidents, political opponents, etc., but their works are eternal abstractions that can't be killed with bullets. There were some Germans in Nazi Germany who remembered by heart some of the works of their countryman, Thomas Mann. So banished from Germany, his books burned, they still held in their hearts his eternal, indestructible words. Folly! It is folly to reduce the world to nothing more than physical matter to negate all that is abstract and spiritual to think that works of art and their ideas can be reduced to nothing more than the physical matter of a book that can be extinguished by burning!

It won't succeed if you understand some of the abiding philosophical characteristics of "Governance". All government is made up of two components: governors and the governed and it requires the mutual consent of both parties or it won't work. All governors, whatever their form, serve at the pleasure of the people and if the people decide they don't want them anymore, they are dismissed. It is like two amicable guests at a party who choose to keep company with each other. When the host (the people) decide that the guest (the governors) is no longer welcome, he is invariably "dismissed". He can leave amicably on his own when shown the door or if he becomes obstreperous and an unruly guest, the request to leave needs to be rephrased more forcefully, and he is unceremoniously tossed out the door. I think that is what is called "revolution" when force must be used to expel an unwelcome guest, when one of the parties decided to break the mutual agreement between governor and the governed. Somoza was shown the door, Marcos was shown the door, Papa Doc was shown the door, as was Batista, Chouchesku, Pinochet, Chiang Kai Check, and the list goes on. The people decided they didn't want them anymore and they were dismissed. Of course some of them were a bit ungracious about the whole matter and they haven't learned much from history, but the inevitable prevails. It will happen again this time as the arrangement is too unnatural to the human spirit to endure, what is human will reclaim its equilibrium, though I fear this particular guest will be a bloody "hand-full". The lesson is that Fascism will never enjoy enduring governance as it takes the position of complete contempt, hate and the very destruction of that which it governs. Governance with an absurdly impossible premise.

This website that had its genesis with my experiences at the post office has evolved to these direst of matters. It is today a warning to the world and an appeal to my countrymen to resist the fascist trend that is destroying the United States. In my final days in the U.S. I saw what is going on there and it does not bode well. Fervent nationalism is taking hold everywhere and the people are degenerating into a conscienceless, unreasonable mob. Our programming is heavily weighted to militarism extolling the virtues of military life, even our documentaries on educational TV dwell on military subjects. Then they started in with antagonistic programs and news vilifying our old adversaries, Russia, China, etc. It was though they were trying to revive the cold war and prepare the people for conflict. I thought the cold war was over, thank God, and there is nothing going on in this world to explain this about face in their attitude. But there is something going on in this world to explain it and you'll find it in this website. This website is a warning to the world. You will heed my words now, or you will heed them later. But you will heed them.

I suppose it would be useful to bring you up to date on the torture situation. I don't like dwelling on these ugly details and repeating myself, but for the record of posterity these things must be known in all their unvarnished detail. I cannot overstress the extraordinarily brutal effect of concurrently torturing multiple parts of the body, all simultaneously, creating a veritable cauldron, soup, of extreme levels of stress and suffering. I will cite here a list of targeted areas in a typical session enduring for hours using this approach: Skin, legs, ears, arm, back, genitals, eyes, head, face, mouth, running of nose, right hand, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, feet. And that's just the ones I recall off hand, there are other concurrents and autonomic effects not cited. Frequently the assaults are vicious retaliations for actions on my part they don't like. Of course they are over here trailing me and it was just last Wednesday that I stopped at the Cuban embassy to explore the possibility of asylum in Cuba, only to discover they were closed the next couple of days for the holidays. Well they responded with a ferocious outburst running the concurrent onslaught throughout the day. And broke with the respite in the sleep deprivation, slamming the body all night, riding the brutality throughout the night with the effect that I got about two hours of ragged sleep that night. Of course they continue slamming the body when its unconscious but it can't take anymore and it goes under. But it was the introduction of extreme, cramping torture of the legs and feet subsequent to the embassy visit, with a forcible yanking state of contraction to feet and calf muscles to levels of extreme agony that has been the most difficult to endure. Then to this they started rerunning minor injuries to the left ankle. It starts with flashes of poking sharp pains to the ankle like a series of fierce needle stabs leaving in its wake a peppering of abraded, burn-type injuries which in the end while painful is of a minor nature. It is basically a display of power and a demonstration of their capacity to inflict apparent injury. While the assault levels are escalating, thus far the body has not succumbed.

On the disinfo subject, I would like to cite for you how deeply ingrained is their calculated tactic of besmirching the character of their victims with false info, and I can cite their earliest attempt at this tactic which goes back to the very start of this entire story. In fact it happened days before even the harassment at the post office began and it was puzzling to me at the time in that I knew nothing of their methods and tactics back then, or what was about to come. You can recall it all started with letters to our Department of Labor concerning complaints of fraudulent and criminal conduct by officials in the DOL. Rather than reply to the charges I instead began receiving angry letters from the DOL refusing payment for billings (concerning my job injury), that they characterized as "double-billings" that I never sent them! They began to falsely fabricate records of "double-billings" on my part for medical expenses, down to sending me denial letters to complete the whole false process. I have never sent the same bill twice and it was a complete fiction! Back then at the start knowing nothing at all about their methods and tactics and having no clue as to what was to come, it was all a big mystery to me what they were doing. Now of course in hindsight it is crystal clear.

Then on another point concerning the disinfo theme, there are intimations of their returning to the old practice of initiating false communications and affixing my signature to them. Again if it's not alluded to in the site or is in conflict with what is stated here, it's likely false. The email situation is especially vulnerable. With my being so far from the U.S. at present, I have no way of cross-checking what they're getting over there.

Then a final note on the Cuba situation. It was on 5-10-02 that I visited the embassy and they set an appointment scheduled for tomorrow. Well it was on the 12th and 13th of this week that I started hearing news reports over here of a "goodwill" visit to the island by former president, Jimmy Carter. By the following day there was even talk of lifting the U.S. embargo. It was all quite "touchy-feely". They're about as false-faced as they come as it was just a couple weeks ago they were verbally lambasting the island and I hope Cuba has the sense to "beware of strangers bearing gifts" and does not take this pretty poison! It could be just an unpropitious coincidence (which I doubt) but coincidence or not it's an event I do not welcome at this particular time.

It was a few days ago that I began dealing with the annoying email communications I continue receiving from colluders and their sympathizers back in the States by simply disposing of them unread. In this climate over here where the people are genuine and unspoiled, it is an aggravation I don't need to endure anymore, and at least in this respect it has provided some measure of peace of mind.

I had previously given a somewhat detailed description of their Internet suppression tactics that they have recently begun to deploy on "hot potato" websites and I think it would be useful to add to this list the most recent one alluded to in this site which is their tactic of submitting sites to the engines, devoid of all relevant content so as to render them unfindable in keyword searches. It was what they were doing with this site and was the main reason from keeping me from access to website statistics where I would be able to discern what they were doing. It's an extraordinarily effective method which will cause traffic to a site to come to a near grinding halt. So basically they copy the site, strip the homepage of all content and links, except the title and a small scrap of irrelevant content, then submit it to the engines where they hit and index an essentially dead page, overwriting the previous submission. Of course they must get the page on your server before the scheme and during the process they take the precaution of severing the site owner's Internet access where he can't view what is going on. It's what they did with me back in August when they knocked me off for a time and was followed by a flood of emails from engines thanking me for a submission I never initiated. In any event, it's a clever one and I would like to warn other "hot potato" sites to be on guard with this one. If your traffic suddenly comes to a grinding halt, that's probably what they did and you will best discern this by studying your keywords listed in your website statistics. All of the usual ones will vanish.

I am getting a picture of the situation over here that I couldn't see in the States. It appears they were sealing off my escape options before I even got here. Holland and Belgium fell before I even set foot in Europe, and it appears France is going down too. With all their talk of liberty I think they are more enamored with the American dollar these days. It's the same methods they plug and play from the individual to the grandiose which consistently works time after time, and it harkens back to that nefarious arrangement they made with Switzerland in taking one of their victims they dumped over there and being hush about it, but it's the reverse; with one it was "take this one", with the other it was "don't let'em in". Obviously you need a place to live, it is one of the conditions for the continuance of life, it's not optional, and it appears they are sealing this avenue off. I am getting insights and looking back in hindsight on the Belgium and Holland episodes where there was first their enormous agitation, then suddenly all went dead, and they were at peace again. While I was correct that they defused close calls I was inaccurate in assessing that it was accomplished through trickery and disinfo: These countries were directly compromised and they knowingly turned a blind eye to the situation. Shame to both of them! With Belgium it might be expected, but with Holland they have disgraced the good names of their forbearers. Both countries topped off their duplicity with that little niggle where they had employees from their embassies engage in those end taunts, one the phone call, the other the visit, whose intent appears to have been to mislead me as to how the chase-off occurred, get erroneous info posted on the site, and to deflect attention and guilt away from themselves. These two close calls, once successfully defused, were followed by the reprisal of killing one of my cats. Moocher went down after Holland, Max went down after Belgium. I hope they are proud of themselves!

And with Cuba things don't look any better with Carter running over there a couple of days after my embassy visit dangling that carrot, an end to the embargo. I am beginning to feel like one of those Jews, adrift at sea, with no friendly port in sight. Adrift at sea, the body taking a savage nonlethal pummeling, things don't look too good, though I haven't finished playing out my final options.

Well, if I can't save myself I will at least try to save my baby which is this site. It is after all what it's all about; a single-minded mission to get this site off the Web. There is likely not a soul in the U.S. who will dare to post this site and stand by it, so that is not an option I can depend on. My only hope in this respect is that someone outside the U.S. will take it under their wing and see that it continues. There is another possibility that I would much welcome and which would have my full consent, to see someday this website published in the form of a book. Yet while it shines in places, much of it is too rough to meet my standards of what could be called "book quality", it was never written with that aim, though I believe with a little work something could be done with it.

It is difficult to continue the journal in these circumstances of extreme and brutal torture, but I have over time developed the knack for grace under fire which is to retain composure and measured objectivity during these trying times. There is yet more to be said I must be up to the challenge.

First I would like to expand here the "Suggested Reading" list that is posted on this site and I suppose that this collection of books could be categorized as the works of those whose lives have been adversely affected by Fascism and again the parallels with Nazi Germany and the current situation in the U.S. comes to mind. Some of these titles are in French (in English bookshops I never knew they existed) and you will need to do a little digging to see if these books are available in English:

  • "Soul of the Age, Selected Letters of Hermann Hesse, 1891-1962"
    Translated by Mark Harman
    Publisher: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux (1991)
  • "Diary of Anne Frank"
     Anne Frank
  • "Être écrivain allemand à notre époque" (Gallimard)
    "To Be a German Writer in Our Time"
     Thomas Mann
  • "Correspondance, Hermann Hesse-Thomas Mann" (José Corti)
    "Letters, Hermann Hesse-Thomas Mann"
  • "Appels aux Allemands" (L'Herne)
    "Appeal to the Germans"
     Thomas Mann
  • "Journal 1918-1921, 1933-1939" (Gallimard 1985)
     Thomas Mann
  • "Journal 1940-1955" (Gallimard 2000)
     Thomas Mann

Now I would like to expand on the cover method they run in a localized way that I alluded to as the "copy-cat effect" as it may not yet be clear. Whenever a victim is besieged, they seek to make the events occurring to him pass as plausible by generating identical or similar events about him. This is usually run locally in his environs and around those who may have found the site or his story and are weighing its credibility. It's basically the old "oh yes I got that too" or "oh ya  that's happening here too", so it must be normal. So when they start destroying his trees, warping them flat, a concurrent epidemic of this effect is run in the neighborhood. When his phone goes down and he loses Internet access, it likewise happens to viewers of the site weighing its credibility. Ants tearing up the concrete (though in this case the concurrents are a benign one)? You guessed it, they got'em too. So basically these individuals become themselves unwitting targets. And so on and so forth. It is interesting that they never pause to wonder if it squares with what is the norms of the past, if it's the norm in its own right, but instead use events in the website as their yardstick! It's a faulty line of reasoning: You should always use the consistent norms of the past to measure the plausibility of events and not the sporadic outbursts of the present. After a time this method gets uncanny with each besiegement of the victim being reflected back to him in his locale. In any event you should add this one to the general list of methods and tactics for future reference as it's a fairly effective method and I hope this entry better clarifies it.

Now to the nonlethal situation: Again it's a basic continuation of the same. At times during the concurrent onslaught, some effects stand out such as the current heavy targeting of the neck with inflictions of brutal levels of pain. And the ear assaults have grown particularly malicious whose effect is akin to having a screwdriver jammed in the ear canals and twisted about. Again while these assaults cause swelling of the canals, affect on hearing over time, it appears to be a reversible when ceased and to my knowledge it causes no permanent injury. They are continuing the pattern of allowing sleep to occur (a six hour regimen) but subjecting the body to extreme levels of pain daylong during its conscious hours. While I don't know, I can only surmise they are anticipating possible medical exam and don't want this effect to be too apparent at that time. I can't say, but I can say the body is thirstily gulping up this extreme deficit of sleep. Under the current brutal circumstances where it appears they are proceeding to torture the body to death, I do not believe I shall be alive much longer. With this inevitability, my only thought at present is to take whatever measures I can to insure the continuance of the website. For that is, after all, what it's all about; a single-minded effort to get this thing off the Web (To those who entertain the notion that this website is foolishness I would suggest you post it and stand by it ; and see what happens. You'll be getting a knock on your door in more ways than one). I will state here for the record that I do relinquish the domain name that is the identity of this site to any who choose to repost it posthumously though of course it's not a major consideration or prerequisite. In any event should this website outlive me, then they would have failed in the end after all which would be a comfort to me. In the end I would like to make a general appeal to my countrymen, not to collude but fight back, and to the world community in general to keep this website and story alive whatever the consequences. To my countrymen, I am one of you. Remember what we Americans are all about: Freedom, and don't ever forget it. Hold to your convictions, cherish your belief in liberty and listen to your better side, your nobler side, which is the Good! So you might ask, what can we do? Well, we have the covert fascist takeover; Why not "The Plausibly-Deniable Covert Revolution"? Use their methods as the blueprint, and turn them right back at them, covert for covert. --You'll need a name of course, they all do, why not "The White Rose Society" or perhaps one of our patriots from colonial times when this country was founded? --Of course there will be flyers and graffiti. --Private acts of sabotage and slowdown would help, each acting alone, starting at work, plausibly deniable of course, damage the beasts economy. --Sabotage, damage to public places, avoid hurting people, there is some honor among us. --We don't have nonlethals but a few of those nostalgic methods from MK-ULTRA will do: Chemical and biological assaults. --Boycotts aren't too helpful because it's all bought up into fascist monoliths. But still, try to frequent the few independent stores left. --Militias can do their part for more daring things. This is their moment to shine.

Of course our president will be quite beside himself, overwrought, prostrate across his fainting-couch with a compress on his head. Why what revolution Mr. president? Why you must be deluded? If it's make-believe fascism then it must be make-believe revolution too! I think you get the general idea; use their methods as the blueprint. You can't get out, so do your patriotic duty and take the beast down from within. It's time for the Second American Revolution!*

While these are not the best of conditions to be playing the tourist over here in Europe I shall always be positive, develop and grow to my last breath, always feeding my insatiable, childlike curiosity. So with this mindset here are some personal comments: I pass the time here in Paris reading the fine books that are available here and listening to the fine music. There was an opera broadcast out of Copenhagen across Europe whose subject was "Julius Caesar-Cleopatra" the other night that was exquisite. And I have made great strides in relearning my French that has gone fallow over the years. Not because I think I'll be staying here, but simply because I want to. And of course I take my daily walks through Paris checking out the interesting cultural customs of the French many of which would be interesting, baffling, charming, and some shocking to Americans. And with gardening and nature in my blood, I can't resist checking out the interesting plant and animal life in France (even the weeds and dirt draw my attention) quite different from ours, right down to their dogs and pets, quite an interesting array of species we don't much see in the States. Their dogs and even the birds over here are a good deal more domesticated (less wild) than ours; their pet dogs are quite sweet, gentle, intelligent, and well-mannered like little people (if the old maxim that "a dog is a reflection of his master" holds true than the Europeans are a far different species from us indeed!), and even the sparrows here will eat out of your hand! The bumble-bees here are different than ours with vivid amber colorations and they are quite fond of the rose bushes. They are a shy lot and take off if you watch them too long. One could write an entire book on the interesting cultural differences between Americans and the French and Europeans in general but I will leave it at these few random comments.

* I believe they have already anticipated such an eventuality as what is described above and fear it, which brought forth this odd game show aired on U.S. TV called Weakest Link. It is a piece of propaganda and manipulation intended to encourage and praise "ratting" on saboteurs. 

Concerning the nonlethal abuses that are currently taking place in the U.S., I could sum it up with this basic assessment. The U.S. military is testing its technologies on a targeted segment of the civilian populace. In the U.S., the military complex counts for everything, it is their highest priority, and the people are just fodder to be sacrificed, chewed up and spit out in their ruthless quest for military superiority and aggrandizement. They will get the strategic advantage with these weapons by one means or another, including nonconsensual testing. They are taking notes, then proceeding to torture these citizens to death (see Constantine). Nuremberg codes notwithstanding, you are not going to get volunteers for this one. In our history it is not unprecedented and it is interesting to note who they target which again has echoes of Nazism:

The Tuskegee syphilis experiments in Alabama on black citizens.

The Radiation testing experiments (see Columbia Journalism Review in "Documents").

Both these programs resulted in the killing of U.S. citizens and even when they came to light, no punitive actions were taken.

I would like to expand on this phenomena alluded to where all the businesses in the U.S. are being bought up and merged together into these formidable monoliths, and which are controlled by and beholden to the fascist forces which govern the United States. While it is of course a harmful situation for Americans we should stop to consider its detrimental worldwide impact in view of this ever expanding phenomena known as "economic globalization" with the U.S. at the helm. In conferring this trust in the U.S. we make a few assumptions that today are false: That the United States of today is a trustworthy, benevolent country with a respect for liberty. What we have in reality is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I have noted over here in Europe that many of the big businesses that were a troublesome bane to me back in the U.S. in their extensive campaign against me also have a presence in Europe (supermarkets, computer supply stores, employment agencies, office supplies, restaurants, etc.) and of course with the U.S. economic controlling interest being the fundamental factor, what these malicious companies do in the U.S., they can just as well do over here. Here are a few of the various avenues whereby they can engage in misconduct to injure and restrict liberties outside the U.S.: bookstores, Internet service providers, Info sources, food suppliers, Media, TV, radio station ownership. I have already encountered a pernicious example over here in France with this mega-store they have here known as "FNAC". By the events that occurred I can assume that this one is owned and run by a big U.S. corporation. It was in France where I began to find works of Thomas Mann that I'd never seen in the U.S., essays, journals, and letters whose themes were stridently anti-fascist and were directed for the most part to his countrymen in fascist Germany. In any event subsequent to my finding these works, the FNAC stores began pulling this stuff from their book shelves and it began to have an uncanny effect when I would enter one of these stores to find a big, bare hole on the bookshelf where his works should have been. It was doubly absurd as he was one of those authors who merited a tagging of the shelf with his name. After the big ones were locked down, they began sweeping through the smaller, French owned librairies, buying away his works which I assume they just destroyed once they got them... Whilethese fascists don't burn books, they have a fairly effective alternative. But I must say they're going to have a hard time with the French on this one as they're insatiable readers over here and taking their books is about as provocative as taking away their baguettes.

Globalization is an evil that compromises the sovereignty of free nations and spreads the fascist practices of the U.S. "globally". Already there are vigorous worldwide protests against it, only that they don't know how right they are!

Now I would like to briefly expand on the method previously alluded to, of incrementally killing off victims or adversaries by damaging the quality of the food items they routinely purchase. They basically study the food purchasing habits of the victim, then lean on the food suppliers concerned in their manufacture which they by and large control, to befoul these items and render them unhealthy. So foods that were previously healthy suddenly become saturated with fats, cholesterol, salt, sugar, additives, and the like. After a time it becomes apparent to the victim when he takes a bite of an old standard of his and does a "double-take", getting an unpleasant mouthful of unhealthy trash food. After a time food shopping becomes an unpleasant chore of "dodge the junk", constantly switching from item to item, item after item falling by the wayside. Again it's a tough one to get around as they pretty much got the food suppliers situation locked down. It's a clever one, though logistically difficult to carry out, because it adds a character-smear angle, attributing the death to the victim's own careless eating habits, which is consistent with their usual practice of besmirching the character of their victims, most ideally concurrent with the take out. In any event the situation on that front is much improved over here with the diversity and wide range of foods here in France, it's a little hard to pull off.

The Elements to the Nagging Question:

I couldn't put it down. Something about it was fishy; and all too convenient. (September 2001)

  • That this event was foreshadowed in the personal harassment campaign, started in the spring of 2001 of flag-waving patriotism on the local level reaching the absurd point that on bike rides I would encounter picture-windows elaborately decked out with "Christmas lights" fashioned into the American flag filling the picture-window (June 2001, most improbable). This local campaign (neighborhood) later panned out nationally into a reality. And they were mightily pleased with that.
  • That they realized benefits from this event:
    • Distraction from what was going on here, which today still remains the big story.
    • Getting the American people worked up into an angry, indignant, nationalist fervor ready to tear up anything in their path. It is a useful ingredient for a fascist state when nationalism predominates, when the people stop thinking and fall back on ignoble emotions.
    • It lets them go to war; ever-widening war.
    • It engenders sympathy from our allies who are hard-pressed to oppose our military ventures, even when they expand to matters that have no relevance.
  • That they solved the crime at once, immediately knew every detail to it, knew just what happened, who did it, and began swiftly making arrests. How did they figure it out so fast if they didn't already know of it in advance?
  • Then that weird anthrax thing which is not an Arab terrorist m.o. but rather their own, introduced, then faded out. They were curiously indifferent to following the threads on that one, and our U.S. health department was curiously disengaged, expressing no great concern about it.

My first theory was that agents of this country in fact did this, but then thought this was too monstrous even for them. I first posted this possibility then withdrew it when I had second thoughts. But something still nagged me about it, foremost that they conveniently benefited by it and exploited it to the hilt. I then settled on the theory that they knew in advance that it was coming in every detail and did nothing to stop it when they calculated how it could be exploited to their aims. (It could be called the malevolent flipside to the Roosevelt-Pearl Harbor theory.) I never forcefully posted this theory, lacking proof, but dropped it with misgivings.

On 5-26-02 I found that proof, exhaustively documented in every detail, in the form of a flyer at an anti-U.S. demonstration at Place de la Bastille in Paris. My gut instincts were correct as seen from my personal perspective in the context of my personal story posted on this site. The individual who compiled this info on the flyer is named Michael Ruppert who has a website out in California which I assume is a restatement of the collection of facts on this flyer. The flyer is basically a compilation of facts taken from this site pieced into a coherent chronology and it appears this info is being distributed worldwide as the author of this flyer had requested; and as such it would not be particularly useful to post the French version on this site. As such I have translated this article into English for internal posting on this site whose title is Terrorist Attack of September 11.

The U.S. government and its agents have all this blood and carnage on their hands. Shame! The great shame of the World!

Again as I write this, the body is sustaining a heavy beating and it will require a good measure of grace under fire to keep you up to date on the situation. I shall first cover the brutal abuse situation and I suppose the best approach for this under these adverse circumstances would be to simply post a collection of unpolished notes over this past week:

- Continuing brutal nonlethal infliction of extreme levels of pain to the genitals. Assaults augmented with concurrent thermal (heating) assaults to the genitals. Remains unclear if injury has ensued or if the effect is reversible.

- Ear canals at present swollen and tender from unremitting targeting of the ears.

- Continued respite in the sleep dep (whose meaning remains unclear to me), though at times they wake it up in the middle of the night, pound it around for about an hour, then let it fall back into unconsciousness.

The body continues taking a heavy pounding; ears swollen shut, legs / ankles scarred with bloody abrasions, with concurrent onslaught to about a dozen other parts of the body, if continued I anticipate that it will be going down soon.

The body remains encircled, being held in a live state, and brutally batted around during its conscious hours. Continuing respite in the sleep dep, the meaning of which remains unclear to me.

Resume vicious, brutal cramping torture of calve muscles of the legs. Again there is nothing can be done for it and the current circumstances must yet be patiently borne out, awaiting replies (France and Cuba) to determine if there is yet the capacity to save the self.

On that subject, here is a general summary of the asylum request letters to date, mailed from Europe:

Mailed from Brussels
2-21-02 (Belgium, Ministry of Interior)
2-26-02 (Cuba, Embassy in Brussels)
3-1-02  (China, Embassy in Brussels)

Mailed from Paris
3-19-02 (France, Ministry of Interior)
3-19-02 (Cuba, Embassy in Paris)
3-19-02 (China, Embassy in Paris)

On 5-3-02 there was a follow-up letter addressed to the French Ministry of the Interior notifying them of change of address (hotels). I do not know what their obstruction capabilities are over here in Europe (likely minimal) but I think it would be safe to assume that these letters reached their destination.

Now on to a couple of miscellaneous notes: They had commenced directing Parisian banks with a U.S. controlling interest to cease offering receipts for ATM transactions (at least those clustered around this neighborhood). The ATM's I relied on for a receipt have withdrawn them. While it is not a great concern for most, it creates vulnerabilities for their targets. There is really nothing to do with this one but allow the vulnerability to stand, go bare on this one, and instead create a detailed paper record on my own for each transaction. It is interesting that many of the bank's ATMs do not declare the unavailability of a receipt till after the money is dispensed and the transaction is completed, denying you the option to go elsewhere.

Finally, this website's hosting account expires on 7-10-02 and I of course will be extending the account for another year which will insure that this site at least will live on to see 7-10-03. Of course that host up there on Prince Edward Island got swallowed up shortly after the site moved in and I don't know what kind of mess I'll find with these fools (Exahost or whatever they call themselves these days) when I go to renew. It won't do any good to keep leaping from host to host because they pretty much have the entire Web locked down these days. There really ain't much they can do but glare at it angrily and stew on the sidelines, because the people will know if this site is pulled, it is safe to presume that I 'm dead.

The circumstances with France do not look good. After three months of relatively pleasant circumstances here, it appears that at long last she's going down and French officials are beginning to cooperate with the American government in their nefarious schemes over here. In their long string of conquests she appears to have been one of their toughest challenges but now they can rejoice and add this new feather to their cap. Of course the conduct of these officials is in conflict with the sentiments and traditions of the French people who I continue to esteem and admire. Some day they will rise up and throw these Pétainistes on the heaped ruins of the Bastille where they rightly belong.

Here are some of the adversities unfolding in the wake of this new development: After four months of using a secured computer (laptop), there was the first instance of computer hacking on 6-15-02 while I was typing out the September 11 page with damage to settings and programs; they had removed the spell checker and I kept getting those annoying familiar announcements "this file has been changed, do you want to save changes?". You have to say yes even if you made no changes or no saving of the file can be done. And I suppose viewers of the site will be piping in with the old "oh yes I got that too" so it must be normal as if to suggest that it's plausible for programs to spontaneously uninstall components of themselves... The U.S. agents are having a difficult time operating in France, it's taken them a good while to set up over here and it is just now that a few sporadic efforts are coming to my attention. They started the computer interference when the new page on the Attentat was being typed out which they apparently didn't like, guess they don't want the world to see their true face. All you folks over in the U.S. can put your flags away and put an end to your war euphoria; you're being duped and manipulated. It remains unclear how the hacking took place but I can only say it occurred concurrent with the turning of France. Why I'm beginning to feel like Helen of Troy as "the pen that launched a thousand ships". Why little old me?, a little old faggot with his ballpoint pen? Why I'm quite flattered!

(6-17-02) Also getting access to my money is becoming progressively more difficult over here. After an afternoon of long walks spanning both banks of Paris, I initially came up empty-handed. It appears that all the CCF banks where I routinely go have taken their ATMs out of service after encountering three in succession that were "inaccessible". It appears to be a Paris-wide crackdown. I will just have to abandon my usual preference and settle for which ever are enabled and abandon any dependence on being provided with a receipt. I did manage to locate a Crédit Lyonnais that they are allowing to run and was even fortunate to snag a receipt this time. I suppose once the "chase-off" is accomplished, the CCFs will be brought back in service but I'm really not going to be drawn into a cat and mouse game with this one and I'll take whatever I can get. I can only assume that France is cooperating in the money targeting situation as it would be a bit difficult for the U.S. to be acting alone on this one. In any event it is an unfortunate situation and it appears that the honeymoon is over.

Also after a long period of stagnancy, the Euro is going through the roof to the point that it's making headlines over here and which is having a very adverse effect on my limited savings. I assume of course that this is just an unfortunate coincidence and there must be some sort of economic rationale behind it, a subject of which I know little or nothing.

A few miscellaneous notes: On 6-12-02 I mailed payments to Exahost web hosting to renew my web hosting by one year (expires 7-10), basically a one year extension with the same plan and services, as well as a payment (two month extension) to the storage company where my remaining property is stored.

There is no point in rehashing the nonlethal situation which is by and large more of the same except for to add that there has been subsequent mending of the ankle injuries with a few new minor skin injuries added; abraded, burst capillary effect injuries to left hand and left shoulder, and a rather odd (never had before) eruption of skin above groin at base of stomach. Basically minor disfigurements, temporal and reversible, of little consequence.

Also on a personal note, I have been much charmed and amused in my readings of Thomas Mann's Journals whose writing style is so unlike his literary works and I will for amusement post here an entry in the style and manner of his journals, à la Thomas Mann pour ainsi dire:

Saturday 15.VI.02 Paris

(....) -Saw a weatherworn, tan stray French poodle. All soiled, thin, hair disheveled of medium size, he began to accompany me on my walk. Quite a saucy character, he would just walk in sidewalk taverns, look the place over then come running out to catch up to me. Made a good pair. Poodles quite common over here, not a fashion accessory as in U.S. Simply a dog species. This wild street character was my favorite of the group. (....) -Blue sky, nice weather today.

But getting back to a more serious note I offer this closing assessment of the current situation: Cuba appears to be the last one. If I can get to the point of a medical exam and examination of the evidence offered, then the asylum case is as good as won. But getting to that stage is the hard part.

6-26-02  The Kennedy Killings
I would like to cite here a collection of notes concerning my general assessment of the Kennedy killings reflecting back in hindsight and placing the events in their historical context. My most pivotal source for these conclusions can be found in the book "The CIA Files: The Secrets of the Company" Author, Mick Farren and I would recommend that you read this book:

  • Kennedy was moving the country to détente, a reasoned state of "peaceful co-existence" with the Soviets while the agents of this country continued their Cold War ways in defiance of this new direction; most notably with the Bay of Pigs fiasco where they tried to compel JFK to be a part of it, and which he had rejected and frankly left them in the lurch which "embarrassed them".
  • Kennedy was furious about the Bay of Pigs, admitted it was a mistake, magnanimously took the blame on himself, but privately threatened to take the CIA apart "brick by brick". Those words sealed his fate.
  • At that time the CIA was still running MK-ULTRA, apparently illegal, they would be caught and the program stopped.
  • The straw-dog gunman was conveniently shot only days later, a most improbable event, drying up the trail to them.
  • Oswald was purportedly killed by Jack Ruby for the reason that he loved Kennedy so much and was broken up by his death. If I am not mistaken he was a nightclub owner with underworld ties (mafia) and in view of the fact that the Kennedy's (especially so Robert, his then acting Attorney-General) were incensed by organized crime and were indeed implementing a crackdown on it, I would hardly think he would be that broken up by the death of Kennedy. It is also interesting to note that our CIA has in the past worked with the mafia in their nefarious schemes. I suppose it was a cozy partnership of like-minded people.
  • Oddly the blame was attributed to a communist sympathizer as revenge for the Bay of Pigs when the very opposite was the case concerning motive. Kennedy sought to end the antics of the CIA in Cuba and was turning the country away from this hostile confrontation with communism, this Cold War, with détente, the test ban treaties and the like. It is so typical of their methods, turning things to their opposites, accusing the other guy of their vices. This contradiction I suppose was handled by portraying Oswald as a bit on the nutty side.
  • They killed his brother too a few years later for the same reasons when he sought election to the presidency. In some respects his brother was a worse threat to them if you consider his conduct as John's Attorney-General. Basically they were both very good, religious, conscientious men who believed in the Constitution and believed in Good with the talents to prevail, both cut from the same cloth. In other words they were a major threat. This is the common thread that links the two killings, the same culprit with an unvarying motive. The gunman's motive in this killing was off the wall and made little sense though no one questioned it.
  • For good measure, years later, our tabloid newspapers in the U.S. had a field day trashing the reputation of John F. Kennedy Jr. after his death in that tragic plane crash which reached obscenities I could not bear. It is a typical method of theirs, character assassination and smears, especially so when they are conveniently dead and unable to defend themselves. Their malice for the Kennedy's knows no bounds with that maddening beauty of theirs, and their hate for them still has not finished playing out.
  • You get insights into the character of the Kennedy's by their interests; Art, culture, music, museums, they associated with and enjoyed the company of artists and intellectuals (especially so with Jacqueline who expressed it with such childlike enthusiasm). These were virtuous people to their core, antithetical to all that these agencies represented and in stark and refreshing contrast to the ugly climate that pervaded this country before their ascendancy; the Cold War, anticommunist hysteria that reached fever pitch with the ignoble McCarthy Hearings and the doings of the House "Un-American Activities Committee" when the whole country went mad and unceremoniously tossed our Bill of Rights out the window to the curious glee of an approving public. In other words the country was taking a sharp turn in the other direction by a man who had the skills and tact to do it.

The killing of JFK was a tragic turning point in our history whose effects are enormously felt this day, manifest by this country's current agenda of pandemic Fascism whose origins started in these agencies that Kennedy intended to put under control. It was in our history, a shining moment of opportunity, cruelly extinguished, and will never be seen again. A grievous moment for us all.

* This assessment of the Kennedy killings is a recent event in my life arrived at in retrospect. Until now I had always accepted our government's explanation of the "lone gunman" and had little patience for those who cried "conspiracy". We are never too old to learn, to be open, and we should have the humility to admit we were wrong and change our positions when new information come to our attention. I stand chastened and corrected.

6-26-02  The Democracy Argument
I would like to clear the air on this argument we hear time and again sanctimoniously put forth by the United States that we are a democracy working at the express wish of the people, and therefore our people are free and you non-democracies out there are the bad guys. We are fond of beating Cuba over the head with that one: We are a democracy and you are an authoritarian state. I would be more concerned to know if my country was guided by those whose intentions were benevolent or malevolent and not so worked up by how they got there. It does after all make all the difference in the world and would have the biggest impact in terms of my life: Are the people running this place trying to help or hurt people! We must remember that Hitler was elected to office, which doesn't say much for democracy, and I don't think it was a comfort to his victims to know that it was all done "democratically". I have even heard this empty slogan paired with this globalization agenda of theirs, now characterizing it as "the democratic-globalization" as if the two have any connection with each other. I guess they are trying to dress up this ugly expansionism by associating it with a positive and virtuous word and thereby make it more palatable. Well I'm sorry but I sure as hell ain't swallowing it! It still taste pretty bad even with the sugar coating! It was a bit like Hitler when he celebrated his heady rise to power with that all out bash at the Reichstag festooned with banners equating Nazism with liberty! In my whole life I have never seen such a vile, ignoble misuse of that word. Now we got globalization and democracy being paired together and it is just as vile and false.

First, let me set you straight here. The United States is not a democracy. It's bullshit! It's a big lie. An illusion. They are nothing but hand-selected puppets whose hand is guided by those who are really running things, guided by this fascist underbelly that lurks beneath. They control which candidates we are "free" to select from and they're both two sides of the same coin. Take the Gary Hart incident for example as stated in Michael Williams' story which was after all the reason he wound up in prison, where you had the Hart vs. this Bush guy whose former connections to them (the CIA) are all too apparent in that he was a former head of the CIA. So what happened here? Well they just plugged and played one of their all too familiar tactics of entrapping Hart with sex, smearing his reputation, and out the race he goes, and in comes the CIA guy. The Bushes have enjoyed their association with the CIA and have been shamelessly reaping the perks: They got his son in office a few years later, one of them is over there running Florida, and the other one is running Texas. Pretty nice pay-off for a gang of thugs! And we had the same situation with Clinton: First groomed as a Southern democratic governor (that one has a nice ring to it, they're the ones we typically vote for these days), he too had nefarious connections with the CIA (see White Out) with that drug-running business in Mena Arkansas. This one was so sleazy he even got impeached for perjury and still held office, an unprecedented event. And it looks like the Clintons are on their way to reaping the perks as well, now that we have Hilary up there in New York (I don't know how that hillbilly got up there in Yankee country) as Senator, shutting genuine New Yorkers out of that seat who can at times be quite troublesome with those "intellectual" views of theirs, ironically replacing Senator Moynihan who was one of the few voices that cried out with indignation at the MK-ULTRA offenses. That's like replacing day with night. And if you think the situation is any better with our representatives you'll think again after you read Senator Feinstein's role in the Williams' affair when she admits she is unable to help Michael because she is "afraid of what the FBI might do to me".

Our elections are manipulated and controlled and we have no say in the candidates put before us. They are hand-selected and groomed and if a good one does happen to slip through he is knocked out in short order by the character assassination squad. And I suppose the trend will spread worldwide with this globalization fever. That's your democracy. It's a big charade! So when I hear "democratic-globalization", I say bunk!

Somewhat fatigued by those two expanded essays that precede, I will confine this entry to a collection of random notes on the circumstances over this past week starting first with the nonlethal situation: --There was an extreme round of brutal beating of the feet which commenced 6-21, played out over the next couple of days, then attenuated. Commencing 6-22 and again running for several days, there was brutal expanded targeting of the genitals to ferociously cruel levels whose effect was crushing torture of the testicles with concurrent inflictions of extreme, racing pain down the penis. I regret that these entries must be so graphic but these things must be accurate and known for posterity. While it is assumed to be an augmented nonlethal effect, a bio assault cannot be ruled out to which the abiding state of celibacy would render implausible. The legs have been sustaining, starting 6-26, a vicious cruel beating with vicious fierce yanking of the calf muscles with such force that it feels they are being yanked from their very bone attachments. The right arm is taking a similar beating whose effects are manifest in the arm bouncing around in a state of spasm. They continue the head assaults that leave the forehead muscles yanked back in contraction with disfiguring consequences to the demeanor. --Again they have been making overtures, through French intermediaries, to the effect that they would retract the assaults and permit me to work again in the U.S. if I retract this website. Again it is an offer I reject as it is not compatible with my character and convictions; I could not live with myself and I would suffocate and it would kill my soul to live in that stifling environment. If they want this site down they're going to have to take it down themselves. --I continue reading the Journals of Thomas Mann whose observations on that era find such resonance with me. You will find so much there that parallels our own unfortunate times, from a wise man who is able to stand above it all and see the grand historical picture. Also I have reread the Tao Te King which is interesting to read when filtered through the French language but whose abiding concepts shine through in any language. It is one of the books that have had a profound influence on my life. --Also it was over a month ago that my Visa stamp expired and I have joined the illustrious ranks of, as the French so poetically put it, les sans papiers who are so numerous in France, and I think I'm in good company.

6-30-02  Religion, Artists, and the Intelligentsia: Fascism's Age Old Nemeses
I would like to expand on the age-old categories where Fascism most typically encounters problems with a particular focus on the current circumstances in the U.S. and their methods of dealing with it. To keep this entry brief I will resort to random lists of my observations there starting first with religion and Christianity in particular:

  • Oddly the churches in the U.S. are staying away from focus on the life of Christ which I must say is a pretty difficult feat to accomplish, instead teaching ignoble values, many antithetical to Christ's teaching.
  • Religious broadcasts on radio and TV giving lectures on such subjects as "How to be a Success" defined as getting wealthy. Also focus on praying for "money, getting your bills paid, fixing and healing assorted health problems". Preoccupation with and valuing the physical, worship of the material, disdain for the spiritual. The opposite of Christianity.
  • Martyrdom is mocked these days as foolishness and saving the self is the most valued. Oddly antithetical to the example of Christ.
  • That visit to the Pope by Bush was brazen hypocrisy and it brought to mind Hitler's separate peace with the Vatican.
  • It appears they are buying out the Media stations and setting the content on them. Much of our TV religion is right-wing whose message is hate and intolerance. I would suggest you reject the churches and broadcasts and read your Bible. You will get the uncorrupt version.
  • You might wonder why, each Easter, we are treated to this movie called The Ten Commandments on U.S. television which is one of the few religious movies that isnot about Christ and which has no relevance to this holy day. I certainly did, and long before all this started that is stated in these journals. It frustrated me that I could not see all those beautiful movies they made about Jesus Christ. Now I understand. They were pulling Christ out of the picture and tossing this at us that might pass as a suitable, generic replacement. They had to dig pretty hard to find a religious movie that avoided Christ but they managed to pull it off.
  • For my part, I'm enjoying the beautiful broadcasts of Radio Vatican here in Europe which is something that has no parallel in the U.S. I suppose it's just a matter of time before it gets swallowed up in this globalization fever and starts spreading the garbage we hear in the U.S.

To you Americans who are misled and don't understand what Christianity is, let me enlighten you. The story of Christ is not just some fairy tale but it means something. He was in fact a dangerous revolutionary and was killed by the State for teaching these things. There is where you will find the meaning of Christianity in Christ himself, the example he set and the life he led. To be a Christian is to pattern your life after Christ's life and follow his example. Otherwise you are not a Christian. It's that simple. It's not about holy water, incense, fancy churches and other such hocus-pocus. It's much simpler: Live your life as Christ did in the real sense. No more. No less.

The irony of course is that I do not consider myself to be a Christian at least not in the strictest sense where I need to be convinced that Christ existed as a historical reality, nor do I accept such concepts as Heaven and Hell, nor do I believe the "miracles" literally but rather were allegories. Christ to me is a divine "morality play", whether taken literally or as a fiction is immaterial as the divine truths it points to still stand. I don't need some "pay-off" like Heaven to accept the teachings of Christ but believe in the Good for its own sake without thought of personal reward. But if you're looking for some pay-off like Heaven and not livin' like Christ did you ain't gonna get it cuz he knows who the phony ones are and you can't play that with him, if that's what's motivating you. And if you're trying to get something else for yourself from it like prayin' for miracles to get your physical ailments fixed up you better forget that too. This old world is going to follow the eternal natural laws of physics, illness will pursue its natural path, so don't be expectin' hocus-pocus miracles to change it. We must be wise enough and mature enough to accept this. Christianity is not about "getting something", it's about giving; it's about sacrifice.

My beliefs are Eastern, though unlike the defensive Christians, they fully embrace and admire the Christ story making it a component and part of their own beliefs. In this way there is no contradiction in my equal embrace of both Christianity and the Eastern religions, since when you get down to it we all worship the same God told in many different ways. We look everywhere for God when we ourselves are God projecting ourselves outward. And that God goes by another name which is called "Love". The Eastern's know this.

State of the Intellectual and Artist Classes in the U.S.

  • Recent visits to the university I attended were an unsettling experience to me. Once an all Liberal Arts school it has been practically transformed into a glorified "trade school" where people learn technical skills to get a good job and make lots of money. The only thing I recognized there was the buildings as the climate has completely changed. I hope this trend is not occurring on a national level where the Arts are being pushed back and discouraged, and money making technical training is replacing it. The founders of that school would be mortified.
  • That manifesto signed by a long list of so-called "American Intellectuals" which came to the attention of the European community, where the signators unanimously supported the war in Afghanistan and the current policies of the U.S. government in that vein and which was greeted by the main newspaper in Brussels with a good measure of scorn and skepticism. Many on this list are far from intellectuals, I know this firsthand, some head right-wing organizations (right-wing and intellectual is almost an oxymoron). They're stupid and have no credentials. So they all march in lockstep these days signing manifestos in support of the U.S. government and war in particular which is so contrary to their typical pacifist views? Give me a break! Where did they get these prostitutes and clowns? Send in the real intellectuals who think individually, that are not all of one mind, the free thinkers, the dissidents. Don't we have dissidents anymore? Why isn't that a sweet and peaceful place where no one differs and everybody thinks the same.
  • Public TV or so-called "educational television" in the U.S. is taking a sharp away from intelligence and the Arts. The Arts have just about disappeared and what's replacing it is enough to make your skin crawl: Documentaries with a military theme, one of them on the history of military weapons going back to the catapult and culminating in the technicalities of our modern guided missiles. All quite glowing. --Self-help lectures on "How to Get Rich", one of them with the absurd title, "The Courage to be Rich". I guess that would make Christ a coward these days. Lectures (are these the new intellectuals these days?) on How to Stay Healthy and take care of your health and your body and assorted health tips. And even a rather graphic one, absurdly out of place on PBS, on "How to Have Good Sex"!

    We see here the glorification of military power, a total focus on and placing a high value on the physical, material, and disdain for Art and the spiritual. I should add though that this audience is not so easy to manipulate as they are sensitive, observant, and discerning. What is offered here is just a sample of the observations on the situation in the U.S. as the full range is too numerous to cite here.

  • Media defaming teachers, and the teaching profession.

You'll know what they're doing by the outcome. There will be no dissent, no Art, no Literature, no morality, etc. They can't hide the apparent outcome, which will be unrealistic. Fascists typically have problems with religion (Christianity) and these particular classes of people (Artists, Intellectuals) and this new breed we have here is no different, and it appears they are making inroads. They're dealing with it in their own way; covertly, incrementally, and with the silent, deadly, stealth of a snake slithering through the grass. Wake up. Look.

Erasure of portions of my work on my short story while working on the computer yesterday. I will piece back together the erased parts and do it again. It is very important to me. It appears to infuriate them.

* As it turned out I did manage to finish this story, at least a fundamental version. I started out in all seriousness charting it all out but I could not resist being playful, it completely strayed from its premise, and it quickly descended into hopeless silliness running off in two directions where it goes off on a tangent of spoofing Catholics. It's not complete as I still have to add the "eclipse experience" so you will find editorial notes still present. For what it's worth I offer this story to amuse you. To those who know me I suppose I wouldn't have had to even sign it because they would know "ya' that's him". Don't expect War and Peace as it's more like Beavis and Butthead Go Cosmic. I suppose I only post this story to show you I have a lighter, more playful side and perhaps to give us all a little comic relief from all this grimness.
Disablement, near shutdown of laptop's ability to recharge itself, likely done through software settings. Interference while plugged in (cursor, etc.). Access to settings typically greeted with "access denied". Heavy targeting mouth, throat, chest, ears, legs, feet, arm, genitals, neck, stomach, ferocious blasts of pain down neck, brutal blasts of pain down arms, with over all effect of extreme levels of pain afflicting bulk of body.

Brutal pounding of throat, mouth, genitals, neck, legs, arm, feet, head, hands, ears, lungs, skin, running nose effect, vicious cramping of toes, with possible re-intro of chemo's and bio's.

Preparing final proofread of Journal 11 before posting new journal and the September 11 article on the site. Commence draconian heart targeting. I shall proceed to get the new pages on the site without regard to the consequences.

The body continues taking a draconian beating with brutal targeting of throat with high levels of irritation, coughing, gagging, right arm, neck, skin, genitals (testicles, penis), poking sharp pains to fingers, running of nose, heating of genitals, freeze effects, feet, right arm, numbing of mouth effect, heating of head with ears red and chafed, brutal pounding of leg, mouth, ears, tissues of throat, eyes.

Body continues taking a brutal beating, stomach, feet, mouth, brutal yankings of calf muscles, arm, heart, respiratory swellings, skin, eyes, genitals (pain and heating), running of nose effect, peppering injuries to right leg, throat, ears with bony swellings, nerves of throat with gagging, brutal stabbings to left side of neck, flash heatings of the head, fiery pokings of facial nerves, renewed disfigurement of eyes effect (reversible), draconian stabbing pains to left shoulder.

Body continues taking a ferocious pounding with draconian targeting of legs, heart, running of nose, arm, stabbings of shoulder, infliction eye pain, genitals (heating, pain), chest, hand, throat, feet, head, forehead, brutal flashes of pain to head, ears (canals swollen), heating of head with ears red and chafed, respiratory swelling, continued disfiguring effect to right eye, nerves to throat, brutal slams of pain to right side of neck.

Awoke to brutal acoustic assault to the neck with resultant great pain, left arm hanging limply, weak and in high pain. Brutal pounding of left shoulder, freeze assaults to feet, heart, genitals, ears, left arm, eyes, ferocious painful yankings of calf muscles, running of nose, body shaking from ordnance load. Nerves of throat, numbing of mouth, shocks pain to mouth, state of limping from leg assaults, assault injury to rectal tissues, blurring vision effect, dental, assaults to forehead, flooding stomach gastric acids, shocks pain coursing up neck and head, genitals (heating-pain), chest (acoustic pain).

Brutal multi-level targeting neck with inflictions extreme pain and ferocious scorching burn pain to left side of neck, freeze right arm, freeze to feet, running nose, draconian stabbing pains to left shoulder, ears (swollen), heart, freeze right hand, vicious agonizing yanking of calf muscles, inflictions ferocious pain mouth-lips, pummeling infliction pain to feet, dental, eyes, genitals legs, fiery pain legs, brutal engulfment of right arm in pain. At times the body is braced to let out an enormous sigh and fold under into the merciful release of death. I do not know the physiology of death but see this sigh figures into it. I don't know. Attended mass at Basilique du Sacré Coeur.

Continued robust daylong beating. Ripping yanks to calf muscles, head, forehead, heart, peppering of legs, nerves to throat, left shoulder, running nose, right arm, right hand, genitals, ears, chest, feet, neck, eyes, inflictions nausea, body shaking.

Continued daylong vociferous pounding of the body. Brutal inflictions extreme headache, ferocious brutal pain left shoulder, running nose, unremitting slamming of neck with neck listing left and locked, feet, right arm, ripping yanks to calf muscles, scorch pain across left neck, digging at eyes, brutal sharp pains down penis, acid release to stomach, hand, face swollen, heart, skin, pain to stomach and side, injury rectal tissues, shocks pain to mouth-lips, burn pain to skin effect, brutal crushing testicle effect, heat to genitals, body shaking from ordnance, chest-lungs with possible bio re-intro, compromised breathing, numbness mouth, ear canals swollen, nerves to throat, head taking furious multi-level pummeling with headache, heating of head, blood-stained pillowcase.


* I have, throughout these journals, attempted to look down on the torture of the body with objective detachment. It is difficult to dissociate oneself from the body and look down on its torture with placid detachment, and the earliest entries which are imbued with emotion suggest that I did not, then, have this approach fully mastered. It was a difficult feat of self-discipline, but I had a job to do which was to provide a full, measured, and objective accounting of atrocities and it was my intent to suppress these baser instincts in the interest of furthering this noble goal. There must, for posterity, be a written record of what has occurred here, and I am the only person who can tell it. While I look down with detachment on the torture of the body, I will, by the same token, take no steps to intervene on its behalf. I will allow the injuries to stand unaddressed, and take no steps to undo the damage they inflict. It is an approach that has kinship with the "passive resistance" movement.

If you believe you may suffer from symptoms of 
Microwave Harassment, call 1-888-717-7517. 


Association of National Security Alumni
Electronic Surveillance Project
P.O. Box 13625
Silver Spring, MD 20911-3625


November 1993

Through a mere preliminary investigative finding, only, Microwave
Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation has invited criticism
in two areas in recent months; viz., (1) No substantive proof has
been furnished in this document which confirms that directed-energy
technologies exist; and (2) The persons whose circumstances are
discussed in this publication may simply be mentally unbalanced.

In December 1992, when Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control
Experimentation was published, the U.S. Government representatives
routinely took the position that directed-energy technologies were
nothing more than mere figments of physicists' imaginations, still
on the drawing boards. Shortly following publication of this
report, information concerning these technologies began to appear
in some noteworthy organs as, The Wall Street Journal, Defense
News, Aviation Week & Space Technology, Tactical Technology,
Defense Electronics and, most recently, The Washington Post.

In a flurry of activity in these past 10 months, directed-energy-
based surveillance and anti-personnel systems have suddenly leaped
off of physicists' drawing boards into the world of reality, thus
obviating the criticism, it would appear, that the attached
publication concerns non-existent technologies.

Indeed, directed-energy technologies appear to have evolved at such
a rapid rate that they are now being promoted as the "Final
Solution" to crime -- preliminarily, at a classified conference
sponsored by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, hosted by the John
Hopkins Applied Physics, and supported by the American Defense
Preparedness Association.

Clearly, given this conference, data concerning the efficacy of
acoustical, how-power microwave, laser, ELF/RF weapons and
"psychotronic" systems is sufficient to allow for their now being
promoted as tools for law enforcement. What is note worthy in this
sudden flurry of activity is that no one has bothered to ask the
following very basic questions:

(1) Where is the test data being obtained?

(2) What, so far, has prevented this government and its
contractors from testing these technologies on U.S.
citizens under involuntary circumstances?

Absent answers to -- or government interest -- these questions; and

because the symptoms experienced by those now in touch with this
Project parallel those reported in the media as being the effects
of directed-energy targeting, we conclude that no restraints have
been placed on those charged with the development and testing of
directed-energy systems; and the U.S. citizens are indeed being
experimented upon under involuntary circumstances.

It is in this context that we note that Los Alamos strongly urges,
in their brochure, that "industry" attend the aforementioned
classified conference, since "(i)ndustry, particularly, will
benefit from a more precise understanding of...operational
constraints regarding [these] technologies." Perhaps "industry,"
as a minimum, will also be made to understand that a failure to
comprehend that said constraints will ultimately lead to vigorous,
civil rights-based prosecutions.

As to the alleged mental illness of the persons in touch with this
Project, it should be noted that government-sponsored stalking and
harassment, mind control experimentation and simple torture can
indeed produce symptoms which might be regarded as a form of mental
illness. Deliberate terrorization can take a toll. Mental illness
caused by government-sponsored terrorization, however, does not
invalidate that terrorization.

It should be noted that The American Psychiatric Association -- in
its various revisions of the Diagnostic and Statistical of Mental
Illness -- seems to have conveniently omitted all reference to
harassment, stalking, mind-control experimentation and torture as
a case for mental illness. (The DSM is a psychiatric profession's
diagnostic "bible.") The APA's refusal to acknowledge the impact
of terrorization upon the human psyche, even given the publicity
stemming from the Church Committee's findings in 1975, raises
serious questions about the validity of psychiatry as a profession
in this country, not to mention, the APA's ethical intent, in the
long term.

Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation, published in
December 1992, furnishes an overview of complaints received from 25
individuals as of that date. During these 11 intervening months,
the complaints received by this Project have more than tripled.
While the majority of these "experimentees" reside in the United
states, a number of virtually identical complaints have also been
received from England, Canada and Australia. It would appear that
these activities are also ongoing on the European Continent, and
the former Soviet Union. Connections between this global pattern
of activity and the objectives of the so-called New World Order
remain to be determined.

All categories of types of complaints being received by this
Project have also changed since publication of this report.
Survivors of certain satanic cults (alleged to protect the interest
of government and military "political satanists" in this country;
former Vietnam-era "programmed assassins," prison inmates, and so-
called "UFO abductees" are now reporting an array of experiences
(and symptoms) which are remarkable similar to those addressed in
this report. Experimental drugs, induce auditory input, vicious
overt harassment, attempted psychiatric discrediting (unless the
experimentee dutifully claims to be a UFO abductee), and an
extremely painful array of externally-induced symptoms are included
in this shared panoply of experiences.

The impression created by these burgeoning complaints is that mind-
control experimentation in this country is being pursued in at
least five specific areas. Evidence is more recently surfacing
that unwitting government employees may qualify as yet another
category of experimentee -- those 

employees, in particular, who are

experiencing the effects of so-called "sick buildings."

It has been suggested that the long-term objective of all this
experimentation is to develop a system by which all (surviving)
citizens of this country can be monitored and tracked by a
sophisticated, perhaps satellite-based cybernetics system.
Certainly some of the research being dedicated to "mapping of the
brain" shows this potential. We are in receipt of preliminary
information which points to magnetic resonant imaging as being
critical to process. Our information is that far too many
physicians are urging patients to undergo unnecessary MRIs --
patients whose short-lived, if painful symptoms surfaced in so-
called "sick buildings." We intend to look into this situation, of

The Electronic Surveillance Project is currently dedicated to
helping victims of directed-energy harassment and experimentation
to survive their respective ordeals until such time that Congress
can be persuaded to intervene. We do believe that polite,
precautionary comments concerning "a more precise understanding
of...operational constraints" should be delegated to government
agencies which have a primary role in development of these

/Original signed/
Electronic Surveillance Project

The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by federal
employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever
present -- and is gravely to be regarded. Yet, in holding
scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must
be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could
itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.

[President Dwight D. Eisenhower, January 17, 1961]

"Covert actions are counterproductive and damaging to the national
interest of the United States. They are inimical to the operation
and effective national intelligence system, and corruptive of civil
liberties, including the functioning of the judiciary and free
press. Most importantly, they contradict the principles of
democracy, national self-determination and international
law in
which the United States is publicly committed."

[Credo of the Association of National Security Alumni]


Whither the KGB

In February 1974, Georgetown University's Center for Strategic and
International Studies (CSIS) hosted discussions on the plight of
dissenters in the Soviet Union, and on a means by which the U.S.
Government might most effectively intervene. highlights of these
discussions are reported in "Understanding the Solzhenitzyn Affair:
Dissent and its Control in the USSR," (CSIS, 1974).

KGB strategies were addressed in some detail during these
discussions. It was noted that the KGB's success depended on the
extensive use of informant networks and agent provocateurs; and,
following Brezhnev's rise to power, on the use of drugs and
psychiatrists for further purpose of manipulation and control.
Shadowing, bugging, slandering, blacklisting and other related
tactics were also cited as serving KGB purpose. Participants in
the conference agreed that the KGB's obvious intent was to divide
and isolate the populace, to spread fear, and to silent dissenters.

Agencies of our own government are on record as having employed
precisely these same tactics on a recurrent basis. The Church and
Rockefeller Committee Hearings in the mid-70's purportedly put an
end to these practices. Based on recent developments, it would
appear that the CIA's and FBI's Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and
COINTELPRO (the focus of these Senate Committee and Vice-President-
level Hearings) were instead merely driven underground. We are now
in contact with a total of 25 individuals, scattered throughout the
United states, who firmly believe they are being harassed by
agencies of the U.S. Government. Others have been brought to our
attention whom we will be contacting in the future. The majority
of these individuals claim that their harassment and surveillance
began in 1989.

The methods reportedly employed in these harassment campaigns bear
a striking resemblance to those attributed to the CIA and FBI
during Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO. The only
difference now is that electronic harassment and experimentation
also appear to be (more blatantly) involved.

The Berlin Wall is down, Communism is in the midst of a death
rattle, and the KGB no longer poses the threat which purportedly
served to justify the U.S. Government's resort to such operations
as MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO. The KGB, since 1989, has been
reduced to an increasingly distant memory.

Reactivation of surveillance/harassment/mind-control operations in
this country suggest that the KGB, as an institution, was never the
real threat. A KGB "mentality," which is underlying pragmatic
contempt for civil liberties, appears, instead, to have been the
driving force behind MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO, and the
operations now being reported to us.

The KGB "mentality" is a matter of personal predilection, not
ideology. Its objective is power and control, regardless of human
cost. It is a corrupting, cancerous influence, which feeds on
fear, conformity and government funding.

Four months ago, when this Project commenced, we approached these
complaints of government harassment and experimentation with an
admitted "high degree of caution." We are no longer skeptical.
The growing numbers of independent complaints and the similarities
between those complaints cannot be ignored. Under the
circumstances, the KGB should be proud of itself. As a
"mentality," the KGB appears to be accomplishing more in "burying
this country" from within, than it could ever have hoped to have
achieved as an institution. It would appear that this country has
a serious problem on its hands which needs to be resolved.

Part I of this report, which is reprinted from the June-July
edition of the association's publication, Unclassified,
preliminarily addresses the complaints brought to our attention as
of July 1992. Our objective, as noted, was to weigh the legitimacy
of those complaints in terms of the directed-energy technologies
reportedly involved. Part II discusses the overt and covert
patterns of harassment identified as a result of our
investigations, to date. A part of our objective, here, is to
limit the success of such operations in the future, by according
them widespread publicity.

In Part II, we do not identify individuals by name, both to honor
their privacy and because our investigations have not been
completed. Part II, like Part I, is a preliminary finding. Our
focus is on the similarities of the complaints being received --
similarities which Federal and State legislators, the courts, the
FBI, local law enforcement agencies, the medical and psychiatric
professions, and organizations such as the ACLU and Amnesty
International have so far chosen to ignore.

We frankly find it curious that more attention and creditability is

being accorded purported victims of UFO experiences and spectral
visitations, than to persons who complain of systematic harassment
and experimentation by the U.S. Government, involving technologies
which the U.S. Government is only now grudgingly admitting to
possess. These complaints require investigation. In due course
(and provided financial support is obtained), we hope to be able to
acquire the technology and supportive medical expertise to
substantiate the claims being made. We also hope to alter the
institutional mindset that U.S. Intelligence can be trusted.
History, repeatedly, has proven otherwise.


University's "Public Administration" report on the resolution of
MKULTRA cases in 1988. Although the shocking details of medical
ethics abuses by the U.S. and Canadian governments were amply
detailed, Washington and Ottawa -- citing national security and
government privilege -- stalled for so long that cases never came
to trial. the surviving victims settled for a pittance in an out-
of-court settlement.

Since no individuals or agencies were held legally accountable, the
door was left open for possible resumption of similar "mind-
control" activities.

In the context of that article, we mentioned briefly that some

half-dozen people had contacted us with appeals for assistance in
ending what they believe to be electronic harassment and mind-
control experimentation, possibly involving the CIA. We decided to
take a closer look at the situation.

We are now in touch with approximately a dozen individuals
throughout the United States who appear to be targets of harassment
and mind-control experimentation involving directed-energy
technologies. [By mid-November 1992, the number had increased to

Typically, persons who complain of being "zapped by radio waves"
and of "hearing voices" are stigmatized as psychotic, delusional or
schizophrenic. Being mindful of this, as well as aware of the
treatment accorded UFO and psychic phenomena "freaks," we approach
this subject with a high degree of caution. Based on our
preliminary investigation, including interviews with the affected
individuals, we conclude that the matter is serious and should be
pursued further.

The Existing Directed-Energy Arsenal

Our first step was to determine what, if any technology exists
which might be used for electronic harassment. The information was
found in a "white paper" published in 1991 by the U.S. Global
Strategy Council -- a Washington-based organization, under the
chairmanship of Ray Cline, former Deputy Director of the CIA, who
maintains very close ties with the U.S. Intelligence community.
The "white paper" describes the foreign and domestic uses foreseen
for laser weapons, isotropic radiators, infrasound, non-nuclear
electromagnetic pulse generators, and high-powered microwave

The term, "non-lethal," used to describe this technology is
misleading. the energy emitted from all of these weapons can kill
people when appropriately amplified. At lower levels of amplified,
they can cause extreme forms of physical discomfort and

The Department of the Army (DA) identifies these same weapons as
"non-conventional." They were so identified in an exhibit at a DA-
sponsored symposium on "The Soldier As A System," in Crystal City,
VA, on June 30, 1992. Beta wave incapacitators were separately
mentioned during the symposium as being particular interested to
the U.S. Marine Corps.

We discussed these "non-conventional" directed-energy weapons with
Mr. Vernon Shisler, manager of the exhibit and the Army's delegate
to NATO in matters pertaining to "The Soldier As A System." Mr.
Shisler acknowledged not only that directed-energy weapons are in
the Dod's arsenal, but also that the American soldier will remain
vulnerable to their effects, should they be employed in the

The U.S. Global Strategy Council recognizes the issue of
vulnerability, as well, and urges ongoing research into effective

Interested readers may want to send for the U.S. Global Strategy
Council's complete project proposal on this subject: (Title:
Nonlethality: Development of a National Policy and Employing
Nonlethal Means in a New Strategic Era, prepared by Janet Morris).
A number of references in this Proposal to unidentified, elusive
"enemies" of the U.S. Government and the potential domestic
applications of this "non-lethal" technology invite serious
consideration by the public at large.

The Council's address is 1800 K Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.
20006, (202) 466-6029.


Research into biological and psychological effects of exposure to
microwave radiation is voluminous. The U.S. public has been led to
believe that the former Soviet Union leads in this research. The
fact is, the CIA and DoD [Department of Defense] have jointly
pursued precisely the same research since commencement of Project
Pandora in the 1950's. The current primary users of this research
appear to be the CIA, DoD, the National Security Agency (NSA) and
the Department of Energy (DoE).

The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) has participated
in this research since Project Pandora. In 1973, WRAIR discovered
that externally-induced auditory input could be achieved by means
of pulsed microwave audiograms, or analogs of spoken words' sounds.
The effect on the receiving end is the (schizophrenic) sensation of
"hearing voices" which are no part of the recipients' own thought

The experiment prompted the following comment in "The Body
Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life," by Robert
O. Becker, M.D., and Gary Selden (Wm. Morrow & Company, NY, 1985):
"Such a device has obvious applications in covert operations
designed to drive a target crazy with 'voices' or deliver
undetected instructions to a programmed assassin."

This research has continued, and the results are published in
various publicly available scientific and technical journals.
Interested readers might consult, for example: Lin, James C.,
Electromagnetic Interaction With Biological Systems (Plenum Press,
NY, 1989). Professor Lin, then with the Department of
Bioengineering, University of Illinois, Chicago, has published a
number of books and articles on this subject. [He has more recently
informed us that he had designed the experiment referred above in
Dr. Becker's book.]

WRAIR has more recently been studying the biological effects of
exposure to high power microwave radiation. WRAIR presented a
paper on this subject to a DoD-sponsored symposium on "MW
[microwave] Weapons" at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey,
CA, in mid-1989.

A matter of interest to us is why WRAIR should be experimenting
with auditory effects of pulsed microwave audiograms. Also, recent
statements by an Army psychiatrist assigned to the Walter Reed Army
Medical Center (WRAMC) suggest that WRAIR may be experimenting upon
select psychiatric inpatients with microwaves. This, too, is a
matter to us.


The Government's past record of abuses in the area of civil rights
is well documented. Within the past 30 years alone, we have
witnessed the effects of Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and

Primarily because of MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO, Executive
Orders and implementing regulations were published which prohibited
military and CIA domestic covert intelligence operations.
Experiments on involuntary human subjects, and the surveillance
of/collection of personal information on U.S. citizens, except
under strictly regulated conditions were also prohibited.

Congressional committees were created to oversee compliance with
these (quasi-) legal prohibitions. We have evidence that this is
not being done. Moreover, where there are laws and, in this case,
no laws enacted, there are loopholes, as well as individual and
institutions who deliberately capitalize upon the existence of
loopholes. Iran-Contra is one of the more blatant recent examples.
Loopholes are also found in government resort to "black"
intelligence and weapons programs, in the use of contractors, and in
the absence of clear definitions of such terms as "national
security" and "national security risk."

Executive Orders and regulations which currently limit U.S.
Intelligence activities do not extend to non-intelligence
government agencies or to their contractors. If fact, Executive
Order 12333 specifies that government contractors do not need to
know that their services support U.S. Intelligence objectives.

In its report of July 8, 1992, the Senate Subcommittee on Oversight
of Government Management addresses the problem of tracking funds
granted to government-contracted research and development (R&D)
centers. The report notes that the problem is compounded by DoD's
penchant for creating hard-to-monitor "shell" contractors as
disbursement centers for funding programs.

Neither shell contractors nor their subcontractors are directly
accountable to Congress. Being beyond Congressional oversight,
they have the license to operate as Government surrogates in
intelligence operations about which, "officially" they know

In this context, a publication disseminated at DA's "The Soldier As
A System" symposium noted that the Army's Research and Technology
Program sponsors 42 laboratories and R&D centers, employing
approximately 10,000 scientists and engineers. The annual budget
of $1.3 billion is only a small part of overall DoD research

Weapons research, which includes the development and testing of
"non-lethal" weapons, is not governed by laws restricting the
activities of U.S. Intelligence agencies, though it may be presumed
that these agencies contribute to and benefit from such research.


1. The technology exists for the types of harassment and
experimentation reported to us.

2. About a dozen U.S. citizens have informed us of continuing
experiments with effects which directed-energy weapons are
designed to produce.

3. U.S. Government-sponsored research into the bioeffects of
exposure to microwave radiation is extensive and

4. The U.S. Government has a past record of having engaged in
mind-control experimentation; and various agencies of the
Government have a record of circumventing legal
restrictions upon their activities.

5. Neither Congress nor the courts appear willing to look
closely into "black" intelligence and weapons procurement

6. A number of U.S. Government agencies might have interest
in testing directed-energy technologies on U.S. citizens
under non-clinical/non-controlled circumstances -- DoD, to
test ranges and degrees of "non-lethality"; DoE, to
explore "safety" limits; CIA, to test "mind-control"
capabilities, and NSA, for technological refinement.


Since publication of the preceding article less than four months
ago, the association of National Security Alumni/Electronic
Surveillance Project has heard from an additional 13 individuals
who report both overt harassment and a range of symptoms which
coincide with the known effects of exposure to microwaves,
electromagnetic/radio frequency (RF) radiation and/or infrasound.

The similarity of these symptoms will be addressed in greater
detail in future Project reports. Suffice it to say, at this point,
that the physical and psychological symptoms being reported to us
are consistent with the effects which directed-energy weapons are
designed to produce. Indeed, the numerous afflictions (or
"inflictions") being reported appear to parallel standard torture
"sequelae,"(1) (aftereffects).


Overt Harassment -- which obviously is meant to be observed -- may
be intended to "precondition" individuals for eventual long-term
electronic harassment. Persons terrified by unexplained overt
harassment are not likely to cope with the sudden onset of
electronic harassment in any more reasoned fashion. This phased
pattern of harassment is apparent in all of the cases now being
investigated. The fact that the overt harassment continues in
these cases even after the electronic targeting commences suggest
that the objective is to maintain long-term extremes of stress.

Many of the overt harassment tactics discussed below are surfacing
in cases which (so far) have not involved discernible forms of
electronic harassment. These are cases involving so-called
"whistleblowers" who, because of their inside knowledge of certain
potentially newsworthy events, pose particular threats of
embarrassment to the Government or to government-affiliated
employers. We have noticed that electronic harassment is beginning
to surface as a form of retaliation against persons who try to
assist electronic "harassees." Retaliation suggest loss of
control. Under these circumstances, we are not entirely confident
that "whistleblowers" will continue to be exempted from this type
of harassment in the long term.

The individuals now in touch with the Project describe their
circumstances as involving most, if not all, of the following overt
forms of harassment:

* Sudden, bizarrely-rude treatment, isolation and acts of
harassment and vandalism by formerly friendly neighbors.

* Harassing telephone calls, which continue even after the
targeted individual obtains new, unlisted telephone

* Mail interception, theft and tampering.

* Noise campaigns.

While unrelenting harassing telephone calls might be considered in
this context, other tactics are employed. Blaring horns, whistles,
sirens, garbage disposal (run concurrently in apartment settings,
for excessively prolonged periods of time), and amplified
transmissions of recorded "general racket" have been used on a
recurrent basis under circumstances intended to persuade the
individual that he or she is under surveillance.

In all of these cases, the individuals' neighbors apparently
pretend to be oblivious and/or indifferent to these sudden,
continuous explosions of noise.

Door slamming is also a popular pastime, particularly in apartment
buildings. One individual reported that, during a peak period of
harassment, the neighbor across the hall began entering and leaving
his apartment every 10 minutes, slamming his door loudly on each
occasion. This was a daily occurrence, encompassing periods of
several hours, over a period of several months. It is apparently
served to trigger a door-slamming "chain reaction" on the part of
neighbors both on that floor and on the floors immediately above
and below. When our contact politely asked her immediate neighbor
to close her door more quietly, he slammed the door in her face.
Prior to commencement of this harassment, the neighbor had
apparently been quite friendly and courteous.

In another case, the primary door-slammer is an employee of Radix
Systems, Inc., Rockville, MD, a DoD contractor engaged in the
"super-secret" research and development of some type of electronic

Several individuals reported recurrent, loud, strange noises in
their ventilation systems during the preliminary stages of their
harassment. One individual complained of being recurrently
awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of wires being fed
into his (independent) ventilation system. On checking further, he
found that a tubular construction had been built into his vent
system which appears to lead to the apartment upstairs. His
upstairs neighbor is employed by the Department of Justice.

A number of individuals report that occupants of upstairs and
downstairs apartments appear to follow them from room to room,
tapping on the floor or engaging in other activities which appear
intended to advertise an ongoing surveillance.

The Justice Department employee mentioned above went as far as to
offer an unsolicited apology to her downstairs neighbor for an all-
night "pacing about" in her bedroom (in the event he had happened
to notice it). She claimed to be an insomniac. The pacing-about
continued during her recent 36-hour absence from the area. When
her contact politely alerted her to the fact that her apartment had
apparently been entered during her absence, she told him, in
effect, to mind his own business and then immediately complained to
the building manager that he was stalking her.

She conveniently forgot to inform the building manager that she had
assiduously "courted" this individual for several months, without
success; and that she had been stealing his newspapers on a regular
basis. (On one occasion, she handed him a week's accumulation of
those papers, claiming that they had been left outside the door of
another apartment. Her reason for collecting and saving the
newspapers which had not been delivered to her directly is

* Recurrent confrontations by unusually hostile strangers;
and comments by strangers which appear intended to evoke
"paranoid" reactions.

In this context, we note that several individuals have reported
confrontations with "homeless" people who, on closer examination,
were found to be fastidiously clean, though garbed in offbeat
fashion (wigs included). The same "eccentric" confronted two of
the individuals in contact with us, at separate distant locations.
He is reported as having feigned mental illness on both occasions,
and as having apparently enjoyed creating a public scene.

* Entries into the individual's residence, during late-night
hours while he/she is sleeping, and/or during the day when
the individual is elsewhere.

In virtually all such cases, the burglars leave evidence of their
visits, such as relocating objects, or by committing petty and not-
so=petty acts of vandalism. In two cases, the burglar's "calling
card" was to slaughter caged pets, leaving the mangled carcasses
inside their locked cages.

In one case, the burglar stole several pieces of correspondence and
left a packet of crack cocaine behind as a "calling card." Our
contact in this case -- an individual who has no criminal record
and no history of experimentation with drugs -- is also being
harassed (stalked) by a police officer of her community. One of
his recent acts was to "frame" her with a drug possession charge.
After pulling her off the road (a frequent pastime) and subjecting
her to an illegal search (done, twice, so far), he conveniently
managed to find a glassine packet of cocaine eight feet away, in
front of his squad car. He retrieved the packet with his fingers
and then charged her with Possession. Our contact found the packet
of crack cocaine in her apartment shortly after this investigator
reminded the attorney handling her case that the police officer had
smudged his only piece of evidence with his own fingerprints. It
would appear that someone is interested in correcting that police
officer's oversight.

In another case, the individual reports that a tremendous amount of
money has been stolen from a hiding place in her apartment, within
hours after she had withdrawn the money from her bank. There was
no obvious signs of entry into her apartment. The police conducted
a cursory inquiry which failed to produce evidence of a crime
worthy of investigation. (This case is an anomaly. Money is
usually not stolen. Documents appear to be the preferred objects
of theft, when theft occur.)

In another case, the burglars replaced installed lightbulbs with
"exploding" bulbs, many of which were 'Made in Hungary.' The
lightbulbs are now in our possession.

* Rapidly deteriorating health, generally of a digestive

In two cases of the cases reported, massive rectal bleeding
accompanied the sudden onset of sever gastrointestinal
disturbances. One of these individuals abruptly terminated the
deteriorative process simply by changing the locks on her door.

* Sleep disruption/deprivation

This is achieved by means of overt and electronic harassment.
Sleep deprivation, as a tactic, invariably surfaces when the
targeted individual begins exhibiting a strong emotional and
irrational response to the other forms of harassment.

* Vandalism of privately-owned vehicles

Vehicles invite peculiarly ferocious attacks in these harassment
campaigns -- slashed tires, smashed windows, oil drainage, oil
contamination, destruction of electronic components and batteries
(frequently involving wildly fluctuating, grounded fuel gages,
often within range of weapons research facilities and/or other
microwave emitters); and suddenly failed brakes and clutches
(possible involving anti-traction polymers, which are also in DoD's
"non-lethal" weapons arsenal). Recurrent auto thefts have also
been reported.

Two individuals reported finding their oil contaminated immediately
after having the oil changed by reputable mechanics. In one of
these cases, the oil viscosified (thickened) while the individual
was driving through a remote rural area. Her car ground to a halt.
Getting the "gunk" cleaned out of her engine proved to be an
expensive ordeal. (Viscosification agents are also lauded by the
U.S. Global Strategy Council as serving "non-lethal" strategic
purposes -- a topic discussed in Part I of this publication. Had
this woman been assaulted while awaiting help in the said isolated
area, the "non-lethal" attributes of viscosfication agents might
have required redefinition.)

Most of those who have experienced these attacks on a recurring
basis have abandoned driving all together -- an objective
apparently sought by their tormentors as a means of increasing
their isolation.

* Staged accidents.

The majority of those in touch with us have reported these types of
experiences. One individual, for example, was tailgated at a high
rate of speed by two vehicles, while concurrently being threatened
with a gun by one of the vehicles' occupants. Two others narrowly
avoided what happened to be deliberately attempted collisions by
drivers who quickly sped away from the scene. One avoided three
attempts in four days at being run off the road. One survived by
being run off the road in two incidents within a one-week period,
which resulted in "totaling" of her two vehicles. Another narrowly
avoided being crushed into an expressway retaining wall, on four
occasions, by an off-duty metro bus, as well as, within the same
time frame, being "fried" by two suddenly-malfunctioned household
appliances which subsequently repaired themselves. It should be
noted that, in some of these cases, "accidental" deaths do occur.
One individual in contact with us reported that his mother drove
off a cliff to her death, during a period when he was researching
evidence that a still-respected, high level State Department
official had passed A-bomb secrets to the Soviet Government during
World War II. The accident occurred shortly after her car had
undergone routine maintenance. She was returning from a dental
appointment when the accident occurred. Witnesses state that it
appeared that she had suddenly stepped on the accelerator before
running off the road. The accident served to terminate this
person's research project.

We also look into the recent death of a woman in Lexington, MO, who
was killed when the brakes on her tractor failed. We are informed
that she had been collecting affidavits from persons who believe
they are the targets of government harassment and experimentation
when her "accident" occurred. We are also informed that these
affidavits have disappeared.

Suicides might also qualify as "staged accidents,"particularly
where "plausibly deniable" government involvement has been
surfaced. We are currently looking into the recent suicide of a
man in Trappe, PA, who, as early as 1981, had asked the FBI and CIA
to intervene in his case. We have copies of that early
correspondence. The man, a former U.S. Army radar technician, had
a highly technical and -- given date of his correspondence --
"precocious" grasp of the experimental objectives apparently being
sought in his case. It is apparent from his correspondence that he
had wanted to believe that the Soviets were conducting these
experiments. The FBI and CIA, of course, did not intervene. We
are informed that members of his family have also been targets of
this experimentation.

* Isolation of the individual from members of his/her family
-- virtually assured when highly focused forms of
electronic harassment commence.

The exception to this is when elderly parents and young children in
the family become targets for apparent purposes of intimidation.
This situation has been reported in eight of our cases, to date.

One individual (driven to extremes of stress by ongoing electronic
harassment focusing on her children) killed one child in an effort
to protect her from further pain.(2) It appears that lasers were
being used in this individual's case. The targeting intensified
after she called the Soviet Embassy to report the harassment, which
she believed to be U.S. Government-sponsored. It became even more
deadly when, in a further show of defiance, she then called the
representative of the Iraqi Government to portray the U.S.
Government's war in the Middle East as "hypocritical." She is now
hospitalized in a midwestern facility, where, apparently, the
experimentation is now continuing.

(That psychiatric facility is in a State where a disproportionate
number of complaints of electronic harassment are beginning to
surface. It is also within range of a U.S. Air Force base which
houses a "super secret" research facility. We are currently
looking into information that spouses and children of persons
employed on that USAF base may be the targets of involuntary
experimentation involving direct-energy weapons technologies.)

Another individual, during a telephone conversation, was told by an
employee of a local power company that, if she valued the lives of
her children, she would drop her public opposition to the company's
installation of high power lines. Since receiving that threat, the
individual's 11-year-old daughter has been reduced to extremes of
pain, resulting in her recurrent hospitalization for treatment of
illnesses which cannot be diagnosed. It is also apparent to this
individual that her three-year-old son is on the receiving end of
externally-induced auditory input. (DoE figures prominently in
this case.)

* Progressive financial impoverishment, brought on by
termination of the individual's employment, and compounded
by expenses associated with the harassment.

The majority of those now in contact with the Project -- educated,
white-collar professionals -- have lost their jobs. Termination of
employment in many of these cases involved prefatory harassment by
the employer and co-workers, which coincided with the other overt
forms of harassment discussed above.

The overt harassment tactics are being described as recurrent, non-
sequential and overlapping. As noted above, the overt harassment
continues even after the electronic harassment commences.


Those individuals who have tried to resolve their respective
situations through resort to "establishment" channels have
invariably encountered the following:

* Apathy, indifference and/or professed helplessness on the
part of members of Congress and state legislators.

* Dismissal and/or attempted discrediting by psychiatrists
who refuse to include the terms, "government harassment,"
"mind-control experimentation" and "torture" in their

Several individuals, thinking the psychiatrists might help to
alleviate the extreme stress associated with their harassment, and
accorded "treatment" which clearly pointed to corporation between
their psychiatrists and members of the U.S. Intelligence community.
One such psychiatrist, in fact, bragged about being a member of the
U.S. Intelligence "inner circle," informing our contact that her
harassment was a "Pavlovian Experiment," intended to "break" her.

* Lack of interest, courage and/or competency in legal

Few of those in contact with us have been able to acquire legal
assistance -- not helped by their straitened financial
circumstances. Most have found that few attorneys are willing to
risk their careers by pursuing cases involving what is believed to
be government-sponsored harassment or experimentation.

A few attorneys reportedly engaged in egregious violations of codes
of professional conduct, in what appear to have been deliberate
efforts at sabotaging our contacts' cases. Subsequent attempts by
two individuals at obtaining legal redress were met with
stonewalling, obstruction, and high-level denials of wrongdoing.

* Refusal of the mass media to address this topic, except in
those cases where suspected experimentees have been driven
to committing murder or suicide.

Such cases (particularly where an individual has claimed to be a
victim of CIA-directed mind-control involving auditory input) are
treated by the press as "curiosities." Am example of this is the
individual who shot a Navy officer outside the Pentagon in mid-
1991.(3) He claimed to be a victim of CIA mind control, involving
auditory input. According to the press, "he worried 'about being
run over by trains'..." (ref. incident described in following
paragraph). He is now permanently residing in a psychiatric
facility. He, being institutionalized, and others in the
preliminary stages of his predicament are no longer of interest to
the media.

Another recent case which received short-lived press attention(4)
involved a woman diagnosed as having "suffered from periods of
confusion" who climbed over a fence onto a railroad track and
walked into an oncoming train. Because the incident occurred in a
community in which an unusually large number of mind-control
experiments have been reported, we are looking into the situation.
The woman was reportedly "under a physician's care" because of her
"periods of confusion." A family member described the physician to
this investigator as "a psychiatrist." We find that the alleged
"psychiatrist" is a General Practitioner, otherwise non-accredited,
practicing out of his home. We find also that the suicide may have
been witnessed under peculiarly-timed circumstances by an alleged
"homeless" person who has since disappeared. Needless to say, our
interest has been whetted.

* Refusal and/or inability of local police to intervene.

The tendency of local police is to dismiss an individual's
complaints of government harassment as the ravings of a
"fruitcake." In one case, discussed above, it is apparent that one
police officer is actively cooperating in the harassment. Some
police agencies, while acknowledging the reality of the situation,
hesitate to intervene in cases involving what they believe to be
U.S. Intelligence. On a few occasions, certain police officials
did attempt to intervene, based on what they perceived to be
evidence of a systematic harassment/illegal surveillance campaign.
Absent a clear mandate to prosecute "stalkers" acting under the
aegis of U.S. Intelligence, the police obviously had their hands

* Refusal of the FBI to intervene in any of the cases brought
to our attention thus far.

FBI spokesmen do acknowledge that they have received a large number
of requests for assistance from "mentally disturbed persons" who
believe that they are being "zapped by radio waves" and/or "are
hearing voices..." "from Mars, that is."

In one case, an FBI spokesman reacted in a angry, defensive and
bizarre fashion when our contact briefly alluded to PROJECT SLAMMER
as possibly being related to her surveillance. (PROJECT SLAMMER is
a CIA-funded study, managed by CIA and FBI behavioral scientist,
which explores the "mental make-up" of alleged security risks,
along with their family members and close associates. Participants
in PROJECT SLAMMER include NSA, DIA, and Army, Navy and Air Force

Until PROJECT SLAMMER was mentioned, the FBI spokesman's approach
in this case was to politely and redundantly explain that the law,
as currently constructed, prevents the FBI's intervening in this
individual's case. What she briefly pointed out that the
surveillance activities might fall under the purview of PROJECT
SLAMMER, the spokesman's response was to abruptly and angrily
declaim, "You don't know who is conducting that surveillance! You
don't know if that is a state police surveillance!...or a local
police surveillance! It could be a totally unrelated operation!
You don't know who is conducting that surveillance! [etc., etc.]!"

It was apparent from that response that the FBI was at least
acknowledging the existence of a surveillance, if in somewhat
emotional fashion. The individual in question subsequently
furnished acquired evidence to the local police, who made it clear
that they are no participants in the surveillance which, based on
the evidence, pointedly suggest that our contact is the target.

* Refusal of inability of the ACLU and Amnesty International
to intervene.

Both organizations acknowledge receiving many complaints from
persons claiming to be the targets of some type of electronic
harassment. An ACLU spokes-woman characterized the complaints as
appearing to be rational, except in a few cases. The complaints
are not being investigated, she said, because of "limited
resources." We have to wonder, of course, why the ACLU could
recently find resources to defend the rights of prostitutes and the
Ku Klux Klan, yet remains incapable of intervening in cases such as
we are now pursuing.

Amnesty International recently informed one of our contacts that
they could not intervene in her case because their focus is on the
U.S. Government's treatment of prison inmates. While incarceration
does appear to be one sought-for objective in this harassment/mind
control experiments, we would like to think that protection by such
organizations as Amnesty International can be achieved beforehand.


The persons engaged in this harassment tend to become careless,
possibly the result of arrogance born of an assumption that nobody
can stop them. "Harassees" who have noted this carelessness have
furnished us with the following insights into the covert side of
these harassment activities.

* Impersonation of military officers.

One individual found that her next-door neighbor had claimed to be
a military intelligence officer, assigned to a space technology
unit in California, on year-long "TDY" (temporary duty) in the
individual's apartment building. It is subsequently determined
that this alleged officer is not in fact a member of the U.S. Armed
Forces; and that he had used this bogus status to acquire
information from a major defense contractor. Our contact is
certain that this person's apartment was used as a base of
harassment operations.

* Use of concealment devices, and emitters detected to date.

Several individuals and supportive associates report having seen
some of the electronic devices being used in these harassment

One saw electronic equipment concealed inside a false-front upright
piano being moved out of her apartment building. She had
previously noted that all of her surrounding neighbors had
identical upright pianos in their apartments, not one of which was
ever played.

Other suspected participants in the harassment may be concealing
devices in oversized stereo speakers, measuring approximately 5' in
height x 3'x3'. Several of our contacts have noted the presence of
such speakers in adjacent dwellings.

One individual was told by a resident of her building that her
upstairs neighbor has "microwave ovens" in his bedroom and
livingroom, but none in the kitchen.

Another individual, while standing outside, looked in her
neighbor's window to find that her bedroom appeared to be the
target of a gray-colored, elongated box-like device, measuring
approximately 1' in length x 5" in height (side view). A large,
black-framed lens protruded from the end facing her window. The
electrical cord, if any, was not visible from that vantage point.
The equipment was being operated by a stranger in a three-piece
suit, who appeared to be quite startled to find that he was being

Another was given strong reason to believe that portable emitters
are being concealed in oversized, extremely heavy, sometimes
expandable "briefcases" for use in places of public assembly, such
as meeting halls, auditoriums and restaurants. Smaller varieties
are apparently being used on aircraft.

On a 3-hour flight, our contact noticed that the man sitting next
to her seemed peculiarly intent on keeping the attache case on his
lap propped open with his fingertips, while he gazed "blankly" into
the distance during the entire flight. She believed that she was
being electronically harassed while on a flight (a common
complaint, in most of these cases now being investigated).

Our contact reports that, when they prepared to land, the man
opened his attache case to hastily check his contents, thus
disclosing the presence of a raised, built-in "concealment device"
covering the entire bottom surface of the attache case. The low-
slung, lift-off cover did not appear to be capable of concealing a
laptop computer. At one point during the flight -- apparently
aware that his "reverie" was inviting attention, -- the man devoted
approximately ten minutes to scribbling assorted entries on a sheet
of lined paper, which he had placed on top of the briefcase two
hours previously. He devoted roughly ten minutes to the effort
(obviously preferring a pen to a laptop computer). His attache
case remained ajar during this process.(5)

One individual reports that mobile emitters may be installed in
certain oversized, non-attributed medical emergency vehicles,
possibly for the eventual use in civil disturbances. Her
unsuccessful attempts at following the "medical emergency" vehicle
which had surfaced in her case ended with a high-speed chase.

The phony military intelligence officer, when recently moving out
of our contact's apartment building, was found to possess a device
which resembles an oversized microwave oven, measuring
approximately 4' in width x 2' in height x 2 1/2' in depth. A
subsequent examination of his apartment revealed that he had tapped
numerous additional lines into existing, in-house telephone and TV
cables; and that he had gone to great pains to conceal a major
excavation into one wall abutting the "harassee's." Judging from
photographs taken immediately after this person's departure, the
wiring suggests that he was hooked by modem into a computer
network, and at least of some of his electronic equipment was
situated in a large walk-in closet, again abutting the

When the alleged officer moved out, his equipment (except for the
oversized "microwave oven") was packaged in boxes identifying the
contents only as stereo components. During his year-long residency
in this building, no sounds emanated from his apartment to indicate
use of this "stereo" equipment.

* Use of modified license plates and vehicle look-alikes.

Some individuals have noted that their neighbors' vehicles are
periodically replaced (during peak periods of harassment) by others
which qualify as "rough look-alikes." These tags on the latter
closely resemble those on the homeowners' vehicles, with a
difference being noted in only one digit or one letter. These
modified plates appear to have been acquired through State DMV
channels, thus suggesting government/intelligence agency

In one case, where the individual has obtained police assistance,
tracking of one plate surfaced evidence of a drug connection. The
plate rapidly disappeared from the vehicle in question, to be
replaced by another, again bearing a one-letter modification.

* Use of neighbors' residences as bases of operation and

One individual recently saw a team of "technicians" in the house
behind hers -- a consequence of the team's failure to close the
curtains and/or dim the lights when puttering around the kitchen at
5:00 in the morning. The three men (strangers to this individual,
all stripped down to their T-shirts) behaved as if they were
unaware that they were being watched. Their observer had long
suspected that this house was being used as a base of electronic
harassment operations. The harassment had been going on throughout
the night.

To provoke a response from these men, the individual eventually
commented aloud on their activities. They responded immediately by
turning the lights off and switching to the use of flashlights.
Why they failed to close the curtain is unknown.

This individual is working with the police in a effort at ending
this surveillance and harassment, with mixed results.


Another individual, paying a surprise visit to the apartment
upstairs, overheard one of her own telephone conversations being
played on a tape recorder inside that apartment. Lacking both a
legitimate pretext to enter the apartment and the support of the
building's management personnel and/or the police, she was
prevented from pursuing this further. Her upstairs neighbor is
purportedly employed by Stanford University Hospital, in Stanford,

The target of surveillance and harassment in this case is still
also trying to recover from the effects of exposure to potentially
lethal doses of radiation, administered in the 1970's by a
dangerously "incompetent" dentist. This might explain the
involvement of alleged Stanford University Hospital personnel in
her situation.

The government is on record as having experimented on unwitting
U.S. citizens with radioactive materials during the 1970's (and
earlier).(6) The House Subcommittee on Energy and Commerce based
their investigation into this matter on a 30-year accumulation of
documents maintained by the Department of Energy. Under the
circumstances, it will come as no surprise if it is ultimately
found that DoE has been involved in this woman's surveillance and


Another individual paid a surprise visit to the apartment
immediately below hers, in the attempt to identify the source of
tremendous racket in her ventilation system. Standing outside the
door, she could hear an individual moving around, a short distance
from the door. She also heard the sound of rustling paper and the
steady, sonar-like "pinging" of some type of electronic device. In
response to her repeated knockings on the door, the person inside
simply stopped moving about. The sound of rustling paper (perhaps
a printout of some type) and the steady "...pin-ng!...pin-ng!"
sound continued. The occupant of this apartment resumed moving
about only after it was (incorrectly) believed that our contact had
departed the area. Typically, this situation could not be pursued


All of those who live in apartment buildings report unusual
patterns of occupancy in the apartments surrounding their own;
i.e., upstairs, downstairs and on all sides. They have become
quite convinced -- if only because of the highly focused nature of
the systems being experienced -- that these surrounding apartments
are being used as bases of operation. Perhaps this encirclement
facilities studies of holographic human telemetries; or perhaps it
is intended to increase the prospect of brain entrainment by
electronic means ("entrainment" being one published objective
sought in mind control experiments).(7)

In examining this situation more closely, a number of individuals
have found that surrounding apartments are either permanently
vacant, for unknown reasons, or that they have been "sub-let" by
the original occupants to persons who are purportedly unknown to
the buildings' management personnel. In one case, the surrounding
renters all list two residences in the local telephone book. No
one lives in the apartment building in question, though the address
is identified as one of the renters' places of residence. One
individual suspects that the original occupants of apartments
surrounding hers have been simply relocated to other apartments in
the same (large) building. Another suspects that an adjacent
apartment, which has been permanently rented to the U.S. Government
for use by "visitors" is also being used as a base of operations.

One individual found that an immediate neighbor's housemate has the
same (unusual) name of a university professor who has engaged in
extensive research on behalf of the government, studying the
bioeffects of exposure to microwave radiation.

* Use of informants/agents provocateurs, frequently members
of the opposite sex.

As noted in the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Interior
and Insular Affair's draft report, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
Covert Operation (July 1992), the Wackenhut Corporation's Special
Investigations Division adopted this tactic when pursuing Alyeska's

A number of individuals in touch with us report a range of
experiences with new "friends" who -- apparently posing as
confidants -- used acquired personalia to abruptly end these
"friendships" under deliberately degrading and humiliating
circumstances. When taken in the context of ongoing surveillance
and harassment, these exercises appear intended to heighten
emotional trauma, perhaps to provoke an uncontrolled response
and/or to enforce isolation.

* Misuse of covert intelligence personnel (possible former
case officers).

One individual while under contract to the U.S. Government,
properly reported what he believed to be an approach by a hostile
intelligence service. Within a few weeks, alleged U.S.
Intelligence officers contacted this individual. In addition to
questioning him about his background, these alleged intelligence
officers asked that he keep in constant contact with them,
particularly when planning to travel.

It soon became apparent that the alleged intelligence officers were
intent only on forcing this individual to report to them as
directed, and to account for his activities. He was not asked to
assist the U.S. Government in any form of intelligence operation;
he was not asked to execute any form of secrecy affirmation
statement acknowledging the classified nature of these meetings;
nor was he told why these meetings -- involving a total of seven
alleged case officers -- were necessary.

When he began to balk at a continuation of this process, one of his
"handlers" conveyed a threat, suggesting that his continued
compliance might be "enforced." Finally, when this individual
adamantly refused to corporate further, massive overt harassment
commenced and is currently ongoing.

The operation (clearly intended to bully this individual into
submissive compliance for purposes which are still unknown)
involved crude tactics formerly prized by the KGB.

Whether or not legitimate U.S. Intelligence case officers were
involved in this activity remains to be determined. Some private
firms retain former U.S. Intelligence case officers for contracting
out as "security specialist." The founder and CEO of one such firm
(Gerald P. Burke, The Parvus Company, Silver Spring, MD) has
informed us that the activities of contract case officers are
neither monitored nor subjected to formal restraint.

* Use of psychotropic drugs by cooperative physicians.

Shortly after resigning from the CIA, one of our contacts underwent
a range of experiences which suggested that she had been massively
drugged. One of the alleged perpetrators, whom we have met,
alternately claims to be employed by NASA and/or by a firm in
Miami, handling, "microwave equipment." NASA has no record of this
person under the name furnished.

The "experimentee" ultimately sought the assistance of a
psychiatrist, whom her parents had located as a referral. The
psychiatrist treated her reported "flashbacks" by immediately
placing her on a regimen of Stelazine, which quickly aggravated her
condition. He also made comments to this individual which
suggested that he had a foreknowledge of her situation, and that he
was cooperating with U.S. Intelligence. On one occasion the
psychiatrist intimated that our contact might be employable as an
assassin; and he repeatedly urged her to move to Great Britain
where, he said, she would be put in touch with an unidentified
Member of Parliament.

Interestingly, he had a tremendous computer system in his office
suite, which he explained as being connected by modem into a
national level system which, in turn, connected to private
residences. When showing her this equipment, the psychiatrist
informed our contact that she had been "CAT scanned," pointing out
that she was the subject of a vast series of "A's" and "B's" being
printed out by one of the many terminals at his disposal.

Our contact also found out that this psychiatrist kept a military
uniform in his closet which bore the rank and insignia of a three-
star general.

The individual ultimately sought psychiatric support elsewhere.
Her new psychiatrist, formerly employed by DoD, immediately put her
on a regimen of Haladol Decanoate, Klonopin and Benzatropine. The
combined effect of these drugs was loss of memory and a state of
mind which, under other circumstances, might be diagnosed as
Depersonalization or Dissociative Disorder. All three drugs proved
to be highly addictive. Our contact, since severing contact which
this psychiatrist as well, has finally successfully overcome the


Another individual -- the one whose psychiatrist had informed her
of her role in a "Pavlovian Experiment" -- was subjected to
attempted drugging by Trazodone, one of the strongest sedatives on
the market. The psychiatrist in question kept no record of the
individual's outpatient visits, nor of her Trazodone prescriptions.
Being unaware that the individual was not adhering to his regimen,
the psychiatrist urged her rapidly to increase her dosage, renewing
her 30-day prescription after a period of only 11 days.

Though aware of her heart condition, he failed to monitor her
condition, dismissing her complaints of (electronically-induced)
pains in her heart as inconsequential. Trazodone is know to
aggravate heart conditions. Perhaps the intent was to have this
individual succumb to a "heart attack" as the result of "imagined"
government harassment. Neither the appropriate psychiatric society
nor the FBI would touch this case.


Another individual (a clear target of retaliation) sought medical
assistance to counter sudden massive headaches and recurrent
attacks of vomiting -- effects which can be produced by infrasound.
The physician to whom she was referred (an alleged specialist in
Internal Medicine) placed her on a combination of Compazine and
Xanax, prescribing dosages which the Physicians' Desk Reference
warns against.

Compazine, in addition to being an anti-emetic, is used in the
treatment of psychotic disorders. It can also cause dyskinesia, an
irreversible syndrome involving loss of motor control. Xanax is
known to induce vomiting. Both drugs can lead to dependance and a
worsening of the patient's condition. The effects of all such
drugs, in fact, can be mutated in high-energy fields, thus
increasing the likelihood of adverse reactions.

We have recently found that this prescribing "physician" is not
licensed to practice medicine in the State of which she has been
practicing since at least 1989.

Our contact, being concerned about the long-term effects of Xanax
and Compazine, consulted another physician in the same office. The
physician immediately prescribed Prozac, failing to concurrently
recommend that her patient discontinue the Xanax and Compazine
prescriptions. When our contact refused to take any psychotropic
drugs, the doctor became upset and asked, "Don't you want to get

This second physician is a licensed practitioner in Internal
Medicine, with no background in Psychiatry. We also found that she
apparently refers her patients to yet a third physician in the
office who claims to be a psychiatrist. She, too, is licensed to
practice Internal Medicine, only. Her receptionist described this
third physician as having a psychiatric "sub-specialty," ... "as an
internist." The receptionist also informed us that this internist
"is treating a number of psychiatric patients."

On pursuing this further, we find that these physicians are in a
small "medicine group" which is not listed by specialty in standard
regional telephone directories. The group bears the same name as
one of the CIA's most infamous recruited physicians (perhaps best
described as "the Mengele of MKULTRA").

The doctor's offices are located in a bank building, which, we have
found, is a favored hiding place for security-oriented business and
government agencies. Two computer firms, co-located with an
attorney who represents "Island Resort Development, Ltd.," are
situated immediately beneath the doctors' offices. The prospect of
finding island resort developments within 500 miles of this
attorney's office is limited.

Our contact, being apprised of these findings, is seeking medical
help elsewhere.


In two of our cases, urologist took it upon themselves to play the
role of "psychiatrist"; i.e., they rendered psychiatric diagnoses
and prescribed psychotropic drugs. One of these urologist,
employed by The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, prescribed Haldol,
informing our contact that he perceived her to be "psychotic." His
efforts at getting a Clinic psychiatrist to confirm this diagnosis
were unsuccessful. The psychiatrist, apparently a rare individual
who subscribes to codes of medical ethics, found nothing wrong with
this woman, even given the nature of her complaints. The
urologist's response to this was to issue his own Haldol
prescription. Sensing that something was amiss, the woman refused
to have the prescription filled.


Yet another individual ended up in the hands of a psychiatrist who,
as a purported means of ending the stress associated with her
harassment, offered to put her under hypnosis. She described the
hypnotic state as "equivalent to floating" and (based on her
overall experiences with this physician) has not ruled out the
possibility that drugs may have been surreptitiously administered.
The psychiatrist claimed to be interested in psychic phenomena and
demonstrated an apparently remarkable ability to read the
individual's mind.

While in her "hypnotic state, the individual felt like a sharp,
painful pressure inside her nose, as if something were being shoved
up her nostrils to the sinus cavities. She awoke to find blood
pouring from her nostrils. The psychiatrist casually dismissed
this as owing to a probable cold.

Shortly after the experience, the individual began to hear loud
tones in her head, followed in due coarse by auditory input. Brain
scans have failed to yield evidence of an implant device. (We have
recommended that she undergo a scan by means of a suitably adapted
non-linear junction detector, as a preliminary.) Suffice to say,
this individual has severed contact with the psychiatrist and is
continuing to cope with the ongoing overt electronic harassment by
other non-medical means.

* Use of medical implant devices.

The situation just described is not our first encounter with the
apparent use of medical implant devices in these harassment/mind-
control cases. Another of our contacts began receiving auditory
input roughly 15 years after she had a 4 mm. cochlear implants
placed in her ears. The "voices" claimed to be affiliated with the
CIA and, among other things, expressed intentions of running this
woman as an agent in denied areas by "piggybacking" their audio
transmissions onto standard FM frequencies to avoid detection.

We have been unable to locate the surgeon who implanted these
devices, though we do have a copy of his operative reports. A
recent CAT scan of this individual failed to disclose the presence
of the cochlear implants.

Several years ago, the individual (now a psychologist) applied for
a position with the CIA. She was interviewed by four Langley-
based, purported psychologist, who allegedly informed her that her
job would involve the assessments of certain criminals for purposes
of weighing their purposes for loyalty to this agency.

During these interviews, she was told to read several books by such
persons as Philip Agee, Stansfield Turner and Ralph McGehee, all of
whom were unknown to her. The alleged psychologist claimed that
these authors had described the CIA "as it really is." Our contact
was not asked to execute a security affirmation statement
acknowledging the classified nature of these proceedings.

The unconventional manner of this interview process suggested that
this individual was being toyed with, for reason which remain to be
determined. She did not get the job and in fact more recently lost
her job with a state penitentiary. She was fired on the
recommendation of the prison's psychiatrist, because of her
insistence that she is receiving auditory input from the CIA
personnel who persist in feeding her classified information.

Interestingly, though this individual was deemed unfit to function
as a psychologist in the penitentiary system, the State rehired
her, assigning her to a mental health facility where, apparently,
she is to develop a behavioral modification program for retarded
adults with a diagnosed mental illness.

This individual claimed to be receiving and responding to
externally-induced auditory "advice" while working with prison
inmates. It may be presumed that the process will continue. Under
the circumstances, we have to wonder if this case qualifies as a
benchmark in mind-control experimentation; i.e., employment of a
mind-controlled psychologist to run the equivalent of mind-control
experiments on mentally-ill retarded adults. We will continue to
monitor this situation.


The individual we previously identified as having challenged a
local power company also appears to have ben "tagged" by some type
of implant device. During a recent symposium, she was approached
by a man whose business card identifies him as "Program Manager,
Electromagnetic Radiation Division," DoE. His approach was
suitably sympathetic. Our contact ultimately accepted this man's
invitation to continue discussing their common ranges of interest
in his hotel room. During this meeting, she accepted the offer of
a drink, blacked out after consuming it, and woke up four hours
later, still in this man's hotel room, to find that the back of her
ear had been punctured and was bleeding. There was no evidence of
sexual assault. The man glibly evaded this woman's request for an
explanation. She has since found two adjacent puncture marks
behind her ear, which are not healing properly, and between which
she can feel the presence of a "wire" measuring approximately 1/3"
in length. We are pursuing this further.

The said DoE Project Manager has more recently initiated contact
with yet another activist in touch with this Association. His call
was unsolicited. He apparently wanted to know to know if this
woman would be attending an upcoming conference. We have warned
the individual to avoid any form of private meeting with the said
Project Manager.


To date, we are aware of three cases involving clandestine behavior
on the part of alleged DoE employees. The CIA figures prominently
(if peculiarly) in the majority of the other cases. Two of those
have been discussed above.

I another, also involving auditory input, the individual is certain
that the current Director of Central Intelligence (DCI)
participated in the "voice transmission" process on at least one
occasion. She claims to have recognized his voice. When she
commented aloud on the DCI's perceived involvement in this
experimentation, the "voice" responded with studdered and stammered
denials. We are told that this particular "voice" has not been
heard from since.


In yet another case involving auditory input, the individual has
allegedly been informed by her "voices" that the technologies being
used against her were stolen from the CIA by a maverick employee,
whose group is not targeting her from a distance of 2,000 miles.
She reported this to the DCI's office and was allegedly informed by
the Deputy DCI that she will be awarded millions of dollars if she
can produce the equipment and any of the personnel involved in her

One usually-candid CIA spokesman also allegedly informed this
individual that, "while the CIA does not deny having this
equipment," they "do not use it in this country." Perhaps this
explains why a number of our contacts have also been electronically
harassed while traveling overseas.

This woman has also been repeatedly assured by CIA DDS (security)
personnel of the Agency's sincere concern for her welfare. During
a recent telephone conversation with that Office, we confirmed that
she is indeed known to the CIA. Based on this, we asked that the
Agency "put its money where its mouth is," so to speak, by
conducting a long-term electronic sweep of this individual's
premises. That was two months ago. No sweep has been conducted,
though CIA spokesmen continue to "sympathize" with her predicament.


Another individual, a target of harassment and experimentation
since 1952 (apparently singled out because of his student activism
while at Penn State University) began hearing "voices" after having
most of his teeth capped. He has been more recently been informed
by his "handlers" that implanted devices are no longer used for
purposes of inducing auditory input. No explanation was offered.
He was quite visibly surprised when informed by this investigator
that auditory input can be achieved solely by means of pulsed
microwave audiograms (discussed in Part I of this report).

The individual's "handlers" allegedly have also stated that their
experiments on U.S. citizens are in pursuit of a variety of
objectives; viz.,
(1) develop an effective means for creating a perfect,
"robotized" soldier;

(2) alter individual sexual performances, such as by turning
heterosexuals into homosexuals (they allegedly claim to
be having "difficulties" reversing the process): and

(3) enhance and destroy levels of academic achievement, at
will, such as by degrading the performance of otherwise
brilliant students, and by drastically improving the
performance of poor students.

Given the technology at the government's disposal and a
predisposition of the part of certain governmental agencies to
"play God" in experimental fashion with citizens' lives, these
purported projects do not come across as being totally far-fetched.


Another case involves a woman whose experiences suggest that she,
too, is an MKULTRA experimentee being kept on the books, so to
speak. The woman, apparently a "pet" experimentee, found herself
being introduced to a wide array of prominent individuals whose
connections with the CIA she believed to be quite apparent. One of
those she states, was Robert Jay Lifton, a well-known author and
expert on brainwashing, whose books include "The Nazi Doctors:
Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide" (Basic Books,

Her experiences included a voluntary ("referral") admission to
Hollywood Hospital, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 1973,
during an era when MKULTRA experiments at the Alan Memorial
Institute, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, were only beginning
to capture the attention of the U.S. Senate.(8)

More recently, in 1990, she was transported to New York
University's Cameron Medical Center, in Westchester, NY (under
circumstance which qualify as an abduction), where she was forcibly
wrestled to the ground by approximately six Center staffers and
forcibly confined for a period of approximately three weeks. She
was neither psychiatrically counseled nor formally tested while in
that facility. The psychiatrists assigned to her case appeared
more intent on forcing her to take a combination of neuroleptic
drugs, to include Haldol, Navane, and Cogentin. (Haldol and Navane
can cause tardive dyskinesia.) She resisted those attempts.

A court ultimately ordered this woman released from the Center,
stipulating that she was not to be administered drugs. On
subsequently acquiring her medical records, under conditions which
prevented censoring or doctoring those records, she found that her
psychiatrists had planned to inject her with drugs (in defiance of
the court order) on the day of her release. As luck would have it,
she was released a day early.

The woman states that she has met Budd Hopkins, of the Intruders
Foundation, and that she had a long-term, confiding relationship
with John E. Mack, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School,
and the founding Director of the Center for Psychological Studies
in the Nuclear Age (previously named, Research Program for the
Study of Human Continuity; and, still previously, rumored to have
cooperated with the CIA in studies of "human ecology").

At one point in their relationship, Professor Mack apparently
accompanied this woman to a "support group" meeting of UFO
abductees, who, she observed bemusedly, "spent their time comparing
[extraterrestrially] implanted devices." Professor Mack is on
record as promoting the perception that UFO abductions are

We frankly doubt that extraterrestrials who have a means to commute
intergalactically would stoop to implanting comparatively devices
in human beings. However, should it be proved that the
psychiatrist, surgeon and DoE Project Manager above are
extraterrestrials posing as humans, we will be happy to weigh that
information. If it is similarly established to the vehicular
"abduction" of the woman discussed above was the work of an
extraterrestrial named Kaplan, who was posing as a human with
Cornell Medical Center connections, we will be happy to ponder that
as well.

In the meantime, it would seem reasonable that the government would
want the public to believe that extraterrestrial visitations are on
the upswing. Mind-altering drugs, externally-induced auditory
input, holographic projections (also a DoD capability),(10)
appropriately focused directed-energy targeting, device
implantations, special effects and abductions are all within this
government's capabilities and can be used for purposes of creating
illusions of UFO experiences. Persons not cognizant of this might
be more inclined to fall for the UFO mythologies now being
officially "legitimized."


Other cases, possibly involving U.S. Navy Intelligence, NSA, the
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and, peripherally, members of the
former Soviet Bloc intelligence services will be discussed in
further reports.


In his book, Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control, Dr.
Harvey Weinstein quotes the following passage from a book entitled,
A battle for the Mind: A Physiology in Conversion and
Brainwashing, by William Sergeant (Greenwood Press, Westport, CT,

"By increasing the prolong stress in various ways, or inducing
physical debilitation, a more thorough alteration of the person's
thinking process may be achieved. ...If the stress or physical
debilitation, or both, are carried one stage further, it may happen
that patterns of thought and behavior, especially those of recent
acquisition, become disrupted. New patterns can then be
substituted, or suppressed patterns allowed to reassert themselves;
or the subject might begin to think or act in ways precisely
contradict his former ones.

"'...If a complete sudden collapse can be produced by prolonging or
intensifying emotional stress, the cortical slate may be wiped
clean temporarily of its more recently implanted patterns of
behavior, perhaps allowing others to be substituted more easily.'"

Dr. Weinstein then comments: "The parallel with [Dr. Ewen]
Cameron's theory of differential amnesia is striking, and the
relationship to brainwashing is abundantly clear."(11) Dr.
Cameron, employed by McGill University's Allan Memorial Institute
in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, between 1943 and 1964, conducted
brainwashing experiments upon select, non-volunteer psychiatric
patients on behalf of the CIA. Dr. Weinstein's father was one of
Cameron's victims.

Sergeant's theorems and Cameron's associated experimental findings
appear to be the driving force behind the harassment and
experimentation now being reported to this Association. All of
these individuals are being subjected to a series of overlapping
circumstances which apparently are meant to induce and sustain
long-term extremes of stress. All of these individuals have been
effectively isolated. Unethical psychiatrists and physicians are
involved in the majority of these cases. Mind-altering
prescription drugs are being used for clearly non-therapeutic
purposes. Evidence of LSD use is also beginning to surface (one of
Cameron's favored mind-altering substances). And "psychic driving"
techniques -- Cameron's pet brainwashing method -- are involved in
all these cases, to a much greater and more potentially effective
degree where auditory input is involved.

The long-term objectives of these harassment and experimentation
campaigns appear to be quite fundamental; viz.,

(1) induce a sense of perverted "loyalty" toward the very
agencies engaged in the individual's harassment, to
confuse his or her priorities where the possibility of
obtaining legal redress might be concerned;

(2) redirect the targeted individual's feelings of
hopelessness, anger and frustration toward racial and
ethnic groups, and toward select, prominent political
figures, to include the President of the United States;

(3) force the individual to commit an act of violence,
whether suicide or murder, under conditions which he can
be plausibly denied by the government.

An operation's ultimate success apparently hangs on this latter
objective. We have successfully obstructed this process in a
number of cases now being investigated.


In recent weeks, considerable publicity has been given the trauma
of the victim's of "stalkers" (persons who obsessively surveil,
harass and, in some cases, kill targeted individuals for assorted,
unfathomable reasons). Movie stars that have been stalked
recurrently make the news. Stalking, as a problem, is in fact
becoming widespread, to a point where, in some States, the activity
has finally been specifically proscribed by law.

The individuals in contact with our Association are reporting the
same terrifying ranges of experiences as are now being reported by
the press on behalf of other victims stalkers. The only difference
in the cases reported to us is that the stalkers operate in groups
over extremely long periods of time, and (it would appear) with the
blessings of certain agencies of the U.S. Government. The laws
being passes to protect victims of stalkers are clearly being
selectively applied. We hope to put an end to this situation; that
is, in addition to achieving the objects discussed above.

It should be noted that the FBI, though unwilling to intervene in
the cases described above recently intervened on a massive scale to
protect Joy Silverman, a Bush-appointed trustee of the J.F. Kennedy
Center for the Performing Arts, from the ardent "stalkings" of her
estranged paramour, Sol Wachtler, Chief Justice, Court of Appeals
in the State of New York.(12)

Wachtler had apparently threatened to kidnap Silverman's daughter
if not paid $20,000. Since no kidnapping had occurred, the case
qualified merely as an attempted extortion, a question arises as to
why the New York State Police could not have handled this
investigation. Mr. Silverman resides in New York.

It would appear that the FBI devoted more than 100 agents and
technicians to the effort, resolving the case within approximately
30 days. On November 7, 1992, the day of his arrest, Wachtler ran
a gauntlet of 80 FBI special agents on the Long Island Expressway.
Apparently the FBI does not have enough to do, if staking out a
lone stalker is their top priority. We have to wonder, of course,
if the FBI's massive response was prompted by what was perceived to
be Wachtler's usurpation of governmental stalking prerogatives.

Mrs. Silverman's $300,000 donations to Republican Party causes
could be considered a basis for the FBI's solicitous concern for
her welfare. It would appear, under the circumstances, that the
"stalking victims" discussed above -- being by now poverty-stricken--
should abandon all hope of FBI intervention in their respective
situations. FBI protection appears to have a price tag, which not
one of our contacts can afford.


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There can never be any justification for torture. It creates an
escalation of violence in the internal affairs of states. It
spreads like a contagious disease from country to country. It has
lasting effects on the mental and physical health of the victim and
brutalizes the torturer. It is fundamental duty as human beings to
express what is surely the conscience of humanity and to eradicate
this evil.
[Amnesty International, February 1990, in the context of the U.S.
Government's continuing failure to ratify the U.N. Convention
Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or
Punishment, dated December 10, 1984]

Microwave Harassment

By J. M. Williams

The following is in six parts:

I. Historical overview of the problem.

II. Evidence that the problem is not neurological or imaginary

III. Details of the device(s) inferred by me, including possible threats to US military operations, as well as to civil liberties

IV. Details of the symptoms experienced during irradiation

V. Some PubMed abstract online references

VI. Speculation as to the motive

I. Historical Overview:

Note: The events emphasized here are assumed possibly related to the motive for the harassment. They certainly were very important to me and mark significant life events:

1995-02 Moved from Sunnyvale to Santa Clara ([name on request] Apartments).

1996-07 Read CD-Physics; solved algorithmic problem in home software project, using simple physics.

1996-10 Began serious physics reading in spare time; home software spec. delayed.

1997-02 Layed off by COMPASS, Inc. in corporate reorganization.

1997-03 Shelved software for physics; wrote critiques of Martian meteorites & letters questioning harm from 60 Hz power lines. Global warming paper circulated.

1997-08 Attended SLAC Summer Institute.

1997-08 Began neutrino mass paper.

1997-09 Harassment first noticed (from Apt #35, East).

1997-10 Notified police & Apartment Mgt. Police refused to file a complaint. Harassment began preventing sleep over about 2 hours/night.

1997-11 Noticed harassment from Apt #31 (West) and #33 (upstairs). Spoke with Apt #31; warned them it would be a crime. First letter to FCC; "we deal only with apparatus interference". After a day or two, harassment became more severe from Apts #31 and #33.

1997-12 Began building aluminum plate sleeping box; sleep gradually increased during Dec 1997 & Jan 1998.

Discovered TV interference & began taping the microwaves. Sent second letter plus Tapes 1 & 2 to FCC. FCC refused to pursue. FBI never returned FCC refusal letter I showed them.

1998-01 SC Police finally recorded a complaint from me (#9800630). 1998-02 Taped sound of device in modulation mode (Tape 4). FDA phone consultations. Police visited my apt. & photographed shielding, etc. I retained private detective. Began seeking lawyer.

1998-03 Help declined so far by over a dozen law firms; some advice, but no attorney. Tape 5 documents interaction from Apt #31. Medical exams. No thyroid abnormality. Psychiatrist says cannot diagnose any problem; requires factual basis of the allegations. Talked to RF engineering consultant. Postponed all legal action.

1998-04 On SC police suggestion, verified modulated mode sound as almost certainly not same as female sex-stimulator.

Computed theoretical penetration of aluminum: My previous impression of penetration of thick plates must have been an error. Obtained Farnell Spectrum Analyzer and began attempts at monitoring and quantifying the harassment.

1998-05 Neither Farnell, old-model HP, nor Tektronix 492 (~5 MHz - 20 GHz) obviously responded to the irradiation, even while symptoms were severe and TV was hissing! (exception: possible TV harmonic at ~ 1.5 GHz was affected; but, maybe photos show only a visible correlate of the audio/video TV interference). Possibly my lack of idea of what to look for?

Started running SJ Mercury-News ad w. $10,000 reward for help.

1998-07 Although Al foil has inhibited it, I verified continuing harassment from Apt. #35 today.

1998-09 Could not detect harassing beam with automobile radar detector. Felt irradiation at SC police station; reported it to BAPW. Next police station visit, no irradiation felt. Police obviously are not cooperating. Letter from SC Police Chief asked me to deal with him.

Table stolen on Friday of Labor Day weekend.

1998-12 Met with SC Chief of Police; sent letters inquiring about apparatus.

1999-04 Apt Manager disabled by stroke; not known whether she was irradiated: Dilation of cerebral arteries by microwaves certainly could increase severity of a stroke, as well as put strain on heart. Several nights of painful irradiation on feet caused gross swelling; photographed. Disassembled aluminum-plate sleeping box and covered bunk bed with aluminum screening as Faraday cage. Much more effective, because elevated from floor.

1999-10 Found that the AlphaLabs MicroAlert could detect the irradiation under some conditions. Attempting documentation for physical evidence. PubMed search found rat study establishing arterial dilation as symptom of wideband pulsed MW radiation.

1999-10-13: Began Tapes 6 (practice) and Tape 7 (data) recording MicroAlert click-rates on my TV headphone wires to attempt to relate rate with sensation quality. No very strong correlation of click-rates on wire with sensations.

2000-03 Tape analysis continuing. Asked SC Chief if he would request a Time Domain UWB radar set for test. Verified continued harassment from #35.

2000-07 Tape analysis, except TV channel & body posture, completed and delivered to SC Chief. Data show clear correlation of MicroAlert tick rate with subjective intensity of discomfort and with subjective locus of beam near head.

II. Evidence that the problem is not neurological or imaginary.

Generally, the radiation causes vague "hackle-raising" feelings, pins-and-needles, blood pressure anomalies, or acute pain, apparently mostly depending on intensity. After about January 1998, it began causing occasional tinnitis. It is ongoing, 24 hours a day, whenever I am home.

Because the symptoms are felt bilaterally, often progressing spatially in ways inconsistent with the known pattern of human peripheral innervation, neurology (which generally appears and progresses unilaterally, as I understand it) almost certainly should be ruled out. Immediate cessation of symptoms on interposing a limb or piece of metal, but not a book, also does not fit any common neurological pattern.

Evident Human Control of the Harassment.

First, when I hold up a piece of metal, for example a bathroom scale, between the body area being irradiated and the neighboring wall of Apt #35 (or, #31), the symptoms cease immediately. The intersection point of the inferred beam with the neighboring wall may be found by extending a line from the bodily region of the symptoms, through a blocking object, and to the wall. Sometimes, the hand holding the blocking metal object begins to prickle ("pins and needles"). After having been blocked this way, the symptoms of irradiation usually begin again in a few seconds, but on a different body part or from a different direction. When the symptoms reappear after blocking, I generally find that the exit point of the beam has been shifted to somewhere else, usually horizontally, on the wall. So, I block the beam again; it is moved again; and this sequence may continue indefinitely.

The line projected through the locus of symptoms and the blocking metal, intersects the wall at an exit point that changes after each successive blocking action; several such lines, traced in succession, do not intersect at any particular point behind the wall (for example, locating a malfunctioning oven or other device).

There is no question it is under human control and thus must be purposeful, malicious harassment. [Note added 1998-05-04: This protocol has convinced me of voluntary, interactive malice both from Apts #31 and #35; I have yet to systematically force step-by-step interaction of the upstairs Apt #33; however, I know the beam originates from there on many occasions, because it can be felt on a line at various heights from the floor--and, because testing with overhead shielding relieved the symptoms.]

Second, I blocked the beam from Apt #35 on one occasion in October 1997 and placed a steel shelf against the wall where I guessed the beam would be moved. I heard a (rare) human voice, female, exclaim "Oh!" in an insulted tone. I think she got a little reflection of the radiation, unexpectedly.

The Apt #35 harassers seem to have been learning during the past several months of harassment: In October, I could hold up a bathroom scale in the beam, put it directly against the wall, and force what seemed to be a circuit breaker to trip as well as a water-cooling solenoid to open (I could hear the water and valve operate, repetition eliminating coincidence). I have not been able to do this since, perhaps, midNovember 1997. I believe the devices have become more powerful and sophisticated during the harassment from September of 1997 to about December 1997.

For example, when I block the beam now [January 1998], from #35 or #31, the symptoms vanish, but the device power then is raised until the symptoms again reappear. Often, blocking both other apartments causes upstairs (Apt #33) to begin; however, upstairs often starts spontaneously, any way.

For a while, it seemed to take thick aluminum plate to block effectively. Even then, the device operator seemed able to change the beam diameter, making it very narrow, and apparently pulsing it, so as to penetrate upwards of 2". Afterwards, I decided that it was the average concavity of the thicker plates, not the thickness, which was causing a narrower output (tangible) beam. Often, through the wall, I could hear movements or a switch being flipped during periods while I was defending myself actively and the beam was being moved or varied. The effect of all of this, as I repeat, has been to harass me by depriving me of rest.

Physical Evidence of a Beam

After failing to pick up the beam with a microwave oven-checker meter (sensitivity ~ .1 W/cm2) or a (toy) pinwheel radiometer, I found I could "sniff" it with a pocket TV set. I have a set of tape recordings of the sound of the beam either actively seeking, or being found by me, using the TV. The noise is a hiss on VHF or UHF; the width (beam diameter) detected in VHF is predictably several times that of the several cm in UHF. The hiss becomes a "spatter" sound when a piece of metal is interposed. My monologue on these tapes describe the symptoms and inferred beam direction, and other data.

Often, a very faint beam interference noise around TV station UHF 14 becomes much more obvious on channels around UHF 50.

These tapes support my conclusion of purposeful, malicious manipulation, rather than some device malfunction, by documenting active measures against me while I shield myself by blocking the beam as described above.

Later, incidentally, I found my little pocket TV (Radio Shack PocketVision 22) could pick up the ~1 Hz scan routine of a Farnell Spectrum Analyzer (it sounds like a periodic "thump" on the TV audio, with the TV held next to the instrument). It also could pick up the Tektronix 492 scan.

With the TV taped inside an exponential-horn antenna, with TV antenna minimized, the TV seems to emit a narrow band near 1.5 GHz (TV antenna rectification?) while tuned to UHF, as seen on a spectrum analyzer. When the interfering "hiss" occurs from the microwave beam, this pulse may be seen to change shape or shift. I do not know whether this behavior was because of the microwaves, or was a secondary effect of TV production of its "hiss" sound--or was a TV selftuning artifact. In any case, it offered clearly visible evidence of the beam, and it has been photographed.

Finally, although large areas of aluminum foil have made systematic beam mapping temporarily difficult, beginning in October 1999, my new AlphaLabs "MicroAlert" pocket microwave detector has shown able to detect the harassing radiation. This device responds when set to nominal sensitivity of 1 microW/cm2. For example, when I sit at my computer, I have a horizontal floor plate and overhead aluminum coated posterboard, with aluminum-coated posterboards waist high on all sides. However, if I put my foot near a corner, I can feel the "hackle-raising" or sometimes "shower-of-sparks" sensation; the MicroAlert ticks in exactly the same area and nowhere else.

In general, it appears my body is more sensitive than the MicroAlert by at least a factor of 10; likewise, the pocket TV seems much more sensitive than the MicroAlert, too.

Evidence of the Microwave Device Operation

The device generating the microwaves evidently has two or more modes of operation--or, possibly, actually is two or more different pieces of equipment. These modes are described elsewhere; but, for now, one seems to produce weaker, continuous irradiation (based on a microwave oven or termite exterminator?); the other seems to be higher-powered, possibly randomly pulsed, and seems to depend on a base modulation frequency of about 2 Hz (based on a radar set or experimental medical apparatus?).

I have a tape of the hum of operation of the modulated device (or mode): It is a 1 or 2 Hz modulated 60 Hz hum, as though of a power transformer supplying a varying load such as an eccentric cam. I recorded this directly through the wall; it is not audible normally in my apartment, but on this occasion, it could be heard even away from the wall. I believe the modulation represents a low duty-cycle transmission, such as might be caused by a capacitor being charged, and then being discharged through a transformer or other circuitry.

The modulated-mode sound is easily distinguished from that of a garbage disposal unit or a refrigerator compressor. It is not even close to the sound of a vibrating stove exhaust fan. Blocking the beam in this mode often triggers an obviously audible increase in loudness and frequency of the base hum, up to perhaps 5 Hz or more.

I looked into a suggestion of a Santa Clara policeman, that the sound might be of a female masturbatory apparatus available in the pornography shops in the Santa Clara area: The sounds do not match.

Also, holding up a sheet of aluminum often causes an immediate increase in frequency of the periodicity, up to about 5 Hz. This reinforces the idea that an adaptive control for constant intensity is in use: Reflected standing waves would return power to the device, causing it to increase frequency to restore the set-point power dissipation.

To monitor the modulated operation of the microwave device without having to listen through the wall, I tuned my CD player radio to a nonstation and upped the gain until it picked up the 60 Hz hum of the apartment complex´s electrical lines. I then turned on two touch-controlled table lamps. They created delicately coupled overtone hums. When the beam was directed at me in the modulated mode, the symptoms would appear; and, also, I could hear distinctly the change in the radio hum apparently caused by power-drop line coupling between the two apartments (it is possible, of course, that the power lines in my apt. walls, or the lamps, were picking up the radiation by antenna action). This setup gives me warning of operation in "modulated mode", often before the symptoms become evident. I have used audio spectral analysis of these latter tapes to determine that the audible modulation may be emphasized by low-pass filtering of an audio track with cutoff around 700 Hz. Further analysis may be forthcoming later; I don´t know what to prove with such an analysis, unless the device itself were seized on execution of a search warrant.

Also, I have found recently [March 1998] that there are MIR (Micropower Impulse Radar) sets that might be operated from small batteries and would produce some of the observed symptoms. The device interacting with my stereo on the power lines might be similar, but it would seem to be much more powerful and possibly more versatile (programmable?). As of about April 1999, a lawsuit was won by an independent inventor, at Time Domain, Inc., claiming that "MIR" technology had been stolen by Lawrence Livermore National Labs and marketed illegally. Time Domain and others now are seeking FCC approval for what they are calling UltraWide Band (UWB) technology.

Since then, my pocket MicroAlert has shown a response correlated with sensations coupled through a set of TV headphones, too. I don´t have a big TV, but I can listen to my pocket TV audio on a set of headphones. I now am analyzing data to determine whether the correlation between MicroAlert ticks and sensations was statistically meaningful. As of early July, the data are partly analyzed and show obvious statistically significant effects, but they are not fully studied yet.

No Witness Yet

I am working on a corroborating witness: The task of pretending to be me successfully is a difficult one. The harassers have audio surveillance equipment, I am certain; and, they know my habitual movements by now. Twice, I have called police to the apartment; the harassment ceased when another person entered. It also ceased quickly, once, when I telephoned the apartment manager quietly, told her I was being irradiated from near a neighbor´s window, and asked her to look over and see if she could see any suspicious activity through the neighbor´s picturewindow glass sliding door. After the first 15 seconds of conversation, the harassment ceased; it began again about five minutes after I had hung up. Usually, the harassment persists, once it has begun, until I have been forced to move shielding or take some other action.

Incidentally, the Santa Clara Police have said they would not put much stock in testimony from a friend or relative. A deposition by a professional such as a lawyer, or a detective, would be useful testimony. But the one detective I have dealt with, referred by the police, was very unprofessional, accepting my retainer and then refusing to do anything . . ..

Also, because the SC police station evidently is using a radar device similar to the "modulated mode" device at their reception desk, the meaning of these nonjudicial "rules of evidence" is unclear. The case now is being handled by supervisory police personnel.

III. Details of the device (inferred by me), including possible threats to US military operations, as well as to civil liberties.

Because the apparent beam entry point is very mobile, the device(s) probably is small and portable, maybe no larger than a portable stereo radio. It operates on AC line 120VAC and apparently draws considerable power (1 kW or more?) in some modes of operation, judging from the touch-lamp hum interaction (above). There probably is no battery-operation, although MIR or UWB technology would allow low-power operation from dry cells: There have been two major electrical power outages to the [name on request] apartment complex during the late afternoon and early evening hours; I believe one was in early January 1998 and another was in early March 1998. Both times, the outage lasted until around 22:00, and the harassment symptoms vanished until some minutes after the electrical power was restored. Opening fuse-box breakers in my apartment has no obvious effect. The microwave beam has a range of 10 meters, based on my explorations in my apartment, and can penetrate through openings in metal shielding for painful effect, possibly making it usable as a deadly weapon or as a means of detonating munitions (or maybe auto airbags?) through armor plate. At one point, I thought the beam was powerful enough to penetrate thick aluminum plate; this was a false impression. There definitely is an apparent penetration, probably because of an RF skin effect, directing power along the edges of the plate, around the corners, and away on the other side. However, increased thickness of metal plate does seem to attenuate the beam, whatever the mechanism of apparent penetration.

The beam diameter apparently may be adjusted by the operator between less than 1 cm (producing sharp, needle-like pain) to about 20 cm (as determined by TV UHF interference).

There seem to be two or more devices or modes of operation: One, continuous; another, modulated in a sophisticated way on a 1 Hz or 2 Hz base frequency, with apparently random spikes in a variety of temporal distributions. I guess the second might be a radar set, possibly modified with a microprocessor control. The overall technology seems to be MIR-like. The second mode usually became evident while I was in my aluminum sleeping box; it seemed to be used to propagate the beam horizontally, refracting it through the wooden flooring, or perhaps by bouncing it off the ground under the flooring, so as to get past my aluminum plate walls. The flooring of my sleeping box was lined only incompletely with aluminum foil and aluminum window-screening. The floor seems to be a source of the second mode radiation all over the apartment, again, probably because of a reflected and scattered beam from the ground below.

I believe the armor on a tank or naval frigate has numerous port-holes, baffles, and other openings, and that many modern war machines are armored at least in part with carbon or Kevlar, which would be almost transparent to the beam in question, and therefore would be poor in blocking it. Water or, better, salt water, would absorb the beam fairly well (several centimeters of water would be required, even for the weakest MIR).

Active countermeasures by beam cancellation, unlike similar schemes for sound (noise) cancellation, would be technically difficult because of the transverse nature of electromagnetic waves, and, for MIR, because of the random timing and low average power of the pulses.

Radio-frequency design is not my specialty, but I could build a continuous-mode device myself out of an old microwave oven, Radio Shack parts, plumber´s solder, and a little machined sheet metal, as could many an enterprising teenager hobbyist. Therefore, it would seem to be an ideal instrument for antimilitary operations, much as the simple but effective Molotov cocktail: Relatively small and cheap, with no possible successful government monopoly on its possession or operation.

There is a potential for the device in question to be sold indiscriminately on the black market, to be used maliciously, from the privacy of ones home or vehicle, for anything from venting road rage to inducing insanity or other disability for misappropriation of a neighbor´s home, belongings, or means of income. Microwave radiation might not leave any identifiable (forensic) trace; I have been unsuccessful in warning the Santa Clara Coroner about this possibility, so far.

Because recent research (below) has shown at least a pulsed-mode effect in reducing blood pressure (by paralyzing small arteries, evidently), it appears that irradiation could cause a occlusive stroke, heart failure under some predisposing conditions, or fainting; so, operation at least of MIR (ultrawide-band) devices should be considered at least possibly dangerous to living persons or animals.

A legitimate use for such a device might be to treat impotence (by capillary paralysis) or maybe arthritis (by heat) in the home. I assume there would be a female sexual response to appropriate microwave irradiation, but none of the literature I have seen has described it.

Although wide publication probably would increase the potential for misuse of microwave transmitters against military or government personnel, current political circumstances suggest to me that possible misuse against the US military would be a small risk to take versus the possible widespread victimization which would be expected because of general ignorance of microwave harassment devices. I therefore think that incidents of misuse should be prosecuted in open court, with examples made of the persons responsible, as with computer hackers, rapists, child molesters, or wall defacers (taggers).

IV. Details of the symptoms experienced during irradiation.

I view the symptoms as explainable mostly by dilation (loss of smooth muscle tonus) of peripheral blood vessels, including suppression of arterial pulse. The arterial muscles become paralyzed. Induction of hypotension in mammals by pulsed microwaves has been proven below. The Russian literature cited below confirms a beam interaction with organ boundaries, which would include endothelium. There may be direct neural interactions, because I was blinded once by a pulse (lost vision in the lower visual half-field of the left eye); recovery of sight took upwards of 5 min and was accompanied by the well-known "fortification illusions of migraine" (I don´t have migraine). Also, since late February or early March 1998, I have experienced occasional tinnitis (hissing or high-pitched keening), suggesting an inner-ear response, as well as the middle ear response as just below. A well-documented effect of high-power microwaves in humans is auditory perception of clicks or other sounds presumed to be a direct effect on the cochlea. I believe the live-in boyfriend in Apartment #35 departed in early 1998, so perhaps there was a simultaneous change of apparatus in Apartment #31.

A paper has been published in Physiology and Behavior which has shown induction of hypotension in rats by wide-band pulsed microwaves of rather low average power. This would fit the occasional "pins and needles" and numbness I have felt in a hand or arm used to block a high-power beam. It would be inconsistent with headache, blockage of nasal sinuses, or erection, I think.

However, perhaps the frequency or repetition rate might govern whether constriction or dilation occurred. Also, a mucosal irritation might occur independent of direct vascular paralysis, causing sinus blockage combined with vasodilation. Indeed, a local CNS loss of blood pressure (or neural interaction) easily might produce an autonomically or endocrine mediated vasodilation. Far more seriously, loss of pressure in small cerebral arteries would precipitate a stroke in a person with atherosclerosis, so this would be another way to use the device(s) as a deadly weapon leaving no obvious forensic trace.

At high intensity, the continuous mode (device?) causes a feeling of eardrum "pop" (a middle-ear muscular response), and the teeth and skull bones seem to vibrate. In dim light, ones peripheral vision seems to be swimming superimposed on waves of Afghan-rug patterns. Directed at the throat, it causes a severe tickle and involuntary cough. In the eyes, they feel as though full of loose eyelashes and must be closed and turned away. On the throat and bronchi, temporary closure of the air passages may be induced, causing a sudden feeling of suffocation (a nightmare to awaken to). Directed at the abdomen, the diaphragm stiffens and it seems hard to take a full breath.

At lower intensity, it causes headache and a dry, tired feeling in the eyes. The eyes become hard to move quickly, which interferes greatly with reading. The blood pressure in an irradiated limb falls, making it "go to sleep" under any compression at all. I often feel overall uncomfortably warm during irradiation. Nasal passages swell closed and lips swell (but these symptoms, like all the above, cease within about one second after the beam is blocked). One would expect general drowsiness to result, too, from cerebral vasodilation, increasing the danger of fainting or dropping off to sleep while driving. Another deadly application.

Prolonged irradiation on a limb causes a persistent superficial feeling of mild "sunburn"; but there is no redness visible. Lack of visible harm has been a problem in getting police attention.

The second, random-modulation mode makes the heart pound and the gut seem to churn, when the beam is directed at the trunk of the body. It can be extremely painful, like a bruise with no mark, when conducted to the bare feet or body, or presumably through the skeleton, along a carpet on a wooden floor (refraction by dielectric material).

Both modes seem capable of causing tissue-resonant effects around the prostate, inducing erection in the absence of any stimulus or pleasure, as in nerve-gas poisoning. Considerable pain may develop.

All or any of the symptoms above may occur. The harassment grows worst between the wee hours and early morning (I think some of the persons involved work a night shift and return home after midnight). Often, it is varied in point of stimulation and intensity, evidently to ensure interference with rest or sleep. The sensations have been very much weaker since I have begun sleeping in my Faraday cage; the residual effects seem to be because of incomplete sealing of the interface between the solid aluminum plate floor and the screening. I have left this as-is, to allow for persistence of a measurable harassment to continue gathering of evidence to use in court.

The harassment (which properly would be a form of invasion of privacy plus battery, including sexual battery) is that I am repeatedly irradiated from any direction so that I either have to endure pain (and possible tissue damage) or I have to keep moving around. Before blocking out Apt #35 totally (except the floor), when I blocked the beam from one neighboring apartment, another took it up, so there is a communication system involved, too. The microwave device electronics seem to involve an adaptive intensity control; when I move to a new location within my apartment, the pain or discomfort (see below) gradually is increased over some seconds.

I assume the device´s power-output feedback helps the device operator to locate me in the apartment; nevertheless, I am certain that words spoken in my apartment are overheard and used for subsequent persecution. Details supporting this are recorded elsewhere.

For almost two months, in October and November of 1997, I was able to sleep only an hour or two a night. I can blame at least one minor auto accident on sleeplessness, as well as lack of ability to learn in a course I was auditting at SLAC. After completing my aluminum-plate sleeping box (approximately in February of 1998), the continual harassment became milder during daylight hours; I rarely heard the modulated mode any more until I retired to my sleeping box. Then, with improved reflective aluminum flooring, the frequency sometimes was much higher than previously, varying between perhaps 10 and 40 Hz. After replacing the box with a bunk bed (in April of 1999) and Faraday cage, symptoms seemed generally weaker, because the flooring is elevated and solid plate. When the irradiation is even slightly painful in the cage, the lamp hum always is a distinct sputter; then, if I leave the cage, I can feel VERY intense pinpricks and hot spark sensations. This last means that the moderate feeling inside the cage is being accomplished by very intense fields outside. This suggests they may have difficulty telling when I am feeling anything in the cage and are just bumbling around at random.

If I get up earlier than usual, I literally can feel "sparks" with my hand apparently arranged vertically along the walls of the Faraday cage, intensest near the floor and top of the cage. The source thus may be the floor (from Apts #31 and #35), or possibly the ceiling (Apt #33), which is entirely unshielded.

When I leave my apartment on business or for other reasons, sensory after-effects of any of the symptoms above sometimes persist, gradually decreasing in intensity and frequency of (re)occurrence, for several hours. Sometimes, the ordinary vibrations of my car in motion seem to mimic the modulated-mode irradiation, probably because of coincidentally similar frequency of mechanical response in body parts. An "almost-headache" may seem to threaten to occur up to some twelve hours after an actual headache was caused by irradiation. These effects of the imagination have not been examined yet over a long term; I don´t travel, for fear the harassment might turn into burglary or other more destructive activities against my home or my work. At least one theft (of a table) has occurred and has been reported to police.

V. Some online references.

In the PubMed (MEDLINE) online medical archives, I noticed there has been a flurry of activity in biomedical experimentation with microwaves in the period since about 1995. Attempts have been made to use microwaves for cancer treatment (replacing X-rays), to cure a variety of minor ills involving tissue warming, and for overcoming male impotence by irradiation of the prostate area.

I suspect the design of the harassing device might be based on (Russian?) medical research, if not simply a stolen, modified military radar design. The MIR technology developed recently at Lawrence Livermore seems to fit a lot of the observations I have made. After court challenges to MIR patents, related products based on "ultrawide-band" radar (UWB) have been submitted to FCC, and studies have begun to appear in research journals. I expect many of the unknowns to have been resolved in the next year or so, with proper FCC limits soon afterwards. The literature would suggest the possibility of cataracts or sterility from longterm exposure; and, of course there would be severe organ damage or death from an intense dose. Anyone with a weak heart or asthma would have been hospitalized or killed by the dose I receive daily.

Here are a few abstracts, available by search for "microwave" or "radar" at PubMed (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed/) ----------- J. M. Williams Microwave Synopsis 2000-07-18 page 13

A. Biofizika 1996 Jul;41(4):913-915 [Cross-correlation analysis of the interconnection in neuronal pulses in living sections of the neocortex under the effect of microwave irradiation]. [Article in Russian]

Zakharova NM, Karpuk NN, Zhadin MN . . . The irradiation decreased the values of interneuronal correlation and consequently the effectiveness of cortical synapses.

PMID: 8962892, UI: 97061122

jmw Comment: This is consistent with my apparently degraded intellectual ability, as well as with my phenomenological observation of "fortification illusions of migraine" during intense irradiation of the head.

---------- B. Aviat Space Environ Med 1995 Aug;66(8):792-794 Ultrashort microwave signals: a didactic discussion.

Adair RK As a consequence of the variation with frequency of the attenuation and phase velocity of electromagnetic waves in tissue, the shape (variation of the electric field with time) of short electromagnetic pulses incident on tissue changes with depth of penetration. . . .

PMID: 7487816, UI: 96070462

jmw Comment: Ultrashort means ultrawide band. The shape change reflects a change in momentum. Assuming some absorption by the tissue, such changes in momentum of the radiation imply mechanical effects (reaction forces) on the tissues, concentrated on tissue interfaces, viz., organ boundaries. The mechanical energy coupled to the tissue (by the microwave electromagnetic E field component) need not immediately be dissipated as heat; for example, the phenomenological effect on the inner ear seems to be tinnitis; some have reported audible "click" sounds. Usually, in my case, the effect is pain as of a bone-bruise or of penetration (of the lungs or bronchi, especially) by a sharp, thin needle; sometimes, the pain does feel like a burn, suggesting heating or electrolysis of tissue.

C. Lik Sprava 1995 Jul;7-8:94-97 [The possibilities and outlook for using computer-assisted diagnosis and microwave resonance therapy in sexological practice].

[Article in Russian] Gorpinchenko II, Imshinetskaia LP, Gurzhenko IuN J. M. Williams Microwave Synopsis 2000-07-18 page 14 . . . of these, 75 underwent microwave resonance therapy (MRT), with 21 subjects having it as a monomethod of their treatment. MRT was found to be useful in treatment of patients with ineroreceptive and psychogenic forms of sexual dysfunctions. . . .

PMID: 8846388, UI: 96224765

jmw Comment: The effect when "tuned" at prostate resonance is erection; so, like AIDS, we have a societal disease to be spread by sexual activity . . .. The only cure so far attempted seems to be concealment, denial, and ignorance.

D. Physiology and Behavior 1999, Jan; 65(4/5):753-61 Ultrawide-band electromagnetic pulses induced hypotension in rats.

Lu ST, Mathur SP, Akyel Y, Lee JC. . . . Significant decrease in arterial blood pressures (hypotension) was found. . . . The [ultrawide-band] radiation-induced hypotension was a robust, consistent, and persistent effect. PMID: 10073476, UI: 99171484.

jmw Comment: This confirms many of my subjective observations above; it also confirms general findings of a personal communication on a reputed Lancet article which seems not to have been published yet. The reference for this abstract was obtained 1999-11-02 and verified. The peak voltages and rise time were not too different from calculated parameters for the "rubble-rescue radar" advertised application of LLNL´s MIR technology.

Another reference, which seems to document illicit research by certain Federal employees, formerly of Nazi Germany, is the one by Guyatt. It has been posted at: http://www.parascope.com/articles/0797/em.htm. "Development" of such devices by the government, followed by misuse to achieve individual criminal aims, always has been one of my prime suspicions. The fact that random pulses in a closed metal area would be equivalent to a poison gas of photons would of course make the use of microwave weaponry generally in violation of the Geneva Protocol of 1925 and other ratified international treaty obligations.

VI. The Motive

I am not certain. They might be a new breed of "computer hackers" who hack people; they might be organized criminals of a more common sort. They must be kept active by some strong motivation: Perhaps, someone has been paying them or passing a false rumor about me ("child molestor"; "rapist"; etc.). Patriotism elicited falsely by someone providing microwave equipment and pretending to represent the Federal Government, or a police force, probably would work. A recent case was reported in the newspapers, of someone who masqueraded as a railroad policeman and obtained many arrest warrants under false pretenses. But this last wouldn´t itself explain why. Also, if they are misguided but law-abiding people, why wouldn´t they refuse to administer torture?

I know of four other persons I have met through Email or other means who have reported similar harassment, by concealed microwave device operated from inside a neighboring apartment. Two of the them knew of a motive (one, revenge for dismissal from employment; another, revenge by an Air Force employee for complaint about illegal use of radar for deer hunting).

I have heard of another population of over fifty victims who are convinced they are being harassed by illegal police or government operation of microwave transmitters, often for no good reason (a secret government "experiment"?). I have to reserve judgement in my case:

My best guess is that it was an industrial espionage operation, possibly involving my Korean neighbors upstairs, against my home software company. This kind of silent, unobtrusive operation then was turned into an overt hate session because of frustration when I turned to physics--or maybe because of reasons incompletely obvious to me.

I should point out that since the Economic Espionage Act of 1996, such espionage in the private domain has been a serious felony, carrying penalties ranging up to 15 years of imprisonment.

Incidentally, I worked with classified materials while in the Navy in the 1960´s; I also once worked for a while in the Civil Service. I have actively assisted civilian law enforcement. I never have been involved with any government spying activity. Noone with access to classified materials could be trusted after using them this way in public, so I doubt there is any legitimate U. S. Government involvement in this harassment.