Microstock Photography

Microstock is the selling of photos over the internet.

Any one can do it (and make money) as long as you have a digital camera and a computer.

I started Microstock photography in March 2006 as an experiment to see what was avalible on the internet. After a few false starts, I stumbled across Shutterstock. Once I found this, i was off and was amazed at what could be done and how much could be earned of photographs that would normally just sit on my hard drive.

After a lot of trial and error I have determined which sites are the ones to submit to (either due to good sales or easy upload) and have figured out a workflow to ensure that I spend as little time as possible on the computer.

The majority of my photos are "travel" photos which in general are not the top selling photos. However, since I have started, I have been able to pay off the camera from earnings alone.  You can see my photos here.

Since May 2006, I have been keeping a blog which I update monthly top show which sites produce me the most money.  While the results are personal, they are typical of how the sites would perform for you.  I have also started adding more posts recently which provide updates on industry news.  You can see my blog here.

I alos plan of providing a brief summary of each of the sites I submit.  I have not started this yet so there is no point looking.  You can see my review of the sites I submit to here.



Updated 21/5/2007



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