The goal of this web site, still under construction, is to share my experiences about microcontrollers.

We will explore different models, like MC68000, ARM7, PIC 16F84, MC6809 and 68HC11.

Microcontrollers and Robotics  could be a great source of information, a web site to spend good times on the way of new projects, C code or tutos.

The different subjects will be ARM7 with the NXP LPC2106 , the control of the LCD displays, OLED displays, GPS or GSM modules, servo command for robotics, step by step motors, DC motors, infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, a lot of things ...

68HC11 robotic platform

It has got a RS232 serial link, two servos drive wheels, a servo turret, a turret with a 180 degrees, front and rear microswitches, a buzzer, a motion sensor to get it out of hibernation mode, a US radar, an infrared pyrometer to detect movements of the human body with distinction ''comes from right'' or ''comes from left", an IR distance measuring kit mounted on the turret, an LCD screen.
All developed in C under ICC11, MSDOS.

Our different tests will take place under Windows or GNU/Linux.
For the Linux new users, all the steps of the downloading and configurations will be described step by step (Tools).

Using Windows, we will also use the GNU tools for a good compatibility of the projects developed under Linux.

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated, and you can send me emails at this address:
        microcontroller dot robotics at gmail dot com.

I will report the messages on the site.

The PCBs of the different boards will be mainly routed with CadSoft Eagle, Linux or Windows version.


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