• MIAC is holding every sunday,at 10 A.m in  conferenc room at AMT departement.
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 Microscopic Image Analysis Core (MIAC)

 was established on October ,2012 by  some faculty members of Advanced medical Technologies
Department (Bioelectrical Engineering Group) in collaboration withMedicine department of Isfahan University of Medical Science.

The aim of MIAC is to work on automatic analyzing of some kinds ofmicroscopic images, such as blood cancers (ALL, AML,…), Leishmania,
…Algorithms are based on medical image processing methods, which are optimized weekly by students under supervision of faculties.

Most of the projects in this field are to find abnormalities in the images and diagnose the diseases based on image processing techniques

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Team membersDescriptionDue DateComplete
maria farahi - معرفی ویژگیها برای طبقه بندی کردن انگلهای به سه دسته   
maria farahi - بحث راجع به انتخاب ابعاد بیضی و دلایل انتخاب زوایای بیضی- حذف پیش زمینه مشکی با استفاده از روشهای پیشنهادی در جلسه    
maria farahi - اصلاح ویژگیها و بحث راجع به آنها    
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