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Hello, World (CC2533)

Instructions to get the LED blinking on the CC2533 chip. (also works for CC2530, just change the #include statement)
Created with version 7.60.1

Remove all previous version of IAR (I had some trouble with IAR 430 version installed, but it may have been a coincidence)

Install SmartRF studio (needed for drivers)
    complete install
Connect the debugger, wait for it to install drivers (automatic)

Download IAR for 8051 Evaluation Version
Run the installer
    obtain license key
    do complete install
        or custom (uncheck all the ones except TI and other, it doesn't work if you uncheck IAR and then check TI)
    wait for it to finish
Run the program
Project=>Create new project
    toolchain 8051, empty project
    name it something, put it somewhere
File=> new file
    #include <ioCC2533.h>
    int main(void){
        //set p0.0 of cc2533 as output
        P0DIR |= 0x01;

        int i;
        while(1){    //loop forever
            for(i=0,i<30000;i++);    //do nothing for 30K cycles
            P0_0 ^= 0x01;        //toggle P0.0
Save it
Add it to the project
    right click on the project in the right pane
Right click on project, options
    General options
        Device:cc2533f** (f32 for now)
        Code model: near for led tests, banked for radio tests (banked allows the use of the full flash space)
        Driver: TI
Click the Download and debug button in the upper right corner (arrow)
Save the workspace if it asks
Cross your fingers
click the Run button in the debug toolbar (plate with 3 arrows over it)
Watch it blink!