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Eagle Solder Paste Stencil

How to create a solder paste stencil using EAGLE and LinkCad:
1) Open up board in eagle.
2) Display only the layers you need (Usually tCream and bCream)
3) Use DRC to shrink Cream layers (Tools->DRC->Masks, Set Cream Min and Max to 2 or 3 mil)
4) Export with CAM Processor (CAM, Device:GERBER_RS274X, Select tCream,
5) Process, Select bCream, Process)
6) Use LinkCAD to convert to DXF, follow screenshots, use Tools->Convert to outline
    You may need to delete the rectangles inside ground pads, if they are there.
    **LinkCAD can be glitchy occasionally and not display the new drawing. It may be better to quit after each gerber file and start fresh.**
7) Open with DWG Editor, make sure the pads aren't filled in, scale ground pad to .5,
8) Save to DWG
9) Cut. Settings that worked: 2% Power, 12% Speed