TinyTeRP: A Tiny Terrestrial Robotic Platform

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Exploded view of complete TinyTeRP
The base configuration of the TinyTeRP has three main hardware components: the custom chassis, the Base Module, and the battery. For more functionality, an Inertial Sensor Module and light-to-frequency sensor board can be added. The platform is designed to be modular, so any kind of sensor module could be developed and attached to the Base module if it were small enough and communicated through I2C.

See the individual subpages to the left for more information and for CAD drawing files. Also found there are the combined GERBER and EAGLE project files that include each of the five circuit board layouts used in this project: Base Module, Inertial Module, the debug headers of each, and the light sensor board.

All TinyTeRP hardware is released under the open-source Apache
Exploded view of TinyTeRP in extended configuration. From top to bottom: light sensor module, inertial sensor module, base module, battery, chassis.
2.0 License. All components should either be available off-the-shelf or via rapid custom manufacturers online, or in some cases (such as the 3D printed frame) easily fabricated with laboratory equipment.

Components of base TinyTeRP configuration. Add your own sensors!
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