Ten TinyTeRP individuals in base configuration, with a US quarter for scale.

Named after the Terrapin, the mascot of the University of Maryland ("The Maryland Terp"), the TinyTeRP is a centimeter-scale robotic platform with modular sensing capabilities. Currently, the platform controls its motion using Received Signal Strength data. An additional module is used to measure acceleration and gyroscopic data, which can be used to correct robot trajectories and for other control.  Different components of the TinyTeRP system, as well as related software, instructions, design details, and assembly tips can be found in the subsections of this page.

The platform hardware and software are fully released under open source licenses. All hardware found on this site falls under the Apache 2.0 License, as does the majority of software (see individual sections for detailed licensing information.) The contents of this site should be sufficient for an independent researcher to produce and utilize fully functional versions of the TinyTeRP!

The paper accepted to ICRA 2013, entitled "TinyTeRP: A Tiny Terrestrial Robotic Platform with Modular Sensing", is hosted below (a small error with a part number is corrected in the more recent version).

Please contact the TinyTeRP development team with any questions:

Andrew P. Sabelhaus (apsabelhaus@berkeley.edu)
Daniel Mirsky (mirskiy@gmail.com)
Maxwell Hill (maxwell.hill2@gmail.com)

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