Our research is focused on the challenges of engineering robotic systems down to sub-millimeter size scales. We work both on small mobile robots (robotic insects for defense and disaster search scenarios), as well as microfabrication in support of larger robotic systems (tactile sensing or medical robotics for example). These goals result in compelling research in a number of supporting areas: micromechanisms, microfabrication, microactuators, locomotion, sensing, control, power, integration, etc. 
Some current projects (see Projects page for more):

TinyTeRP: A Tiny Terrestrial Robotic Platform. This open source project aims to provide researchers with a small, modular platform for research on cooperation. Sponsored by NSF CNS0931878.

Inertial Appendages: Inertial appendages, or tails, can be used to enable dynamic maneuvers in otherwise underactuated robots. Sponsored by ARL MAST with some funding from NSF LSAMP.
Elastomer-based MEMS: We embed PDMS (or composites of PDMS with various nanoparticles) into silicon trenches to expand the MEMS material toobox. These elastomers can provide mecahnisms for microrobots, actuators, and sensors. Sponsored by NSF CNS0931878, DARPA YFA.