LiPo 3100Kv Brushless Oval Class

Oval Rules

Motor – BRP Marked 3100Kv Brushless Motor (Red Smooth Can)

Battery – 2s, 20c, 800mAh LiPo

                Battery choices

-          Sky LiPo (preferred battery)

-          Gens Lipo

-          Turnigy LiPo

-          Zippy LiPo

Battery must be in factory shrink wrap with visible markings identifying pack specs.



Any 1/18th speed control set at 0 degrees of timing

                Acceptable ESC’s

-          HobbyWing 25A 1/18th speed control (preferred ESC)

-          HobbyWing 18A 1/18th

-          Tekin Mini Rage

-          Castel Creations Mamba 1/18th Sport or Pro



Pinion = 10 tooth BRP press on

Spur = 48 tooth BRP



Any BRP Stock Car body 

Wing – only wing supplied with body – NO large BRP or other manufacture wing

Spoiler – No more than 3/4" tall from trunk lid. 3 7/8" wide Max.



To ensure all racers are legal. At the end of a heat you can protest a racers run.

Process of Protest:

1.       Approach Race Director with protest of racer and $10  

2.       Race Director will check protested racers ESC via computer link

a.       If racer is found to have greater than 0 degrees of timing, or other non-legal attribute  – the run is disqualified and thrown out. $10 is returned to the racer who protested

b.      If racer is found to be legal – the $10 is awarded to that racer

 Motor Claim - A racer can claim a motor during any heat race, or after the Main's. $20 to claim motor.