BRP Series Rules 2008-2009

Stock class>>
1/18th BRP cars only SC18 / SC18 V2, SC18V2M
4 cell 2/3 A cells.
We will be running stock car or truck bodies this season on the ovals. You can run sports bodies on road but not on the oval. The rear must not be cut higher that the lower portion of rear bumper, NO holes or vents allowed in rear.
Rear spoiler may be added max 1 1/4 " tall from rear trunk deck.
COT stocker can run only COT wing that comes with body.
Ball bearings in fronts only
BRP wheels only.
Motors will be the Associated #21210 super 370. There will be a max pinion size of 10 tooth and a min spur size of 52 tooth in this class (only BRP gears allowed) At Freddies hobbies for Classic and the Gate gearing is open since the track is larger (any gear make allowed).
We will also enforce a $15.00 claiming rule for this class on motors. After a run anyone in the stock class may claim a motor from the stock class(first come first served must go thru Bud) after paying $15.00 to the racer that is running the motor. It will be pulled at that time and given to the person claiming it.
If someone shows up with a 16D powered 6 cell car they can run it in stock. As We have seen the 370 10/45 4 cell is faster than the 16D I don’t want to turn away anyone that has not run for some time.

Super stock>
This class for the indoor season will be running COT bodies at all races oval and road cot wing only rear enclosed like in stock..
4 Cell 2/3 A cells
Associated #21210 super 370 motor allowed. This motor has a flat on the shaft so We will be able to tell!!
Motor claim will be $15.00.
Same rules as stock except for the body and gearing for Freddies will be Max pinion 10 tooth Min spur 45 tooth fro Classic gearing is open all makes of gears can be used.
BRP Pro Stock>> all rules same as the stock class. Motors allowed 300/370 size and brushless allowed on 4 cell. Pro stock bodies can be stock car or outlaw wedge with 1 1/14" tall spoiler COT can run BRP super 1/18th wing. Sports bodies allowed on road course only. Motor choice and gearing will be decided at later time.
Other 1/18th cars RS4, X ray, Scalpel can run but they will run in Pro Stock and not receive BRP points Entry Fee will be per tracks fees
So come on out and have some fun season !!!!
Motor = Castle or BRP 4200Kv
ESC = Only 1/18th scale (no 1/10th or 1/12th size ESC's)
Gearing = 14/49 - scalpel gears
Body = COT with the wing that comes with the body
Cells = 4 - 2/3 A