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Terror Island

The Shadow

Terror Island

Nov 14 1937



D. L. & W. COAL



DATE: 11/14/37






The Shadow (Filter)

Lamont Cranston

Margot Lane

Mala (Haitian Queen)

Bendoise (Haitian cook/murderer)

General (Mala's Capitaine)

Captain Rollins (Sea Captain)

Lucille Oliver (Young Heiress)

Larry (Lucille's fiancee)

Native (Haitian)

John Barclay



SHADOW: Who knows what evil lurks in he hearts of men? The Shadow Knows! (LAUGHS) 

ANNCR. Blue Coal presents - The Shadow - the mystery man who strikes terror in the very hearts of sharpsters, lawbreakers and criminals! 


MALA I do not fear you, Shadow! With my Voodoo power I am stronger than you ... 

SHADOW Do you think so, Mala? (LAUGHS) 



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ANNCR. The Shadow - Lamont Cranston - a man of wealth, a student of science, and a master of other people's minds, devotes his life to righting wrongs, protecting the innocent, and punishing the guilty. Using advanced methods that may ultimately be available to law enforcement agencies everywhere, Cranston is known to the underworld as the Shadow. Never seen, only heard, his true identity is known only to his constant friend and aide, Margot Lane. Today's story ... "Terror Island". 


CRANSTON It must be nice to be as rich as you are, Miss Culver, to be able to take your yacht like this cruising in the Caribbean whenever you feel like it. 

LUCILLE (LAUGHS) I admit to having the money, Mr. Cranston, but this yacht is father's. You see, even a girl like me can't have everything, Margot. 

MARGOT Lucille, how can you say a thing like that with your fiancee standing right alongside you? 

LARRY Yes, Lucille -after what you told me when we were leaving Haiti two days ago! 

LUCILLE And what did I say then, Larry? 

LARRY Don't you remember, Darling? We were watching the lights of Port-Au-Prince fading in the distance; the airport beacon shining stronger than any of them, and you said our love was just like that, a strong light welcoming all the blue-birds of happiness. 

CRANSTON Isn't that taking rather a large poetic license, Miss Culver? -- making blue-birds of happiness out of bombing airplanes? 


LUCILLE Well, I'm tired - I'm off to bed ... 


LARRY Well, we have the consolation there'll be another moon tomorrow night - so I guess I'll toddle along too. 

LUCILLE Good night, Margot - Good night, Mr. Cranston. 

MARGOT Good night - sleep well, dear. 

LUCILLE I will - don't worry. (FADING) 

CRANSTON Good night. 

LARRY (OFF) Good night. 


MARGOT You know, Lamont, I'm so glad you accepted Mr. Culver's invitation to come on this trip - you need the rest. That last case you worked on as the Shadow was more nerve-racking than usual. 

CRANSTON In my present mood, my dear, I feel like giving up my role of the Shadow for good ... 

MARGOT Oh - the magic of the islands has put a spell over you. You couldn't any more give up being the Shadow - than - I could miss seeing the Lagoon where we're going to anchor tonight ... I love seeing these islands close up at night. 

CRANSTON They do look peaceful, I admit. Yet buried in their depths there are strange cults - the wisdom of ages - fanatical natives and strange practices. 

MARGOT You talk as though they might provide you with a mystery ... which reminds me - what made you bring those two pigeons aboard when we left Port-Au-Prince? 

CRANSTON Just obliging a friend, that's all. 

MARGOT Now, Lamont -you don't expect me to believe ...



CRANSTON What is it Larry? 

LARRY I just met the Wireless operator ... 


LARRY When he came on duty a few minutes ago to report our anchoring position, he found somebody had smashed his Wireless apparatus ... it's absolutely useless! 







Lamont - wake up! 


MARGOT It's me - Margot. 

CRANSTON What's the matter? 

MARGOT Lucille's gone - she's not in her cabin! 

CRANSTON Just a minute ... 


MARGOT (AT MIKE) Oh Lamont - this is terrible - Lucille's disappeared! 

CRANSTON Disappeared? 

MARGOT I woke up suddenly with the sound of drums - drums beating in my ears ... then I heard Lucille scream. I went to her cabin, and it was empty. 


LARRY (COMING ON) Cranston - the watch - the sailor on deck has been murdered! 

MARGOT Lamont! 

CRANSTON Larry, go and get Captain Rollins right away ... 


CAPTAIN Nasty work, Mr. Cranston. 

CRANSTON Yes, the poor fellow died instantly by the looks of it, Captain Rollins - a knife buried right in his heart. 

MARGOT It looks like an ordinary kitchen knife. 

CRANSTON Let me have your flashlight a moment, Captain ... thanks. What else have we here ... ? 

MARGOT Lamont! Look at his face! What's that glistening all over it? 

CAPTAIN Looks like a grey shiny powder to me ... 

CRANSTON Before you do anything else, Captain, brush off as much of it as you can. 

CAPTAIN All right, Mr. Cranston. 

CRANSTON Put it in this handkerchief, and give it to Miss Lane. Where's Bendoise? 

CAPTAIN Bendoise? You mean the native cook we took on board at Port-Au-Prince, when our cook Sammy disappeared? 


MARGOT Oh - the kitchen knife! You think he ...

CRANSTON It's not that, Margot - there's something else - where is he, Captain? 

CAPTAIN In the crew's quarters. 

CRANSTON Come with me, Margot. Miss Lane will be back in a moment for that grey powder, Captain. 

CAPTAIN (FADE) I'll have it, Mr. Cranston. 

MARGOT What are you going to do, Lamont? 

CRANSTON I'm going to visit Bendoise: as the Shadow. 



SHADOW Bendoise ... wake up. 


SHADOW Wake up, Bendoise! 

BENDOISE Who ees eet? 

SHADOW What happened to Miss Culver? Who murdered the sailor? 

BENDOISE Where is dis voice? 

SHADOW I am the great white god men call - the Shadow. (LAUGH) 

BENDOISE I am not frighten of you - my snake god Damballa is more strong than you. 

SHADOW But you have lost the charm that protects you. 

BENDOISE What do you mean ... I ... (SUDDEN CRY OF DESPAIR) 

SHADOW That little bag around your neck is empty, isn't it? Do you know where the snake powder it contained is? 

BENDOISE Give it back to me - or I keel you! 

SHADOW I am not like that sailor - you cannot see me. 

BENDOISE I did not keel him - it was a dream - give me back my sacred snake-skin ... the powdered snake-skin you steal ... 

SHADOW No, Bendoise - the snake-skin powder lies on the face of the dead man. Your knife caught in the bag around your neck when you killed him. You shall be punished. 

BENDOISE No - no -Queen Mala - she keel, not me. 

SHADOW Queen Mala? 

BENDOISE Yes - Mala - high priestess of Voodoo of the god Damballa - she put spell upon me - I dream I keel - zat is all. 

SHADOW And you broke the Wireless machine. 

BENDOISE Queen Mala - she make me do it - with Voodoo spell ... 

SHADOW And where is Miss Culver? 

BENDOISE Queen Mala white Capitaine - he kidnap her for Queen Mala. 

SHADOW And where is this Queen Mala? 

BENDOISE On the isle of the god Damballa ...

SHADOW Where is this island? 

BENDOISE I do not know - I do not know ... 

SHADOW (FORCEFULLY) Tell me, Bendoise - where is this island? 

BENDOISE Somewhere to the west where the sea-weed is the thickest where the eternal fires push zeir smoke through the rock ... that is the home of Damballa ... of Queen Mala ... of the Voodoo of the snake! Now you will give me back my sacred Voodoo charm ... 

SHADOW You will find it on the face of the sailor you killed ... Why don't you go and get it? (LAUGHS) 

BENDOISE Oui - Oui - 


BENDOISE (WITH BREATH AS 'THOUGH RUNNING) Ze Voodoo - I must find it ... Damballa ... ze sacred snake-skin ...

MARGOT (SCREAMS OFF) (OFF) Captain - Larry - it's Bendoise - look out! 

BENDOISE My snake-skin - the dead man must give eet back ... 

CAPTAIN What are you talking about? 

BENDOISE Look - zere it is - a little shines upon his face ... let me touch it  ...

LARRY Leave that body alone ...


BENDOISE   Back - keep back - all of you - else I steeck you weeth thees knife   ... I must have my snake-skin ... did you steal it from me, dead man?   (SHAKING VOICE) Where did you put it? Answer me! Or I must die, so that you can tell me - eh? All right then, I die. Mala! Queen Mala! Answer!


BENDOISE Oui, I die! Damballa - the Voodoo! (DIES) 



LARRY He stabbed himself! 

CAPTAIN The man was out of his mind! 

CRANSTON Undoubtedly, Captain. 

CAPTAIN I didn't hear you come along, Mr. Cranston. 

LARRY Oh - Lamont! Perhaps you'd better take Margot to her cabin, Cranston ... this has been a terrible ordeal for her. 

MARGOT Yes - if you don't mind ... 

CRANSTON Come, dear - I'll take you. 


MARGOT Lamont - you - didn't ... 

CRANSTON No - I didn't make him kill himself ... it was the Voodoo power that did it. 


CRANSTON The Voodoo charm - that grey powder you have in my handkerchief there is the ground-up skin of the sacred snake ... I saw Bendoise wearing it in a little bag around his neck, when he came aboard at Port-Au-Prince. So when I saw it on the face of the dead sailor, I knew. Bendoise told me Lucille has been captured by Damballa - That means by Queen Mala. Mala MADE Bendoise break the Wireless and kill the sailor ... We must find Queen Mala. 

MARGOT Yes - but how? 

CRANSTON First, we have to find an island where the sea-weed is thickest - and where smoke comes out of the rock - then the Shadow will pit his strength against the strength of Queen Mala and her snake-god Voodoo! 



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CRANSTON Two days of searching among these Caribbeans, and I think at last our search has been rewarded. 

MARGOT Yes - two days, Lamont - maybe this Queen Mala has killed poor Lucille. 

CRANSTON I don't think so - what Mala wants is - money - and Lucille is one of the richest girls in the world. 

MARGOT What does she want money for? 

CRANSTON Margot - while we were in Port-Au-Prince I heard rumors that these natives have some wild idea of conquering all the islands. 

MARGOT But, Lamont ... the idea is preposterous. 

CRANSTON Yes, I know - it's the dream of a fiend such as Mala - drunk with the power of her magic over the superstitious natives of the Caribbean. With her Voodooism, she probably thinks herself invincible. 

MARGOT Do you think there's anything to it? 

CRANSTON More perhaps than we dream of. It links up with the most ancient of magic ... it partakes of religion ... and modern psychology today ... and Bendoise didn't lie about the island with the sea-weed and the smoking rock - because here it is! 

MARGOT What are you going to do now? 

CRANSTON I'm going to investigate this island. 

MARGOT Lamont - no. Not at this time of night and all by yourself. 

CRANSTON That's the safest way for me. Too many people attract attention. But one man can ... melt into the shadows. If I'm not back in one hour - then do what I told you to do. You have the two little cylinders I gave you? 


CRANSTON Then - remember - if I'm not back in one hour ... I need the help these little cylinders can give. You know what to do. 

MARGOT Yes - but be careful Lamont - for my sake. 

CRANSTON Don't worry about me - I think this battle of wits - or magic - whichever you want to call it - will be interesting. Queen Mala - high priestess of Damballa, the snake-god of Voodoo ... versus ... 

SHADOW (FILTER) ... the Shadow! (LAUGHS) 



GENERAL Well, Queen Mala - the Culver yacht anchored inside the coral reef just after sunset. 

MALA I know, my Capitaine, my brave warrior! You command well all my soldiers. 

GENERAL Why don't you turn your magic on them? Obliterate them with the power of Voodoo. (AWED) 

MALA Who would be left to pay me the ransom? 

GENERAL Perhaps Bendoise told them how to find us. 

MALA Bendoise? (LAUGHS) He is dead. 


MALA Yes - does that surprise you? For some reason - just for one hour I was unable to control him, after he killed the sailor on the deck of the yacht - I sent my messages to his mind, but my power of Voodoo over him was gone - I don't know what happened - then - suddenly it came back - and I ordered him to kill himself. 

GENERAL You mean through the snake-skin charm? 

MALA Yes. And you, my friend, had perhaps better be careful. 

GENERAL I? What do you mean, Mala? 

MALA My Voodoo has told me you visit the white woman in her hut. 

GENERAL The Voodoo lies. 

MALA The Voodoo of Damballa never lies. And remember we kidnapped the woman for ransom, Capitaine - not to become the object of your affections. My Voodoo spies brought you here - because you have the military experience which I need when I sweep every white man into the Caribbean. The great religion of Damballa will conquer as did the religion of Mahomet. Queen Mala will be Empress of the Caribbean! 

GENERAL Before you attempt that, you'll need better ships than the battered things I had to use when I captured the Culver girl off the yacht. 

MALA There will be better ships when we get the ransom for her. There is no cause for worry as long as you, my Capitaine, remember to leave the girl alone, and do as I tell you. 

SHADOW And even then you may have cause to worry, Captain. 

GENERAL What ... what's that? 

MALA Who speaks? 

SHADOW The Shadow speaks. (LAUGHS) Haven't you heard of the Shadow? 

GENERAL The Shadow! Mala - is this one of your infernal tricks? 

MALA This is one of the highest and most difficult secrets of Voodoo powers. I salute you. Who are you, great priest who possesses it? 

SHADOW I am glad you recognize its importance, Queen Mala. They know it in India too, how to blind eyes to the obvious. It is very simple, is it not, Mala? 

MALA (AWED) Are you from Damballa? I am his high priestess. 

SHADOW So Bendoise told me. 

MALA Bendoise? 

SHADOW Yes - now don't you fear me a little? 

MALA I fear nothing. 

SHADOW I know your plans, Capitaine ... and yours too, Queen Mala. And I warn you to abandon them. Release the girl Lucille Culver - and send her back to the yacht in the lagoon. 

MALA And if we don't? 

SHADOW I will visit you again. Be careful my friends - next time you will not escape - the Shadow! (LAUGH) 




LUCILLE Get away from me - leave me alone. 

GENERAL Come here. 

LUCILLE No - get out - get out of my hut! 

GENERAL Do you want me to treat you like the prisoner you are? Now COME HERE! 




SHADOW Yes - I - the Shadow ... it might be better if you spent your time watching Queen Mala instead of Miss Culver - she is plotting against you. 

GENERAL Queen Mala? 

SHADOW Yes - if you are wise you will go to her hut, Captain. I also will be there ... in the shadows. (LAUGHS) 


SHADOW (LAUGHS) Your Voodoo drums, Queen Mala, do not keep me out of your royal hut. 

MALA So - you have come back. 

SHADOW The Shadow always keeps his word, Queen Mala. 

MALA If you have the courage to stay you may utter your last word in this very hut, Shadow. 

SHADOW You can't frighten me as you do your natives, Mala. 

MALA With the power of the snake-skin Voodoo charm, I can conquer you, Shadow - conquer you in your own secret world of invisibility. 

SHADOW You place a lot of faith in that little bag of snake-skin scales, don't you, Mala ... almost as much as Bendoise. They didn't do him much good, did they? He killed himself. 

MALA I killed him, through the Voodoo charm ... If I will it - I can kill you! You see, I have studied deeper than you, Shadow. I know the mysteries of the Yoga and of the Hindu occultism as you do, Shadow, and over all I am master of this power too - this supreme power of Voodoo. I can rule the sub-conscious and all the gods of the Ego. 

SHADOW Then what are you waiting for, Mala? 

MALA This is the first time I have had need to use my greatest powers, Shadow, but since you are upsetting my plans I am going to use them to kill you. I come now -into the invisible ... Damballa ... (CHANT) Damballa ... (WHISPERS UNINTELLIGIBLY) (THEN A LOUD CRY) 

SHADOW Congratulations, Queen Mala. How do I look, now that you can see me? 

MALA So - you are just a man -an ordinary white man. 

SHADOW Perhaps not so ordinary because at the moment I am a Shadow to everybody else ... No-one can see you either ... You are the only one who has ever pierced my invisibility, Mala. We face each other equally. 

MALA (MENACINGLY) With my Voodoo power, Shadow, I propose to make you visible. I am stronger than you by virtue of one thing. 

SHADOW And what is that one thing, Mala? 

MALA The power of the Fer-De-Lance snake-skin charm, the sacred serpent of the ages - the greatest Voodoo in the world - the power of the snake god, Damballa. That is one thing you cannot conquer. 

SHADOW You are mistaken, Mala. When Bendoise killed the sailor on the yacht, his knife cut through the little bag around his neck and the powdered snake-skin fell upon the face of his victim. I collected it. 

MALA What? 

SHADOW Yes - I have it here - wrapped in a handkerchief - now who is the stronger, Mala? 

MALA You lie - Damballa will not forsake me - he is all-powerful! 

SHADOW Also, I have sent word to the airport at Port-Au-Prince. 

MALA But that was impossible. Your wireless was put out of commission. 

SHADOW I know - but luckily a friend of mine at the airport there gave me two pigeons to release when we got out furthest away from Port-Au-Prince ... he wanted to test them. 

MALA Carrier pigeons? 

SHADOW Yes - and they flew back hours ago with the necessary instructions if I can rely upon my valuable aide Margot Lane - and I always can, Mala. So you see ... you are doomed! 

MALA But you first, Shadow - first - and now! 


SHADOW You had better hurry - Mala - do you hear those airplanes? 

GENERAL (OFF) Mala! Mala! 

MALA I am here, Captain - what is it? 

GENERAL Where are you? 

MALA I am in a state of invisibility - I am fighting the Shadow on his own ground. 

GENERAL Are you here too, Shadow? 

SHADOW I am here. 

GENERAL Then I can get both of you at once - Mala - you double-crosser - there are airplanes sweeping down from the North - two destroyers coming around the South Point. We're trapped - you planned it! 

MALA No - the Shadow is the one responsible - get your revolver ready, Captain - I am going to expose him ... when you see him, shoot! 

SHADOW (VERY INTENSE) Mala - I command your spirit to paralyze you ... the Shadow calls upon Damballa himself ... Mala, you will not move ... you cannot move ... wrap your invisible snakes around her, Damballa, so she cannot move ... 



SHADOW ... Bind her in the strength of the Voodoo, Damballa ...


SHADOW ... You see, Mala - I am the stronger. You stand there helpless before me in our invisible world. Now I will you to return to the VISIBLE world, Mala ...

MALA (STRAINING) You cannot - as long as I possess the sacred charm of the snake-skin! 

SHADOW That is why I am going to tear it away from around your neck, Mala - like - THIS! 

MALA (REACTS) I am lost ..... lost ..... 

SHADOW (LAUGHS) No, Mala - you are FOUND! There is your Queen Mala, Captain. 

GENERAL I see her now, Shadow ... So, Mala, the Shadow has taken your Voodoo magic away from you. Now - try to stop this bullet - MY magic! 





NATIVE The white men - they come in their birds - in the sky - 



GENERAL Bombers! 

NATIVE The Capitaine brought them - he is the traitor - he has killed the great Mala! Kill him ... kill him! 



SHADOW (LAUGHS) Messengers of death for you, Capitaine - death for the mysteries of the snake-god Damballa - but - blue-birds of happiness for Lucille! 




MARGOT (FADING IN) ... so Mala was actually able to enter The Shadow's realm of invisibility? 

CRANSTON Yes, Margot. For the first time in his career, The Shadow faced an opponent whose powers equalled his own. 

MARGOT But The Shadow still triumphed, Lamont. You won the greatest battle of your career. 

CRANSTON The greatest so far ... but who knows what the future may hold. I only regret that Queen Mala used her great gifts to enslave her subjects. Mala's powers could have been a great boon to the people of this island ... if only she had used them for the benefit of mankind. 


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ANNCR The story you have just heard is copyrighted by the Shadow Magazine. The characters in this story are entirely fictitious; any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


SHADOW (LAUGH) The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does NOT pay! The Shadow knows! (LAUGH) 



NEWSBOY Extra! Extra! Hear all about it! Next week! Same time! Same station! The Shadow's latest adventure! Extra! Extra!


ANNCR Your announcer, Arthur Whiteside.