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Lightnin' Lou

Tom Mix Ralston Straight Shooters

Continuity No. 19 (Lightnin' Lou)

Nov 06 1933










ANNOUNCER: (LIVELY) Here we are, boys and girls ---- out on the Western range with another thrilling TOM MIX adventure. The kind of adventure every straight shooter likes. And say---to-night we're going to give away to every boy and girl listening in who eats RALSTON WHEAT CEREAL ----- a corking wooden model of a real WESTERN gun. Yes sir--that's just what I said. A wooden model of a real western six shooter---which is an exact model of TOM MIX' own gun. Tom Mix wants every boy and girl to have this big gun as part of your western outfit. And I know how thrilled you'll be when you get it. So immediately after we finish to-night's big adventure, I'll tell you what to do so you can get the big western six shooter. And now...here he comes...Tom's pal..my pal...and your pal...THE OLD WRANGLER...

WRANGLER: How...dee...how...dee....Say....you're going to like that big gun John was talking about. I've got one right here in my hand---and it feels just like a real Western gun----so be sure to wait till after we finish our story---and we'll tell you how easy it is for you to get this Western gun. By golly....seems to me like this big corral of straight shooters holds the healthiest kids I ever did see. And that's made me and Tom plumb happy--cause we know you're all playing fair and square--and getting outdoors every day....and yes----we know you're eating RALSTON every day. Your own brand of cereal!

And now I'm going to tell you how Jane and Jimmy helped TOM MIX when LIGHTNIN' LOU, the toughest, meanest, fightenest badman that ever held up a stagecoach, busted out of the Twin City jail and was on the loose. Seems like everyone on the plains ran for cover--why...it was just like a plague had hit the West...and no one was a-showin' their noses outside the door. Cause everyone knew that this hombre Lightnin' Lou was tricky--and no telling what stunt he'd think of pulling to cause trouble. But of course, you can't scare Tom Mix---and he was telling all of us at the ranch---

TOM: Well, gents, seems to me, we're all over-ratin' this hyar Lightnin' Lou. We've seen bad men before on the loose--and handled them! I reckon we can do the same to this maverick Lightnin' Lou.

WRANGLER: Sure enough it's easy to say that, Tom--but that onery cuss has a downright plumb mean reputation---and what's further he's quick on the draw. He shoots first and looks afterwards.

TOM: (LAUGHS) Wrangler--you're getting like the rest o' them----all steamed up like a red tomato...

WRANGLER: (ARGUING) Now...now doggone it, Tom...this is mighty dangerous business having..

TOM: (LAUGHING) Why, I'll bet me and Jane and Jimmy could tackle that badman by ourselves...and bring him right back to the jail--without any fuss....

WRANGLER: Well...reckon I've seen you handle a lot of risky things, Tom..but....


JANE: Hi...Tom...Wrangler ..

JIMMY: Hello...Tom...howdee, Wrangler..

TOM: Hi there you kids..

WRANGLER: Howdee..

TOM: Jane and Jimmy...I've got something for you...

JIMMY: Oh boy...

JANE: Gee..

TOM: I've had these guns made just like mine...

JIMMY: Gosh..they're swell..

JANE: It's just like yours...why, Tom...it must be your own gun..

TOM: Kinda thought they would fool you...Yep...these guns look just like my own six gun--and it's mighty hard to tell the difference--even if they're only made of wood..

WRANGLER: They sure had me fooled, Tom..

TOM: This one's for you, Jane.

JANE: (QUITE JOYOUS) Ohhh...Tom..for me? Oh...thanks...

TOM: And this one's for you, Jimmy.....

JIMMY: Gosh, Tom....it's just the kind of gun I've always wanted...gee...thanks....

TOM: Reckon you feel pretty safe with those six shooters..

JIMMY: Sure...why...no one could tell they're not the real things.

TOM: I kinda thought so...hmmmm...mebbe you feel strong enough to help me catch this hyar badman called Lightnin' Lou?

WRANGLER: (PROTESTING) Now...Tom...doggone it...

TOM: Just hold on, Wrangler----Well, Jane and Jimmy?

JIMMY: Gosh...what a thrill that would be..

JANE: I'd like to help..

TOM: And that's why I like both of you -----you've got real courage...like I want all straight shooters to have---and I know if we work hard--we can get this maverick Lightnin' Lou.

JIMMY: Oh boy...we're ready to help right now...

TOM: All right...we all knows that Lightnin' Lou strikes mighty fast ---that's how he got his name of Lightnin'.

WRANGLER: Yes--and don't forget the stage coach is coming in to-day with a shipment of gold worth over ten thousand dollars...

TOM: That's right, Wrangler.

WRANGLER: Every rancher is gonna have his men posted along the trail to make sure there's no hold-up.

TOM: We're gonna send all the Double Diamond boys over to Rocky Bend----to make sure there's no holdup.

WRANGLER: Reckon with all the men posted along the trail, Lightnin' Lou won't have a ghost of a chance, Tom..

TOM: Reckon so, Wrangler...and jest because there are so many men on guard, I guess you can spare me..

WRANGLER: Say, Tom...we'll want you along---it always helps a lot to know you're on the spot with us..

TOM: Say..you don't need me to-day. There'll be over a hundred men guarding the trail..

WRANGLER: Yeah...that's true...Lightnin' Lou won't have a chance at all..

TOM: So I guess you can excuse me...

WRANGLER: (SUSPICIOUSLY) Tom..what you up to anyway?

TOM: (INNOCENTLY) Ohh...nothing at all, Wrangler... I'm jest gonna take Jimmy and Jane fer a lil ride...

WRANGLER: Well..all right-----(FADING) But I've got a hunch you're up to something..See you later....


JIMMY: Say, Tom ...are we really gonna go after Lightnin' Lou?

TOM: Sure we are...

JANE: Gee...

JIMMY: But, Tom..why don't we go with the Old Wrangler--and the rest of the riders?

TOM: I jest got a hunch Lightnin' Lou won't try to hold up the stage coach on the trail.....He knows how everyone will be watching out..

JIMMY: Oh..he's a smart badman all right..

TOM: But that ain't sayin' he won't try to get his hands on that shipment of gold somehow..

JIMMY: But how can he do it, Tom?

TOM: I reckon as how he'll try to get it at the place no one ull think he's got the nerve to be!

JANE: Gee...you mean right at the bank?

JIMMY: At the bank?

TOM: That's just where I mean---why--no one ull be looking for him there----and most of the riders will be on the trail..

JIMMY: Gosh...that means the bank won't be guarded--and Lightnin' Lou will have a chance to grab the gold..

TOM: That's the way I figger it, Jimmy..now..you and Jane have to help...I want you to go down by the bank and keep yore eyes open..

JANE: Yeah...

JIMMY: Sure...

TOM: I'll find a hiding place somewheres near the bank--and we'll arrange a secret signal if any trouble pops..

JIMMY: All right..

JANE: We'll help..

TOM: And take along the guns I jest gave you....

JIMMY: You bet..

TOM: Come on...we'll get our horses and ride down to the bank..

JIMMY: Come on, sis..



TOM: Draw up...there's the bank...Whoa, Tony...Whoa..

JIMMY & JANE: Whoaa...Whoaa...


JIMMY: Gosh...no one around at all...

TOM: Now I want both of you to go over by the bank and keep yore eyes peeled ....I'm gonna climb up the back side of the general store and get on the roof behind the chimney..I can watch everything from there---Now if you spot any trouble just wave your hands high..

JIMMY: All right...

TOM: I'm gonna duck back here...cause I don't want anyone to see me...

JIMMY: Okay, Tom.

TOM: (FADING) Keep a sharp lookout now..

JIMMY: Yeah...Come on, sis.


JANE: Jimmy...Tom sure puts us on our own...

JIMMY: Yeah...we can't fail...gotta keep sharp lookout..

JANE: Jimmy! Over in front of the bank...that man....

JIMMY: I see him..just came around the side...

JANE: Yeah...

JIMMY: Wearing two belts of ammunition...

JANE: He's coming right toward us...

JIMMY: Don't be scared, sis...

JANE: I'm not...


STRANGER: Hey...you kids...what you doin' here?

JIMMY: Why...just looking around...we just come down from the ranch..

STRANGER: Yeah? Where did all the cowboys go?

JIMMY: Er....they...they went up the trail to guard the stagecoach with the gold..

STRANGER: Why didn't you go with them?

JIMMY: Oh gosh...that would be dangerous...cause Lightnin' Lou is on the loose...g-o-s-h...

STRANGER: Lightnin' Lou! (LAUGHS) Why...you kids ain't scared of him?..

JIMMY: Gee...I...I...think we are..

JANE: Sure we are-----Jimmimy...

STRANGER: Aw...let's forget about him... now...how would you like to make some very easy money...eh? And do me a favor?

JIMMY: Well...that sort of depends..

STRANGER: Say...this is easy...all I want you to do is to go down the end of main street here---and when you see the stagecoach coming in...you rush here and tell me about it...That's all you have to do ...

JIMMY: Say...that is easy...we'll do it..

STRANGER: All right--and when you come back I'll give you each a nugget of gold..

JIMMY: Come on, sis...we'll do it..

JANE: (LOW) Jimmy...I...don't like that stranger..

JIMMY: Shhh...wait till we get farther off..

JANE: What's he want to know about the stagecoach for? ..

JIMMY: Gosh..he must think we look pretty dumb..

JANE: Why you turning off back here, Jimmy?

JIMMY: I can see Tom Mix on the roof...I want to tell him..

TOM: (BACK) Jimmy...what is it?

JIMMY: (CALLING UP TO HIM BUT SUBDUED) That man ..in front of the bank...wants to know when the stagecoach is coming..he offered us gold nuggets to help him.

TOM: I can see down the trail from up here...stagecoach coming in now...get over in front of the store...hurry up...stand ready to help if anything goes wrong....and just forget what that stranger asked you to do..

JIMMY: All right...come on, sis...hurry...


JIMMY: Stay right here, sis...we can see the bank across the street...

JANE: There's the stagecoach coming like the wind..

JIMMY: And there's the stranger by the side of the bank..

JANE: His hands are near his guns...

JIMMY: Yeah...why...why maybe he's...Lightnin' Lou!

JANE: Ohhh...

JIMMY: Keep sharp lookout now, Jane...we can't fail....here comes the coach..


JIMMY: The stagecoach driver's coming down.

JANE: Some one's come out of the bank.

JIMMY: Sis! Lookit! The stranger...he's pulled his guns! He's holding them up!

JANE: Oh....Jimmy...

JIMMY: Quick!..wave your hands so Tom Mix can see you...hurry...

JANE: I am...

JIMMY: There's Tom..he's come from behind the chimney...he's swinging his rope..

JANE: And the stranger..he's got everyone holding their hands up..

JIMMY: He's getting on the stagecoach...he's gonna drive off with all the gold..Tom..Tom...Tommmm...look!

TOM: (BACK) Jane...Jimmy...I'm gonna lasso Lightnin' Lou ...but I don't know if that ull stop him...he got the jump on all of us..

JIMMY: There goes the rope...wow! Right around Lightnin' Lou...but...he's fighting...he's trying to get away.. come on, sis..

JANE: Tom's yanked him right off the stagecoach..but he's gonna make a getaway..

JIMMY: No he's not-- run, sis...run with me...and have your gun Tom gave you ready.

JANE: All right...

JIMMY: (PUFFING) We...can..hold him up before he gets away..hurry..hurry..

JANE: Tom's holding on to the rope but Lightnin' Lou is getting away...

JIMMY: We can make it, sis...we can...Hold your gun up..that's it..and rush right up to Lightnin' Lou..

JANE: Yes...all right...

JIMMY: Gettin' there and...


JIMMY: Here he is..now..put up your hands...

JANE: Put them up...and reach for the sky..

STRANGER: What the devil..you kids...get out...you...you...

JIMMY: We got you covered so don't make a move..

JANE: Here comes Tom Mix...down from the roof..

TOM: (COMING UP) Jane...Jimmy...what you straight-shootin' kids...you've captured Lightnin' Lou.......you did it all by yourself.......Good work!



WRANGLER: Well, Jane and Jimmy, I reckon you were mighty glad you had those Tom Mix guns along that day...

JIMMY: You bet we were...Gosh...Lightnin' Lou didn't ever know they were only wooden models..

JANE: He didn't suspect it at all--because the Tom Mix guns look just like the real thing--only they don't shoot..

WRANGLER: Why, Tom...what you doin' with all those guns? Jumpin' coyotes...where did you get all of them?


WRANGLER: Gosh...that's mighty considerate of you, Tom.

TOM: I want every straight shooter to have one of these wooden models of my six gun. I know you're gonna enjoy owning one---and I want to make sure every boy and girl gets one. And it's not hard for you to get one of these guns. It's plum easy. Jest as long as you've been eating RALSTON. Now my pard John is gonna tell you just what to do so you can get one of my dandy Western guns--so you jest pay careful attention to what he says. All right, John...

ANNOUNCER: Now---listen carefully and I'll tell you exactly what to do so you can have your Western Tom Mix six-shooter. Yes sir...the gun that's an exact model of Tom's real western gun--same steel-black color---same pearl-colored handle---same sure grip. Believe me, it's mighty hard to tell the difference between this wooden model and Tom's own gun a few feet away. Now every boy and girl who wants this gun can have it by writing your name and address and the word GUN on the back of two boxtops from two packages of RALSTON WHEAT CEREAL. Then mail the two boxtops to TOM MIX...NUMBER ONE CHECKERBOARD SQUARE...ST. LOUIS. Now listen carefully once more for I'm going to repeat those easy directions...To get the TOM MIX GUN..write your name and address and the word GUN on the back of two boxtops from two packages of RALSTON WHEAT CEREAL. Then mail the two boxtops to TOM MIX...NUMBER ONE CHECKERBOARD SQUARE...ST. LOUIS. That's all you have to do to get the one and only TOM MIX western six gun.

WRANGLER: Now hurry up, straight shooters, and get those two boxtops in the mail tonight--so you'll be the first one in your crowd to have the Tom Mix gun. And be here on Wednesday at five-thirty cause I'm gonna tell you a story about a covered wagon that was going along peacefully with a whole family in it---and them not knowing that Sky Horse...the most dangerous wild hoss in the West was on a rampage with his whole herd. Gosh...here it is round-up time..so let's git goin'....


ANNOUNCER: THE TOM MIX RALSTON STRAIGHT SHOOTERS RETURN ON WEDNESDAY AT FIVE THIRTY. Tom Mix is impersonated. John S. Young announcing. This is the National Broadcasting Company.