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It's a Wonderful Life

Screen Guild Players

It's a Wonderful Life

Dec 29 1947












and two announcers, CHANDLER and ROY

ROY: (COLD) From Hollywood, Camel Cigarettes present the "Screen Guild Players."


ROY: Our stars - James Stewart, Donna Reed, and Victor Moore.

Our Play - "It's A Wonderful Life."

Our Sponsor - Camel Cigarettes (MUSIC OUT) 

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ROY: Tonight the Camel Screen Guild Players present with great pride one of the screen's outstanding hits of the past year - Liberty Films' tender and moving story of a simple man, "It's A Wonderful Life."...Based on the story by Philip Van Dorn Stern and produced by Frank Capra. It stars James Stewart and Donna Reed in their original roles, with Victor Moore as the Guardian Angel...The Camel Screen Guild Players in "It's A Wonderful Life!"



ROY: It's New Year's Eve, 1945...In the little town of Bedford Falls, people are celebrating tonight...But through the gay noise, another sound can be heard. (EFFECTS FADE INTO CHORUS OF LOW WHISPERING VOICES) A very sober sound. The sound of people praying.. Higher and higher the prayers ascend...Above the falling snow....Above the clouds...And as they reach the stars... (NOTE: ALL HEAVENLY VOICES TO BE THRU ECHO CHAMBER)

FRANKLIN: Clarence? 

CLARENCE: (REVERENTLY) You want me, Sir? 

FRANKLIN: Seems to be some trouble in Bedford Falls. Lot of people asking us to help George Bailey. 

CLARENCE: Splendid, Sir! Is he sick?

FRANKLIN: No, worse. He's discouraged. At exactly ten forty-five - Earth Time - he'll be thinking seriously of throwing away God's greatest gift.

CLARENCE: Oh, dear, dear - his life!..Then I've only half an hour to dress!

FRANKLIN: Clarence, you will spend this next half hour getting acquainted with George Bailey.

CLARENCE: Yes, Sir...And, Sir - if I should accomplish this mission - I mean - well, might I perhaps win my wings?...I've been waiting over two hundred years now. People are beginning to talk.

FRANKLIN: Well - you do a good job with George Bailey, and you'll get your wings...Now then, let's have a look at Bedford Falls. Can you see it, Clarence?

CLARENCE: (SURPRISED) Well, now that you mention it.... (CASH REGISTER B.G.) Oh, this is amazing!........

FRANKLIN: See the drug store down there? That's George Bailey jerking sodas. He's your problem, Clarence.


FRANKLIN: Oh, that's when he was twelve. Back in 1919...And that little girl at the soda fountain - that's Mary Hatch. She's nine years old, and she's in love with George.

CLARENCE: In love, Sir?

FRANKLIN: Well, listen ----

MARY: (INTENSE, LOW) I love you, George Bailey. I'll always love you. I'll love you till the day I die.

FRANKLIN: Of course George has no idea of that, Clarence. 

CLARENCE: But, Sir -- she just told him!

FRANKLIN: Yes, but she made sure she was talking to George's bad ear.

CLARENCE: Bad ear, Sir? How did that happen? 

FRANKLIN: Oh he caught a cold when he went through the ice.

CLARENCE: He fell through the ice? 

FRANKLIN: No - he jumped through to save his kid brother, Harry. 

CLARENCE: But, Sir - all that was when he was a boy. How did he grow up?

FRANKLIN: Now, Clarence, I'm glad you asked me that. George grew up fine - saving his money, working afternoons, pinching and scraping - with just one idea. Someday he was going to travel. Someday he was going to college.

CLARENCE: But what about the girl, sir? Did she stay in love? Did they get married? Did they -- 

FRANKLIN: One thing at a time. Let's have a look...See her down there? 

CLARENCE: (ASTONISHED) Is that Mary Hatch? Why she's all grown up!

FRANKLIN: And so is George - (FADE IN GEORGE AND MARY SINGING "BUFFALO GAL"....FAINT B.G.)....and they just met at a dance ---- and now they're walking home ---- (GEORGE AND MARY FADE IN FULL, SINGING...TO END.) 

GEORGE: Hot dog! Just like an organ!

MARY: Beautiful.... 

GEORGE: Haven't enjoyed singing like that since---say, how old are you? 

MARY: Eighteen.

GEORGE: Eighteen! Just think - only last year you were seventeen!

MARY: Too young or too old?

GEORGE: Oh, no. Just right. Your age fits you. If anybody asked, me, I'd say -- (STOPS) 

MARY: What?

GEORGE: (SUDDENLY) Hey, look - there's the old Granville House! Let's throw a rock!

MARY: (QUICKLY) Oh, no - I love that old place! 

GEORGE: No, you see you make a wish and then try and break some glass. You got to be a pretty good shot, too. Been lots of wishes made on that house. Now look....up there on the second floor--- (THROWING) --- Watch!


GEORGE: Hot dog! 

MARY: What'd you wish, George? 

GEORGE: Well, not just one wish. A whole hatful, Mary. I know what I'm going to do tomorrow and the next year and the next year and the year after that. I'm shaking the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and I'm going to see the world....Italy, Greece, the Parthenon, the Coliseum. Then I'm coming back and going to college and see what they know - and then I'm going to build things. I'm gonna build air fields. I'm gonna build skyscrapers a hundred stories high. I'm gonna build bridges a mile long. I'm gonna - Hey, you got a rock! You gonna throw it, Mary?




GEORGE: Say, that's pretty good. What'd you wish? 

MARY: Oh, I couldn't tell you that. 

GEORGE: Why not? Come on. 

MARY: But if I told you, it might not come true. 

GEORGE: What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it right down. Then you could swallow it - and it'd all dissolve, see? And the moonbeams'd shoot out of your fingers and your toes and the ends of your hair and-- (STOPS) Am I talking too much?

OLD MAN: (OFF) If you ask me - YES! 

MARY: (QUICK WHISPER) Old man Collins on his porch!

OLD MAN: (OFF) Why don't you kiss her, 'stead of talking her to death?

GEORGE: How's that? 

OLD MAN: (OFF) I said, why don't you kiss her, 'stead of talking her to death! 

GEORGE: Oh - you want me to kiss her, huh?.....Okay...Okay, Mister, I'll show you some kissing that'll put the hair back on your head. I'll show you some kissing that'll make you think you're --

UNCLE BILLY: (OFF) George!...Hey, George!.... 

GEORGE: (STARTLED) Uncle Billy --?

UNCLE BILLY: (COMING IN, BREATHLESS) I'm glad I found you, George. You better come right home.

GEORGE: What's the matter? Anything wrong? 

UNCLE BILLY: The doctor's there now. Your father's had a stroke. 



FRANKLIN: Naturally, Clarence, you can understand - that was a pretty bad blow for George. 

CLARENCE: I'm sure it was, Sir, but.....Did he get away?

FRANKLIN: Well, he had to give up his trip to Europe. There were so many things to be taken care of...

CLARENCE: But he did go to college?

FRANKLIN: Well, he went right ahead with that plan, all right. In fact, he's leaving now. On his way to the station. (FADE IN MEN'S VOICES...FAINT B.G.) See him down there?

CLARENCE: (PUZZLED) Yes, Sir, I can see him, Sir...But he doesn't look like he's going anywhere...Seems to be in a meeting or something. 

FRANKLIN: Yes, the Building and Loan. He stopped off on the way...That's the Board of Directors, you see. They're deciding what to do with the Company....Listen - that's old man Potter talking... 

POTTER: In my opinion, there's only one thing to do - dissolve this institution and liquidate its assets. This town doesn't need a Building and Loan. We've got a bank that can handle that sort of thing.

GEORGE: (QUIETLY) Your bank, Mr. Potter?

POTTER: (BRISTLES) Suppose it is mine? What's that got to do with it?

GEORGE: Quite a lot, I think. I remember Pop used to say ---

POTTER: (TARTLY) If you'll excuse me, young man - and meaning no disrespect to the dead - your father was not a business man. (OVER MURMUR OF MEN) Peter Bailey was a man of high ideals, so called, but I say that ideals without common sense can ruin this town! And furthermore ---

GEORGE: Just a minute - just a minute. Now hold on, Mr. Potter. You're right when you say my father was no business man. I know that. Why he ever started this cheap, penny-ante Building and Loan, I'll never know. But when you talk about ruining this town - that's another thing...Maybe he didn't save enough money to send Harry to college, let alone me. But he did help a few people build their own homes and get out of your slums, Mr. Potter - and what's wrong with that?..... [Why -- look, you're all business men here. Didn't it make those people better citizens? Didn't it make them better customers?] Those people - the ones my father was trying to help - they do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community. [Because there's more of them than there are of the others.] Well, is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath? Anyway, my father didn't think so. People were human beings to him. And in my book, Mr. Potter, he died a much richer man than you'll ever be!...I - well, I've said too much, gentlemen. You're the Board here. You do what you want. Just one thing, though. This town needs this measly one-horse institution if only to have some place where people can come without crawling to Potter.

POTTER: Mr. Chairman, I call for a vote on my motion! (MEN START DISCUSSING IT) 

GEORGE: Come on, Uncle Billy, let's get out. (STEPS, DOOR CLOSES...VOICES CUT)

UNCLE BILLY: Boy, oh boy, that was telling him, George! You sure shut his big mouth!


UNCLE BILLY: I'll write you all about it, George. You have to hurry now to make that train.

GEORGE: Yeah...I sure wish I knew how they're voting in there.

UNCLE BILLY: Come on, boy - step on it, will you! You gave up your trip. Now you don't want to miss college too, do you?

GEORGE: I should say not! No, sir! Nobody's gonna keep me from -- (DOOR OPENS, SLIGHTLY OFF)

CAMPBELL: (SLIGHTLY OFF) George! Wait, George! 

GEORGE: Mr. Campbell!

CAMPBELL: (COMING IN) They voted Potter down!


CAMPBELL: There's only one condition, George. 


CAMPBELL: They say they'll keep it going if.

GEORGE: If what? 

CAMPBELL: (QUIETLY) If you'll stay and take your father's place.


FRANKLIN: (ECHO CHAMBER) Well, Clarence - I suppose you can guess what George's decision was?

CLARENCE: (SADLY) Yes, sir. I know. He didn't go. 

FRANKLIN: Not only that. He took the money he'd saved and sent his brother Harry to college....

CLARENCE: But, Sir -- what happened to George?

FRANKLIN: Oh, George stayed home and ran the Building and Loan --- [and dreamed about the day when Harry would come home, and he could go on that round-the-world trip......Yes, he worked and dreamed,] and sometimes on summer evenings, he'd take a walk......


CLARENCE: I can see him, Sir! He's walking now. 

FRANKLIN: Yes, it happens he's found himself in front of Mary's house. She just got back from College this week. 

CLARENCE: (PUZZLED) But - back and forth - back and forth ---- Why is he doing that, sir?

FRANKLIN: (CHUCKLING) That's what Mary's wondering. Listen------ 


MARY: (CALLS) George, what are you doing - picketing? 

GEORGE: (OFF) Huh?...Oh, hello, Mary. I just happened to be passing by... 

MARY: So I noticed. Have you made up your mind?

GEORGE: (OFF) How's that? 

MARY: Have you made up your mind?

GEORGE: (COMING IN) Made up my mind? About what? 

MARY: About coming in. 

GEORGE: Well, I hadn't really planned on it. I just happened to be passing by, and --- 

MARY: George, are you coming in or aren't you? 

GEORGE: Well, I'll come in for a minute. (SCREEN DOOR CLOSES) But don't get the idea that.... 

MOTHER: (OFF, CALLS) Mary?....Ma-ry!....

MARY: (CALLS) I'm down here, Mother. 

GEORGE: (MUMBLES TO SELF) How do you like that! A fellow just starts out for a walk and all of a sudden he -- 

MARY: George, as long as you're here, you may as well talk to me.

GEORGE: Oh, yeah - sure...[Uh - when did you get back?

MARY: Tuesday.

GEORGE: Funny, I thought you'd stay down there in New York. Like - Sam Wainwright.

MARY: Oh, I don't know. I guess I was homesick.

GEORGE: Homesick? For Bedford Falls?!!

MARY: For Bedford Falls - and my family and -- oh, everything.] Would you like to sit down?

GEORGE: Well - just for a minute. 

MARY: Thanks for small favors. Would you rather leave? 

GEORGE: Oh, no - no - I wouldn't want to be rude. 

MOTHER: (OFF, CALLS) Mary - who's that down there with you? 

MARY: (CALLS) It's George Bailey, Mother. 

MOTHER: (OFF) George Bailey! What's he want? 

MARY: (CALLS) I don't know. (TO GEORGE) What do you want, George? 

GEORGE: (INDIGNANT) Me? Not a thing. I just came in to get warm. 

MARY: (CALLS) Mother, he's making violent love to me. 


MOTHER: (OFF) Well you tell him to go right back home, and don't you dare leave the house. Sam Wainwright is calling you from New York tonight.

GEORGE: (HOTLY) Look here, your mother needn't think I --- just because Sam's father is a big shot -- You know I didn't come here to -- to ---

MARY: What did you come for? 

GEORGE: I don't know. You tell me! You're supposed to be the one that has all the answers! You tell me! 

MARY: (NOW ANGRY TOO) All right, maybe I will! You came here so I could tell you about Sam Wainwright -- what he's going to do for you!

GEORGE: For me? 

MARY: (RUSHING ON) He says you gave him the idea of making plastics out of soybeans! And his father's started a company, and they're going into it big and -- and - (TEARS COMING) and he wants you to work for him, and buy some stock, and get in on the ground floor and ---

GEORGE: (FIERCELY) Now you listen to me! I don't want any plastics! - I don't want any ground floors! I don't want to work for Sam! You understand that? I want to do what I want to do, and you're - you're -- (ARMS SUDDENLY AROUND HER) Oh, Mary...Mary.... 

MARY: (A WHISPER) George...George...George....

MOTHER: (SLIGHT PAUSE, COMING IN) Mary, what's goin' on down here? I -- (GASPS) Mary! (MOANS SOFTLY, FALLS) 


MARY: (SOFTLY) Yes, George? 

GEORGE: (DREAM) Don't you think maybe we ought to pick your mother up?



ROY: In just a moment you will hear James Stewart, Donna Reed, and Victor Moore in Act Two of "It's A Wonderful Life."

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CHANDLER: More people are smoking Camels then ever before! 

ROY: Experience is the best teacher! Try a Camel yourself. And remember...Camels by the carton are the best buy!


ROY: Camel Cigarettes now present Act Two of "It's A Wonderful Life" starring Donna Reed, Victor Moore and James Stewart.


ROY: It's still New Year's Eve in Bedford Falls. It's still snowing hard. And above the clouds -- above the snow....(MUSIC CUTS)

FRANKLIN: (ECHO CHAMBER) Well, of course you know what happened, Clarence? After George kissed Mary?

CLARENCE: (DESPONDENTLY) I'll wager he didn't go on that trip, sir. 

FRANKLIN: (SMILING) No, he and Mary settled down and raised a family.

CLARENCE: (DELIGHTED) Children, sir? Oh, good for them! 

FRANKLIN: Yes, very good. Two boys and a girl...These days that's par. 

CLARENCE: I - I suppose that George was happy, Sir? 

FRANKLIN: Oh, he was working too hard to think about it. You see, the Building and Loan was developing a new subdivision. Place called Bailey Park, where low-income families could buy their own homes. Putting quite a dent in Mr. Potter, too...Until the war...Yes, the Bailey's made quite a name for themselves in the war. 


FRANKLIN: Harry...Navy flier...Shot down fifteen enemy planes. Two of them as they were about to crash into a transport full of soldiers. 

CLARENCE: Yes, but George ---?

FRANKLIN: Four-F. Bad ear, you know. (CHUCKLES) But he certainly heard good news this morning.

CLARENCE: This morning, sir?

FRANKLIN: Harry just won the Congressional Medal of Honor. 

CLARENCE: My Goodness! What a day for the Baileys!

FRANKLIN: Yes...if only Uncle Billy hadn't lost the deposit. 

CLARENCE: (PUZZLED) Deposit, Sir? 

FRANKLIN: The whole month's collections for the Building and Loan. Eight thousand dollars...Poor Uncle Billy was very excited - the news about Harry. And when he got to the bank ---- The money was gone.....

CLARENCE: Oh, dear, dear. What did George say?

FRANKLIN: Well let's see now...It's this afternoon...December 31, 1945. Two-twenty P. M.....Look sharp and you'll see them down there - (FADE IN GEORGE TALKING DESPERATELY..IN B.G.) - the office of the Building and Loan....

GEORGE: (FADING IN) All you have to do is try to remember! Just remember, that's all....Did you put the envelope in your pocket?

UNCLE BILLY: (DAZED) Yeah...yeah....maybe... 

GEORGE: (SHOUTS) Maybe - maybe! I don't want maybe! Uncle Billy, we've got to find that money! 

UNCLE BILLY: (PITEOUSLY) I'm no good to you, George. I've never been any good... 

GEORGE: Listen. Do you have any secret hiding place at home? Some place you might have put it? Someplace to hide money?

UNCLE BILLY: (EXHAUSTED) I've gone over the whole house. Even the rooms that've been locked since I lost your Aunt Laura. (STARTS SOBBING HYSTERICALLY) 

GEORGE: (SHAKING HIM) Listen to me! Listen to me! Think! Think! 

UNCLE BILLY: (SOBBING) I can't think any more. I can't think. I can't. 

GEORGE: (SCREAMING) Where's that money, you silly stupid old fool? Where is that money? Don't you realize what this means? It means bankruptcy and scandal and prison - that's what it means! It means somebody's got to go to jail! And let me tell you one thing - it's not going to be me! (QUICK STEPS, FADING.....DOOR OPENS, SLAMS.....OFF MIKE) 




FRANKLIN: And that, Clarence, brings us almost up to date. 

CLARENCE: But - where did George go, Sir?

FRANKLIN: Oh, he just drove around town. He scarcely knew where he was going himself, until -- Clarence, what time is it down there now? 

CLARENCE: Earth Time, Sir? Exactly ten forty-four. 

FRANKLIN: Then he's standing on the bridge - looking down at the river....You'd better hurry, Clarence. You've only one minute. 

CLARENCE: (EAGERLY) Yes, sir! Yes, sir - I'm on my way.


GEORGE: (MUTTERING, TO SELF) What's the use? [...The whole thing is a mess...my whole life's been a mess...At least they'll have my insurance. That'll be enough to cover, the -- ]



CLARENCE: (OFF, YELLING) Help!.....Help! 


CLARENCE: (OFF) I'm drowning! Help! 

GEORGE: (SHOUTS) Hold it, Mister! Hold it! I'm coming --- I'm coming -- !


GEORGE: Just hang your clothes right over the stove. They'll dry out in a while. You know, I ---

[CLARENCE: (NORMAL MIKE) Oh, I'm sure they will, but ---

GEORGE: Don't worry about us being in here. This is the bridge-keeper's shack. He's a friend of mine. He --- (STOPS SUDDENLY)]

CLARENCE: What's the matter? What are you staring at?

GEORGE: That - that underwear of yours. I've never seen any underwear like that.

CLARENCE: Well, I didn't have time to get anything stylish...My wife gave me this on my last birthday. I passed away in it.

GEORGE: Well anyway it's-- (A TAKE) Huh? (THEN CURIOUSLY) Tell me -- how did you happen to fall in the river?

CLARENCE: Oh, I didn't fall in. I jumped in to save you. 

GEORGE: To save me?

CLARENCE: Of course. (REPROVING) You know suicide is forbidden where I come from.

GEORGE: (WARILY) And where is that?

CLARENCE: Heaven. 

GEORGE: Now look, let's cut out the -- 

CLARENCE: I had to act quickly, that's why I jumped in. I knew if I were drowning you'd try to save me. And you see, you did -- and that's how I saved you, George.

GEORGE: George? You know my name? 

CLARENCE: Oh yes, indeed. I know all about you. From the time you were a little boy. 

GEORGE: Say - who are you, anyway? 

CLARENCE: Clarence Odbody, A-S-2.

GEORGE: A-S-2? What's that? 

CLARENCE: Angel Second Class.

GEORGE: (DAZED) Funny...I know I didn't have any drinks...

CLARENCE: Don't you see, George? I'm your Guardian Angel. 

GEORGE: My what? 

CLARENCE: Your Guardian Angel.

GEORGE: (A LITTLE BITTERLY) Yeah, you look just about like the kind I'd get...Sort of a fallen angel, aren't you? What happened to your wings?

CLARENCE: Oh, I haven't won my wings yet. You'll help me, won't you? 

GEORGE: (BITTER) Sure. Why not? I'll help you the way I've helped everybody else. My wife and kids and my friends and my -- (ANGRY BURST) Look, why don't you go off and haunt somebody else!

CLARENCE: Now really, George, you shouldn't talk like that. 

GEORGE: Why not? For all the good I've done? I wish I'd never even been born!

CLARENCE: What did you say? 

GEORGE: I said I wish I'd never been born! 

CLARENCE: Oh, you mustn't say that. You -- (SUDDENLY) Wait a minute...Wait a minute, that's an idea...(EYES UPWARD, RESPECTFULLY) What do you think, Sir?

GEORGE: I told you what I--- 

CLARENCE: Shhhhh!...(PAUSE, LISTENING) Yes, Sir...Very well, Sir....(TO GEORGE) All right, George, you've got your wish. You've never been born. 

GEORGE: How's that?

CLARENCE: You've never been born. You don't exist. You haven't got a care in the world.

GEORGE: (SLOWLY) Say...that's mighty funny... 

CLARENCE: Oh, I'm not trying to be amusing... 

GEORGE: I didn't mean it that way...You know, you've been talking to my bad ear -- and I've been hearing you perfectly! 

CLARENCE: Well, of course!

GEORGE: Of course! [(PUZZLED) Know what? If my clothes were dry, I think I'd just----

CLARENCE: But they are dry, George.

GEORGE: (SLOWLY) Hey...so they are...(SUDDENLY) Come on, let's get dressed, and take my car and ---

CLARENCE: But you were never born. You don't have any car.

GEORGE: Now look, I left it right out there by the ---

CLARENCE: There's the window, George. Can you see any car?

GEORGE: (SLOWLY) Why, no....] (DECISIVELY) Look, I want to check on some things. Let's take a walk and -- Sorry. I'll walk you fly.

CLARENCE: Oh, I can't fly. I haven't got my wings...But don't you worry, George. I'll be around. 



GEORGE: (TO SELF) Funny...I know this road...I'm sure I know it, and yet --- 

CLARENCE: There's a signpost, George.

GEORGE: Yeah....(READING) 'One Mile To Pottersville'..... But that's wrong! It's all wrong! This is Bedford Falls!

CLARENCE: It was Bedford Falls...But you weren't here, remember. Old man Potter gobbled it up.

GEORGE: But - but right here - this turn in the road - this is Bailey Park! I worked like a dog to put that across! Over sixty low-priced houses - and they're gone -- they're not here! 

CLARENCE: They were never here. You didn't live. You didn't build them...So you see, all there is out here is those old shacks over there - and this cemetery.


CLARENCE: You can read some of the headstones for yourself....Now here's an interesting one... 

GEORGE: (READING) 'In Memory of Our Beloved Son - Harry Bailey - 1911 to 1919' That's a lie! Harry Bailey went to war! He got the Congressional Medal of Honor! He saved the lives of every man on that transport!

CLARENCE: (SADLY) No...every man on that transport died. Harry wasn't there to save them - because you weren't here to save Harry...when he fell through the ice...You see, George? You see how important your life was?

GEORGE: (A PAUSE, THEN) Clarence... 

CLARENCE: Yes, George?

GEORGE: What about Mary?

CLARENCE: (HESITANT) Please, George - I'd rather not...

GEORGE: (SHARPLY) You heard what I said! What about Mary? 

CLARENCE: She's an old maid, George. She never married...she has charge of the library now, and when the youngsters talk too loud, she gets mean and nasty.

GEORGE: Mary? She couldn't be like that!

CLARENCE: I'm afraid she is. If you'd like to see her --- 

GEORGE: (FRIGHTENED) No! No, not like that! I - I want her to be just like she was! I want to see her that way!...Clarence - please - you've got to help me! (MUSIC: SNEAKS IN, VERY SOFTLY) I don't care what happens, I want to live! You hear me, Clarence - I want to live - I want to live - I want to live -


GEORGE: (MUTTERING) I want to live...I want to see Mary...I want to live...I want to - (STOPS, PUZZLED) Funny. How'd I get back here on the bridge...where I was before all this started? And - and all those houses over there...That's Bailey Park..(GROWING INTENSITY) Bailey Park!.....And there's the neon sign - at the bridge entrance! Welcome to Bedford Falls! That's what it says - Bedford Falls! (MUSIC SNEAKS IN UNDER) Happy New Year, Bedford Falls! Happy New Year, Bailey Park! Happy New Year, world! Happy New Year - Happy New Year - Happy New Year!




GEORGE: (OFF, SHOUTING) Happy New Year! Hey, Mary, where are you! Happy New Year! 

MARY: (SOTTO) Thank you, God.....(CALLS) In here, George.

GEORGE: (COMING IN) Mary, darling I couldn't wait to see you and --- Hey! What's the crowd for?


GEORGE: (BEWILDERED) Say - what is this? What's going on?

MARY: (HAPPILY) Oh, George - it's a miracle!

GEORGE: Miracle --? 

UNCLE BILLY: She did it, George - Mary did it! She told a few people you were in trouble and they scattered all over town collecting money!...They didn't ask any questions...just said: 'If George is in trouble, count on me!'

MARTINI: (BEAMING) You betcha! We go over the top by four hundred dollars! How's that, huh?

GEORGE: (CHOKED UP) It's - it's wonderful - it's great - I - I don't even know what to say - I ---

MARTINI: Oh, you don't say it! You leave that to us!.. (HITS PIANO CHORD) All right! Now everybody all together! 



MARY: (SOFTLY) Listen, George....the bells...It's a brand new year...

GEORGE: (SOFTLY) Happy New Year, darling. Did I ever tell you how beautiful you were? Well I'm saying it again - in spades!


MARY: (LAUGHS) When I was a child, mother used to say that every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.

GEORGE: You know, I wouldn't be a bit surprised...(THEN VERY SOFTLY)...Attaboy, Clarence....Attaboy. Good work, Clarence - attaboy.



ROY: James Stewart will be back at the Camel Screen Guild microphone in just a moment......

More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette. That's according to a nationwide survey conducted by three leading independent research organizations, you know. And they really covered the field. They asked one hundred thirteen thousand, five hundred and ninety-seven doctors, doctors living in every state in America...what cigarette they smoked. The brand named most was Camel! Try a Camel yourself...and let your own smoking pleasure tell you why so many doctors prefer Camels!


ROY: And now I know we're all agreed that "It's a Wonderful Life," has given us a wonderful evening. On behalf of the Motion Picture Relief Fund and its County House, which is largely supported by this program may I thank you James Stewart, Donna Reed and Victor Moore for your deeply moving performances. And now, Jimmie I think you have a special message for our audience, haven't you?

STEWART: Yes, I have. When you've been in a hospital a long time, anything that lightens the monotony is welcomed in a way that can hardly be understood by people on the outside. That is why it gives me real pleasure to tell you that the makers of Camels send free cigarettes each week to the men in servicemen's hospitals. This week, free Camels go to: U.S. Army Fitzsimmons General Hospital, Denver, Colorado...U.S. Marine Hospital, Seattle, Washington...and Veterans' Hospital, Rutland Heights, Massachusetts. Goodnight, everybody. Happy New Year!


ROY: Next Monday night -- one of the brilliant events of the radio season will be presented here by the Camel Screen Guild Players...The annual award to the picture selected by Red Book Magazine as the best picture of the year -- John Ford and Miriam [sic] Coopers' "The Fugitive" starring Gregory Peck, Cesar Romero, J. Carroll Naish and Ward Bond.

Be sure to listen!


ROY: "It's a Wonderful Life" was directed by Bill Lawrence, adapted for radio by Harry Kronman, with music by Wilbur Hatch...and was presented through the courtesy of Paramount Pictures, whose current release is "Road to Rio."

James Stewart and Victor Moore can soon be seen in the Ben Bogeaus production "A Miracle Can Happen"

Donna Reed can currently be seen in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production "Green Dolphin Street."

Listen to Vaughn Monroe --with Colonel Stoopnagle and their guests the Three Suns -- on the air for Camels every Saturday night over most of these C.B.S. stations. 

This is Michael Roy in Hollywood saying good night -- Happy New Year! - and "won't you have a Camel?"