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April Fool's Day

The Jangles

April Fool's Day

Apr 01 1938



JACK, the father

JENNY, the daughter

JERRY, the mother

JIMMY, the baby, who cries

From the April 1938 "Radio News Tower," the monthly newsletter of Omaha's Station WOW:


SAMPLE RADIO SCRIPT..By Jettabee Ann Hopkins

Note: Every radio program is produced from a "script." Herewith Miss Hopkins gives an example of a typical script such as might be written for "The Jangles." It is an excellent example of good script writing.--The Editor.


Friday, April 1, "The Jangles," 5:30 p. m., by Jettabee Ann Hopkins.

Announcer: WOW presents "The


Theme: "Angela Mia" to full ... then fade out for -

Announcer: And so we come to "April Fool's day" in Harbor valley. Jennie barely slept a wink last night, trying to think up ways and means of "April Foolin'" the family today. There she is at the breakfast table with Jerry and Jack. There's a merry twinkle in Jennie's eyes that denotes something or other. Let's find out what she has "up her sleeve"!

(Pause five seconds here. Effect dishes) 

Jack: Well, Jennie, you seem to be in an unusually good mood this morning. Any special reason for it?

Jennie: I'm jest very much glad this is Friday and there is no more school this week.

Jack: Oh, I see. You're sure you haven't anything else on your mind?

Jennie: Oh-h-h-h-h, no! Mother Jerry, I don't very much think I want anything more to eat.

Jerry: Now, wait a minute, Jennie. You can't leave the table yet. You haven't finished your milk.

Jennie: But I'm not so very much hungry. 

Jerry: That's no excuse at all. Come on, now! Drink it down! That's a girl! Now you can leave the table.

(Effect glass placed on table) 

Jennie: Excuse me, please. 

(Effect chair being moved from table) 

I'll go git my books and things (fade from mike). 

(Effect door open and shut) 

Jack: I'd give a nickel to know what that kid has "up her sleeve" today. Did you take a good look at her, Jerry? She was simply bubbling over with something or other. I'll have another cup of coffee, if there's any left.

Jerry: Just enough for one more cup. 

(Effect pouring coffee) 

There you are! More toast?

Jack: Please.

(Effect moving plate) 

Thanks. Some day I'm going to show you how to make toast without burning it.

(Effect baby crying--in room)

Oh-oh! What started that?

Jerry: You're closer to Jimmy's basket than I am. Jiggle it a little with your foot. He'll go right back to sleep. It isn't time for his bottle yet. 

Jack: How can I jiggle his basket and drink coffee at the same time? Come on, Jim! Quiet down! Give a poor man a chance to, at least, eat his breakfast in peace.

(Effect baby cry stop) 

Attaboy! See how he minds me! Hand me the marmalade.

(Effect dish moved) 

Jerry: Goodness, what an appetite you're developing! Why--

(Effect telephone ring) 

Jack: Now, don't tell me I'm closer to the telephone than you are. You can reach it from there.

Jerry: I know.

(Effect receiver off hook)

Hello! Oh, hello, Uncle Charlie! No, we haven't had any company . . . Sorry. I guess we can't have our names in your newspaper this week . . . Yes, I'll call you back if I hear of any news you can use. Bye . . .

(Effect receiver on hook) 

Poor Uncle Charlie! He says he hasn't any news at all for the Herald this week. Well, I've got to get these dishes out of the way and get at my ironing. 

(Effect picking up dishes) 

Jack: You could at least wait to pick up the dishes until I get through eating. 

Jerry: Darling, with an appetite like yours, I'd be waiting all day . . . I wonder what happened to Jennie! It's almost time for school. (Call) Jennie! Jennie! Hadn't you better hurry? 

(Effect door open and shut) 

Jennie: (approaching mike) I'm ready to go now jest as soon as I tell you good-bye. 

Jack: Good heavens, Jerry! Look at her! Jennie, what's the matter with your face? It's all spotted! 

Jerry: Jennie, you don't feel sick, do you? 

Jennie: No; I feel pretty fine. Good-bye. 

Jack: Hey, you! Wait a minute! Jerry, she couldn't have the measles again, could she?

Jerry: I don't think so. But her hands are so hot. Jennie, let me see your tongue! It looks all right. Oh, dear! Jack, you call Doctor Donatelli and I'll--

Jack: Say, it might be scarlet fever! There's another case in town. Jennie, are you sure you feel all right? 

(Effect receiver off hook) 

Jerry: Hello, Tillie! Call Doctor Donatelli for me, will you? . . . No, the baby isn't sick. It's Jennie. We don't know what's wrong with her. Ten minutes ago she was all right and now . . . Yes, hurry, will you? (Aside) Jennie, you'd better go in and lie down on the couch. Cover her up with a blanket, Jack. Keep her away from Jimmie. (In phone) Hello, Doctor Donatelli! This is Jerry. I'm afraid Jennie's coming down with something. She's . . . 

Jennie: Let me tell him.

Jerry: No, Jennie. Go on in and lie down.

Jennie: But I want to talk to him.

Jack: Better humor her if she's sick. Might make her temperature rise if she gets excited.

Jerry: Wait a minute, Doctor Donatelli! Jennie wants to tell you something. Here, Jennie! But hurry. Oh, Jack! Her hands are like ice now. 

Jennie: Hello, Doctor Donatelli! I did it. I "April fooled" them.

Jack: You what?

Jennie: Uh-huh! I painted the spots on out of my color box, Doctor Donatelli. Goodness! They look so real! They almost had me "April fooled," too. G'bye! You don't need to come over now. 

(Effect receiver back on hook) 

Jack: Why, you little imp! You ought to be--

Jennie: I did fool you, didn't I?

Jack: Not quite. Jerry, Jennie's just trying to get out of staying home, that's all. She looks sick. Don't you think she needs some castor oil?

Jennie: But I'm not really, truly sick. They'll wash off. They're just color paint spots. See! I kin wash them off.

Jerry: Yes; she'd better have some castor oil. Here's the bottle!

Jack: Thanks.

(Effect stopper from bottle) 

Jennie: No; but don't you see? I was jest fooling you. I tried for a long time to think what I should do. Wait! I'll wash them off with the towel here at the sink. See?

(Effect wringing towel out of water) 


Jack: Tch-tch-tch! Isn't that a crime, Jerry? Here she tried to fool us and she fooled herself. Here, Jennie! Take this down like a little lady. 

Jennie: But it makes me sick at my stummick.

Jack: You'll be sicker if you don't take it, from the looks of you. You see, you needn't have painted spots on. There were spots there, anyway. Weren't there, Jerry? 

Jerry: Yes.

Jennie: Oh, dear!

Jack: Open your mouth:

Jennie: But . . . All right. 

Jack: Swallow it down.

Jennie: Why, why, it didn't taste . . . it . . .

Jack: "April fool!" It wasn't castor oil.

Jerry: And you haven't any spots, really. 

Jennie: Honest? Oh, gracious! You very much had me scared. G'bye! I'm going to school before I get "April fooled" agin by my own joke. I don't think it was very funny, so there.

(Effect door slam) 

(Bring up theme--fade as BG for:)

Announcer: And so ends our April Fool session with "The Jangles." Jerry and Jack had Jennie pretty worried there for a few minutes. Don't miss tomorrow's story of "The Jangles," brought you at 5:30 by Jettabee Ann Hopkins. 

(Theme up to break)