Micronesia in Focus symposium

Date 28-29 April 2014

Location: Hedley Bull Centre (130), Garran Road, Australian National University, Canberra


Symposium Program





The Micronesian and Australian Friends Association (MAFA) is hosting an interdisciplinary symposium on 28 – 29 April 2014 at the ANU. The symposium aims to bring together academics, parliamentarians, policy makers, business leaders, and civil society representatives to share and discuss research and policy issues relevant to the Micronesian region. 
Micronesia is an understudied and relatively unknown region within the ANU community and Australia in general, despite its crucial role in Oceania’s history and contemporary development, particularly around issues such as climate change, fisheries management, and geopolitics. This symposium’s theme was chosen to encourage conversations that situate Micronesia in the centre, rather than the periphery. 
Day One will open with keynote speaker Dr. Paul D’Arcy, a Pacific historian at the ANU with panels discussing climate change; and fisheries and ocean management. Day Two will open with keynote speaker Dr. Manuel Rauchholz from Heidelberg University. Panel topics include Micronesia as an intermediary region in establishing relations between Australia, the USA, China and Japan; and Micronesia’s Future Engagement With the Outside World.
To attend please register for the individual days you will be able to attend. A cocktail party will be held on the evening of the 28 April.
Registration fee: AUD$20.00 for both days (students are exempt).