Laboratory for Medical Systems Biophysics and Bioengineering


Welcome to the Mashaghi lab at the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research of Leiden University. 

Our group  is  conducting  research  at  the  interface of physics, engineering and biomedicine. We develop and use theoretical and experimental approaches to address basic  and  applied  research  problems.  Fundamental research  is  focused on the single-molecule analysis of biomolecular structure and dynamics. In particular, how chaperones assist conformational search of biomolecules and how molecular topology defines function, dynamics and evolution of biomolecules. Other areas of interest are single-cell analysis, systems biophysics and complex networks. Applied research  is  focused  on  medical  diagnostics,  nano- medicine, chip-based disease models,  and  label  free  detection   of   biomolecular  systems (with particular emphasis  on  single  cell  analysis)   for   medical applications.