Medical Systems Biophysics and Bioengineering

Welcome to the Mashaghi lab at the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research of Leiden University.

Our group is conducting research at the interface of physics, engineering and biomedicine. We develop and use theoretical and experimental approaches to address basic and applied research problems. Fundamental research is focused on the single-molecule analysis of biomolecular structure and dynamics. In particular, how chaperones assist conformational search of biomolecules and how molecular topology defines function, dynamics and evolution of biomolecules. Other areas of interest are single-cell analysis, systems biophysics and complex networks. Applied research is focused on medical diagnostics, nano- medicine, chip-based disease models, and label free detection of biomolecular systems (with particular emphasis on single cell analysis) for medical applications.

The Mashaghi lab is also a part of Centre for Interdisciplinary Genome Research.

Selected Recent Publications

Evers T, Holt L, Alberti S, Mashaghi A, Reciprocal regulation of cellular mechanics and metabolism. Nature Metabolism 3, 456–468 (2021)

Heidari M, Schiessel H, Mashaghi A, Circuit Topology Analysis of Polymer Folding Reactions. ACS Central Science 2(7) P609-622 (2020)

Junaid A, Tang H, van Reeuwijk A, Abouleila Y, Wuelfroth P, van Duinen V, Mashaghi A, Ebola Hemorrhagic Shock Syndrome-on-a-Chip. iScience 23(1), 100765 (2020)

Heidari M, Satarifard V, Mashaghi A, Mapping a single-molecule folding process onto a topological space. PCCP 21 (36), 20338-20345 (2019)

Mashaghi A and Ramezanpour A, Statistical physics of medical diagnostics: Study of a probabilistic model. Physical Review E 97 (3), 032118 (2018)

Satarifard V, Heidari M, Mashaghi S, Tans SJ, Ejtehadi MR and Mashaghi A, Topology of polymer chains under nanoscale confinement. Nanoscale 9, 12170 – 12177 (2017).

Mashaghi A, Bezrukavnikov S, Minde DP, Wentink AS et al., Alternative modes of client binding enable functional plasticity of Hsp70, Nature 539, 448–451 (2016)

Nikoofard N, Mashaghi A, Topology sorting and characterization of folded polymers using nano-pores, Nanoscale 8, 4643-4649 (2016)