m a i n           f e a t u r e s           w a l k t h r o u g h            d o w n l o a d s           c o n t a c t

9 December, 2007, My MotoL7 got spoiled

Some time ago I was playing a little with The Spoils logo and some random splashes. The effect can be seen on the picture.

The image's size is 176 x 220 px so it fits most standard cell phone displays.



It can be downloaded from here:


 22 November, 2007, SEED previews

I have been collecting all preview for the upcoming SEED expansion that have been shown on TG website and forums. 

All of you who have missed anything fell free to get spoiled by some cards from the Children of the Lingamorph.

Seed: Children of the Lingamorph preview gallery



 2 July, 2007, it's a runic cannon...

...actually it's not. But it also kicks ass of fluffy monsters. Actualy it's only the open beta download of The Spoiler available form now. ;)

Time for champagne!

After months of blood, sweat and tears it is in its first releasable shape. Please don't hesitate to download and try it then write me a word what do you think about it. Cheers!

PS. The picture packs and the feature walk through sections are also uploaded.


11 July, 2007, Swarm of Gna... ergh Gear!

The walkthrough guid has been completed for the current situation. It should serve as a good starting point to see what does The Spoiler features and also as a small help or manual guide.


9 July, 2007, I Got the Gear!

Finally today we have some updates. While finishing the development of The Spoiler I found time to write a brief summary of its search feature.

For everyone interested its in the walkthrough section.

The Spoiler's current state: finally all things from the current TODO list are done. All that's left is to do some minor cleaning up and prepare the Open Beta release. Whoa!


29 June, 2007

There are some updates in download section. I uploaded most recent rulebook along with its polish translation done by me. So all you polish people don't hesitate do download it.

The work is still on so please be patient for the release of open beta.

In short time I hope to create and update step by step the walkthrough section meant to be the guide through the most prominent features of The Spoiler.

Stay tuned.


11 June, 2007

So it's one month later and the development is still going on. The slow down is due to (almost) complete lack of time but the work goes slowly forward.

At the moment the realtime neat filtering is fully implemented.

What is left to do, it's to finish save/open feature for personal card collections.


11 May, 2007

Quick preview of how hopefully may The Spoiler look like soon:

/f3ll fr33 to click t3h im4ge/


10 May, 2007

This is the official webpage for unofficial The Spoils TCG card browser, deck builder and collection managment application.

Fell free to download it and give its features a try.

Since it is still under development I'm open to any suggestions, feature requests, bug findings and in general... your opinion. Just drop me an e-mail:

micromajig.factory (at)