The results are in! The Micro Housing Ideas Competition received submittals from across the country and around the globe. Teams from 20 different countries took part in the competition and with so many successful, innovative, and thought-provoking entries, our jury was left with a difficult task of choosing the winners. After thorough consideration and discussion of all of the submittals, the top projects were chosen by our jurors. The complete list of winners is below. To view the winning entries, please click on the name of the project team.
First Place:


Studio de Arquitectura y Ciudad

(Armando Birlain López (principal), Wyatt O’Day (project leader), Rodolfo Unda, Joao Pedro Teles Barbosa & Jovana Grujevska)

Querétaro, Mexico

Project Name: Micro Urban

Award: $3000.00


Second Place:


Tadeja Vidoni, Lea Ritonja & Inez Goessens

Alicante, Spain

Project Name: Micro Units

Award: $750.00


Honorable Mentions:


A43 Arquitectura

(Mendes Pinheiro, Nuno Costa, Jorge Lamas, Tiago Silva, Diogo Ferrao, Diogo Pereira, Sérgio Almeida)

Vila Niva de Gaia, Portugal

Project Name: Microhousing/Macropossibilities

Award: $375.00



Ahmed Hamdi Architects

Cairo, Egypt

Project Name: (none)

Award: $375.00


Technical Achievement:


Ben Robbins

Denver, Colorado

Project Name: Colony



Ryan Dawson

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Project Name: H20

Sound Thinking by a Young Person:


Trevor Swanson (high school student)

Pickerington, Ohio

Project Name: Passive Flex



Deserving Mention:


Cesar Marques

Vila N. Cerveira, Portugal

Project Name: TreeHouse Unit



Matthew Lin

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Project Name: Micro Loft



Marcus Farr & Leslie Scheppelman

Denver, CO

Project Name: Nano



Linus Bocklage & Jan Hedemann 

Oldenburg, Germany

Project Name: none



People’s Choice:


John Carruth

Dallas, Texas

Project Name:  Granola
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