Project Objective:

The team chose to enter into the Micro Class of the competition, making the objective to obtain the highest power to weight ratio using an electric powered engine.  The plane has to meet certain specifications such as weigh less than ten pounds, and be able to fit a cargo block that is 8”x4”x3”.  Given minimum size requirements and a maximum weight requirement, the group needs to design a heavy lift cargo plane that will be able to takeoff on a runway of 100 feet.  The plane needs to make one complete circuit in the air and land on a runway of 200 feet.


Project Background:

Every year, SAE International holds a competition for both undergraduate and graduate level students to see who can design the best heavy lift cargo plane.  The three different categories teams can enter into are Regular Class, Advanced Class, and Micro Class.  The object of the Regular Class is to design an aircraft with a specified gas powered engine to lift as much weight as possible.  In the Advanced Class, the plane has to include an on-board data acquisition system to be able to tell how long it takes for takeoff and landing.  The Micro Class competitors’ objective is to design a heavy lift cargo plane using an electric powered motor to have the highest power to weight ratio.