microclean marine diesel fuel polishing, mobile tank cleaning

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Cleaning Diesel and Gas Marine Fuel Tanks Fuel Polishing- Serving Fernandina, Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Palm Coast, & Daytona Beach Florida Areas

Quality fuel tank cleaning and fuel polishing for recreational boats, from the smallest trailer boat with a built in tank, to large power yachts and sailing vessels.

We also clean storage tanks to 10k gallons & diesel fuel tanks on emergency generators and pumps, removing water, sludge, debris and bio-contamination. 

Conveniently  located in Saint Augustine Florida. Call David at 904 806-2720 today to find out more or schedule an appointment for a cleaning at your home, dock, or equipment location. 

Our tank cleaning equipment was specifically designed for the quick and efficient removal of fuel tank contaminants.  The process operates under vacuum instead of pressure to minimize the possibility of  releasing fuels into the environment .  The fuel is pulled directly from the bottom of the tank via a flexible  wand and into our

unique fuel/water/contaminate centrifugal separator that subjects fuels to g-forces which can exceed 150 times the force of gravity, forcing water and particulate contamination out of the fuel prior to flowing through our 5 micron absolute filter.   At this point the fuel flows into the fuel pump that is rated at 1425 gallons per hour and powered by a 2 HP explosion proof rated electric motor. the fuel is then returned to the fuel tank to complete the circulation process.  The fuel is normally circulated through the process a minimum of 6 to 8 times the volume of fuel in the tank.