1922-1934: Royal Air Force


Micky had four uncles who had served in the British Army as well as his own father.  One of them was Bernard who by 1918 had won the MC and Bar for gallantry and been commissioned  and later would achieve the rank of Colonel in 1934.  Another was Cecil who won the DCM.  Grandpa sought the advice of a RAF colleague at Aldershot who advised that Micky should apply to the RAF.   His two brothers decided to go into banking. 



Micky first joined the RAF in 1922 in the Photographic Branch in Farnborough, serving as an aircraftman. Micky joined the RAF at the same time as AC Ross alias Colonel T E Lawrence.  Micky was posted to India to Drigh Road, Karachi in 1924 and spent time in Sind Province and the Northwest Frontier doing aerial photography for such things as the Sukkur Barrage.  

 His parents bought him out for £45 in 1928, supposedly because of ill-health, a recurrence of malaria.   Malaria was rife at the time at the airfield in Karachi. 

Micky re-enlists in the RAF in 1929 as a Pilot Officer to learn to fly and posted to Sealand for flying training on Avro 504 on April 2nd 1929 as reported in the London Gazette He is granted a Short Service Commission as Pilot Officer on probation with seniority of March 15th 1929. On April 2nd 1929 he is ordered to RAF Sealand  as follows: The following Pilot Officers are all posted to No. 5

Flying Training Sch., Sealand, for flying training on April 2, 1929 :—J. E.

Askworth, J. D. Baker-Carr, L. W. A. Binks, G. H. Binns, P. F. Corbett,

R. C. Dawkins, D. R. C. B. de Sarigny, R. F. Fletcher. D. A. Gowing, T. W.

Hodgson, K. G. Hucker, B. J. Hurren, G. B. Keily, F. Lemon, C. R. Lousada,

A. R. MacKewn, A. A. McLaren, H. E. Mayes, H. L. Messiter, J. S. D. Miles,

C. V. Ogden G. J., Pawson, C. M. Rees, H. A. Shotter, J. C. W. Staveley,

E. A. H. Tanner, A. J. Tunnard, A. C. P. Westhorpe, and D. E. T. Whittlesea.

There they commence flying training where Micky learns to fly on the Avro 504. Later he also flies the Bristol Fighter.

At a mess night at the Officers' Mess, Micky invited his father as a guest. He sat him next to a colleague who has just returned from India who regaled Grandpa with tales of India and the North West Frontier.  At the end of the meal, Grandpa, who was a great listener, remarked that things had changed a bit since he was last there. The young officer asked him if he had ever been to India to which he replied that he first visited the North West Frontier in 1897! 


4th March1930 Posted to 26 Sqdn at Catterick flying the Armstrong Whitworth Atlas.  Pictured above at Catterick with Whisky, his dog who was frequently going AWOL, even as far as Hull.  He had to go!
Here is a picture on WikiPedia of the Atlas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armstrong_Whitworth_Atlas
1930 He is stationed at Old Sarum with 26 (Army Cooperation) Squadron.

1931 Did the Instructor’s course at the Central Flying School at Wittering,  became an instructor, and then in 1931 was posted to Sealand. Here is the order posted in the London Gazette. He was here until 1932 at No 5 Flying Training School, flying Siskins 

Sporting event at Grantham in 1932 which Dad attends as an umpire

In 1933 Micky joined 16 Squadron at Old Sarum flying initially the AW Atlas and later the Hawker Audax http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawker_Audax . In 1934 his Short Service Commission finished and he was transferred to the reserve (March 15th 1934)