A musical tribute to Micky Jones (1946 - 2010), mainstay of Man, by members of the Manband Forum.

Members were free to submit either covers or original compositions as they felt fit. So in addition to interpretations of well known Man songs Kerosene, Angel Easy, C'monand Call Down The Moon, and two rarities in Back Together Again (originally played by Micky's solo bands Manipulator and Acidtones, and which was carried over into the early period of the reformed 1980's Manband), and Violin Thing (a Micky Jones instrumental demoed in the late 70's), there are also two originals: Long Lost Friend and The Acidtone Variations.


01. THE HEADSTONE POETS - Back Together Again (7:02)

02. ROSTOCK - Long Lost Friend (4:53)

03. DAVID SCOTT - Kerosene (7:24)

04. DONOVAN'S BRAIN - Violin Thing (4:30)

05. ELIGH TOADD - Angel Easy (5:25)

06. THE HEADSTONE POETS - C'mon (mon) (9:31)

07. THE QUAFFING LLAMAS - The Acidtone Variations (parts 1-3) (8:20)

08. NICK NATION & FRIENDS - Call Down The Moon (5:41)

The tracks can be previewed by clicking on the link below.

This CD is not a commercial release - it is free on request. Hopefully you'll feel you'd like to make a donation (£6 has been suggested, but of course more would gratefully received) which will go to Micky's nominated causes.

The Donate button below will allow you to request a copy of the CD and also make a donation via PayPal. Alternatively you can donate by cheque or postal order - please contact us at tmjta@btinternet.com for details.

2021 update - amazingly it is now 10 years since the CD was released, but copies are still available.