Rob and Camby Collier

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Our Wedding ~ January 1st, 2000

Camby is from Coos Bay, OR , (you know, where the New Carrisa was)
who moved to Portland 2 years ago. She has traveled to many parts of the world
and all around the US with her family doing promoting and sponsoring of
national motorcycle road-racing and dirt track events. She has two grown
wonderful sons, Curt and Chad. Her parents formally owned and operated the
Coos Bay International Speedway.

Rob was raised in the Portland area. He works at KCBY TV-11
He also was a Disc Jockey in St. Helens, among other things. He has been an avid collector
of all things Trekkie and Techie, Toys and Comics...(and, by the way, he is a great dancer...Camby
needs someone who can constantly entertain her.) He has been looking for someone to bring Magic
back into his life and has found it in Camby. One of their first weekend outtings was to Disneyland
and it has been "Happily ever after" ever since...and, of course, May the Force be with you.

"There was a Boy.....There was a Girl.....And he lived on the other side of the mountain",
you know, that old Donnie and Marie Osmond song, well, anyway....Camby had to leave Coos Bay....
moved to Portland, had to find a job to stay there, yet through that the connection was made.
We were introduced by Rob's Sister-in-law Laura who works with Camby.
It was magic from the first day. Rob and Camby that is, not to say there isn't magic
between Laura and Camby, but our connections get kinda frizzed out with her on the Midnight shift
and at that time Camby was on on 4 AM shift.....But actually we have Carol to thank, because if Laura
didn't go out and stand with Carol in the smoking area at 4:00 am when I came in each morning,
she just might not have ever even talked much with me...It is amazing how God
works through people and in a workplace in order for Camby to
find her man....Mr. Rob Collier...."What a man what a man, what a mighty,
mighty good man"....."She likes me for me"......End

August 07 1999

We had been looking for rings for over a month. I didn't want to formally ask
Camby without one. One day while looking a Harry Ritchies in Coos Bay, I bought a engagement ring
while Camby had stepped away. While having dinner with her parents that night at a
nice restaurant in town, Camby asked me, "So, how is your lobster Mr. Collier" and I said, "Great!"
Then I said, "Actually, I should say great, Mrs. Collier" Camby had a stunned look on her face
as I popped out the ring I just bought and said, "Camby, will you marry me?" Still stunned
by the Mrs. Collier line, she said Yes.

St. Pauls Lutheran Church Sherwood, OR

January 01 2000

With all the Y2K hoopla, we have decided to have a Candlelight Wedding.
I wanted to tell you that Earlene is making Camby's Wedding dress, it is so wonderful that
she offered to do this.

The Groom's Attendants
Roger Collier -- That good-looking younger brother of Rob's will be the Best Man.
What stories those two can tell...oh, and don't ask Roger about the Lincoln he just got.....
Instead ask him about custom Harley's...He be the man!!

Elliot Schwartzkopf -- Not related to the General, just Rob's best friend for the
past 15 years. Knows most of Rob's dirty and clean little secrets as he was there
when most of them happened. His wife Debbie is due with their first Child in March.

Chad Allan -- Camby's son, a Black Belt in Tong Soo Do, Ju Jitsu,
Male Model, also has his own Karate Studio in Coos Bay. Cliff Climber,
Mt. Biker, but more that, "a fine boy". Never given Camby a day of problems,
except for the BB-Gun incident.

The Bride's Attendants
Vicki Slape -- Vicki, Vicki, Vicki........My best friend from Coos Bay.....
I am so lucky to have her in my life!! She is a fantastic and beautiful life-long friend
and I am so happy she will be in our wedding!! She has "Short, short hair."

Susanna Hood -- Susanna has been through every moment of Camby's life the
last 2 yrs....What a great and perceptive friend, with beautiful eyelashes and who has a flare
for drawing very clever caricatures, who also has "Long, long hair."

Laura Collier -- Matchmaker a wonderful friend of Camby's who
knows it will be an honor to have her for a sister-in-law. Laura knew 2 Happy,
Fun, Silly people and brought them together, via e-mail...and, WHAT A MATCH!!

Andrea Saechao-- Our little Flower Girl

Gavin Burgess--Our little Ring Bearer