Japan Center for Michigan Universities

Established in 1989, the Japan Center for Michigan Universities (JCMU) is a consortium of the 15 public universities of Michigan and is the centerpiece of the 40-year Michigan-Shiga Sister State Relationship. For over 20 years, JCMU has provided unique international education to over 2,500 American students and 2,500 Japanese students from diverse disciplines and majors at our living and learning center in Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

In addition to core Japanese and English language and cultural programming, JCMU continually responds to emerging world issues with professionally focused courses and programs in areas such as the environmental sciences and comparative health care. In addition to JCMU’s challenging academics, community involvement remains a key component to all JCMU course offerings.

Beyond classroom training, JCMU students are able to apply their skills in the local community and throughout Japan through home stays, language partners, volunteer work, field trips, demonstrations, and other activities. In keeping with its mission, JCMU's academic and Japan-related outreach programs strive to provide students with stimulating intercultural and academic experiences.

For more information about JCMU, visit jcmu.isp.msu.edu