Michigan-Shiga High School Exchange Program

The Michigan Department of Education and the Shiga Board of Education initiated the Michigan-Shiga Student Exchange Program in 1990. The program was originally operated out of the Michigan Department of Education, then Clinton County RESA and the Office of Gifted and Talented Education at Michigan State University, and since 2014, the Michigan Shiga Sister State Board along with their new co-sponsor, Asian Studies Center at Michigan State University, has operated it.

We are seeking Michigan students in grades 9 - 11 to travel to Shiga. Michigan families are asked to only provide room and board, students will pay for all personal expenses.  Michigan students should be provided their own bed. The Michigan students will reside with their host family from June 29, 2018-July 13, 2018.

During their home stay with their Shiga family, Michigan students will attend school each day and participate in their host family activities.  Two adult chaperones will be accompany the Michigan students and will be available for any assistance host families may need. 

No previous hosting experience nor a ability to speak Japanese is required. 
Questions:  Please contact http://jcmu.isp.msu.edu/about/contact/  with any questions. 
Michigan Shiga,
Mar 26, 2018, 7:10 AM