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Goodwill Mission Hosting FAQ

Question: Will I know who my Japanese guest is before they arrive?

Answer: Before your visitor arrives, every effort will be made to provide you with their name and contact information so you may begin corresponding before they arrive. When writing, you can talk about your home life, your family members, and your community’s activities and attractions. It is also helpful to mention practical matters such as the type of clothing needed for weather conditions in your area or activities that you plan to do (like swimming or hiking).

Question: Do I have to speak Japanese?

Answer: No. People from Japan usually start learning English in middle school, so most guests will speak some English. That being said, communication across languages and cultures can still be challenging (and sometimes humorous). Through the use of dictionaries, body language, pictures or even an occasional pantomime, you will find that you can still communicate with your guest even without .

Question: What age group would the guest from staying with me be?

Answer: In the past, we have had participates ranging in age from 18 to 80. We cannot provide hosts a guarantee regarding the age range of their guest from Shiga; but if a preference is indicated in the application form, we will honor such requests to the best of our ability.

Question: Can I host more than one person?

Answer: Yes! Sometimes two or more delegates from Japan travel together (like a husband and wife, or parent and child), and request to stay together in the same family. In these cases, it is very helpful for us to have hosts that can accommodate more than one guest in their home.