Michigan-Shiga Sister State Board

The purpose of this board is to coordinate sister state activities between Michigan and Shiga. One of the main projects of the Sister State Board is to coordinate the Goodwill Mission, which consists of Michigan citizens traveling to Shiga on odd-numbered years and Shiga citizens traveling to Michigan on even-numbered years. This involves making all of the travel arrangements for the group going to Shiga and organizing the welcome, farewell and hosting of the delegates coming from Shiga. The board works closely with Shiga, especially through the official they send to East Lansing to stay for two years. The Sister State Board is made up of representatives from the 17 cities in Michigan that have established ties with cities in Shiga. Each city has two voting members on the board, and is welcome to have as many non-voting members as they wish. The board meets three times a year, moving the meeting to different sister cities within the state.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Michigan-Shiga Sister State Board is to promote increased respect and understanding of the different cultures that exist in Japan and the United States, and to build strong and lasting personal relationships through reciprocal citizen exchanges between Michigan and Shiga as a means of fostering greater peace in our world.

2013 Michigan-Shiga Sister State Board Meeting

Special Recognition

Board Member Lillian Kumata was presented the Hugh Jenkins Award for Excellence in Community Programming on October 22, 2009. This award is given by the NAFSA: National Association of International Educators. The Director of the International Student Scholars Office at Michigan State University, Peter Briggs, presented the award to Mrs. Kumata at an MSU function held in honor of all of the international students on campus.

Lillian Kumata receiving award