Established in 1968, the Michigan-Shiga partnership is the oldest and most comprehensive sister state relationship between the United States and Japan. Residents of Michigan and Shiga continue to maintain close ties through exchanges involving students, teachers, community members and government officials.

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2015 Goodwill Mission to Shiga, Japan

The Michigan-Shiga Sister State Board would like to invite you to accompany us on the 2015 Goodwill Mission Trip to Shiga, Japan, Michigan’s Sister State. Trip co-coordinators are Kathee McDonald and Marilyn Schlief. Our trip has openings for 35 Michigan participants, and we would be honored if you could travel with us to experience this trip of a lifetime.

We are offering a 11-day package which includes:
  • Round trip air fare from Lansing to Nagoya
  • Ground travel in Japan
  • Hotel accommodations and most meals
  • Luggage transfers
  • English speaking Interpreter/Tour Guide
  • Tours & Unique Cultural Experiences
One of the highlights of this trip will be a 5-day stay in the home of a Japanese family. You will meet their families, friends and neighbors, experiencing the true Japanese traditions. Friendships will be formed that last a lifetime.

More information available here:  2015 Goodwill Mission