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it Capirotada  and  Champurrado
Make memories with your family, like I did with  mine, by sharing these recipes of  Capirotada, a delicious bread pudding made with pound cake, apples, dried cranberries, pecans, Jack cheese, and a delicious Mexican  Chocolate Sauce and (you can't leave this one out)Chocolate Atole: Champurrado, a thick and delicious masa-based chocolate drink - almost like a healthy chocolate soup .

Mi Chita's Mexican Chocolate Recipes Cookbook makes it easy and delicious for you and your family to experience the fabulous flavor of Mexican chocolate in a wonderful variety of food and drinks.

Try these tasty treats for you next kids party:
Mexican Chocolate Nachos with Fruit Salsa and a refreshing Mocha Milkshake. Your kids will love you for making them feel so special. Of course if you don't have time and the kids are having a spur of the moment get-together, these recipes are easy enough for them to prepare for themselves and their friends.

Mi Chita's eCookbook was written with loving memories of my own childhood years. Sharing some of these moments in time have allowed me to keep celebrating my own cultural background and form new ones with my children. Friends and family that enjoy Southwestern cooking and traditions look forward to participating in creating new memories as well.
Mi Chita's
does this for you, and more.

You don't have to use Mexican Chocolate to make these delicious recipes.  You can use regular baking chocolate (bittersweet is best) and just flavor with cinnamon and vanilla or almond flavoring.  But, for an authentic Southwestern taste delight, Mexican Chocolate would be the best choice.

You'll get
the story of how Chocolate, the greatest gift Mexico ever gave the world, came to be. From the Aztecs to the present.

You'll get 25 specially selected recipes that guarantee to help make you the Mexican Chocolate Queen (or King) of the kitchen.

You'll get resources for
buying Mexican Chocolate online.

You get a
list of amazing books that are recommended if you are a true Chocoholic.

You get a
beautiful photograph with every recipe.

Your ecookbook comes in
PDF format. This means you do not have to be on the internet to access your recipes. The ecookbook is accessible to all operating systems: PC and Mac.

All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader and most people already have that on their computer, but just in case you don't, click here to download the reader for FREE.

This ebook is Not Expensive. We could have had it printed and sold it for $10.00 at the bookstore.
But we wanted to share something special with you and help you make new memories of your own. So, we created Mi Chita's.
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Teresa Cordero Cordell, author
 Aprovecho, A Mexican-American Border Cookbook
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