American Black Walnut is probably one of the most
 famous and unique species of all our hardwoods.

Large trees, used to be defect free and exceptionally well-formed.

Because of its rich, brown, lustrous heartwood with 
a grain pattern and intermediate pore size falling 
somewhere between the grainy hardwoods, such as 
oak and the uniform textured woods such as maple 
and yellow-poplar. 

Walnut wood became prized for furniture, paneling, military and sporting gun stocks, novelties, and even shingles for roofs. 

Walnut timber at one time was abundant and had a natural resistance to decay and insects.

Today Black Walnut is under attack in several states and it is most likely only a matter of time before the Thousand Cankers Disease (TCD) of Black Walnut Trees reaches Michigan. get more information on TCD 

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  • Michigan lawmakers to debate forest diversity plan TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — A fight is brewing in the Michigan Legislature over management of state forest land, as an Upper Peninsula senator tries to derail a plan aimed mostly ...
    Posted Feb 16, 2013, 12:05 PM by Wayne Gregory
  • Lakes Huron, Michigan at lowest water levels recorded Great Lakes Low Water Levels Very low water levels at Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge. Water levels have continued to decrease in the days and weeks following the storm surge ...
    Posted Feb 6, 2013, 6:02 AM by Wayne Gregory
  • DNR Director in U.P. by Jerry TudorPosted: 01.29.2013 MARQUETTE -- The Michigan Department of Natural Resources director is meeting with staff and stakeholders in the Upper Peninsula this week. Keith Creagh was ...
    Posted Jan 30, 2013, 12:57 AM by Wayne Gregory
  • DNR seeks help in find winter ‘deer yards’ in U.P. Jan. 25, 2013 As part of an initiative to update maps of deer wintering complexes (also known as “deer yards”) in the Upper Peninsula, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources ...
    Posted Jan 27, 2013, 2:20 AM by Wayne Gregory
  • The composition of the region’s forests is expected to change The Environment Report TUE JANUARY 22, 2013By REBECCA WILLIAMSNew report assesses current and future climate changeYou probably remember that extreme weather was not kind to Michigan ...
    Posted Jan 24, 2013, 8:12 AM by Wayne Gregory
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Smarter timber practices good for forests, jobs

By Jim Schuessler
Feb. 6, 2013

Phrases such as "money does not grow on trees" become overused to the point that they are rendered meaningless. However, in America's national forests, money and jobs do grow on trees. 

Unfortunately, unintended consequences and improperly budgeted governmental agencies are costing jobs, causing unnecessary and unneeded timber imports into the United States and inflating commodity prices.

In the past two decades, America's economy has lost jobs and billions of dollars in potential revenue because of under-harvest in our national forests. more

Michigan Logging Company Video of the Month - February 2013

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January 30, 2013
China's Insatiable Demand For Timber Destroys Cambodia's Forests
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Why China must act now to stop illegal timber imports

January 17th, 2013
Somebody is not telling the truth about the scale of illegal timber coming in to China

Forests campaigner Chris Moye reveals the evidence - gathered via field investigations - of the alarming and highly unsustainable flow of illicit timber through China...

In 2011, Mozambique registered exports of 36,000 cubic meters of logs to China, yet China recorded imports of 230,000 cubic metres

Since the late 1990s, China has taken strong measures to protect and grow its own forests. At the same time, it has built a vast wood processing industry reliant on imports for most of its raw materials supply.  more illegal timber imports 

 Minneapolis, MN


Fallen Timber
Updated Dec. 11, 2012
Part 1: As society sheds paper, an industry shrinks

River towns in the forest from eastern Washington to the coast of Maine have lost more than a hundred paper mills in a wave of consolidation in little more than a decade. 

In northern Minnesota, a region historically dependent on the trinity of timber, taconite and tourism, one corner of the economic foundation is wobbling... more

Scott Pittack

 In 2009 China surpassed the U.S. as a paper producer. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, China has several advantages over the declining American paper industry. Part of the story can be found on the video below.

Michigan logging company video of the month - January 2013

Paper Cuts On - JSOnline
plus related story
iPads, China: Twin Threats To Wisconsin's Paper Industry

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 While wood keeps on growing in Minnesota’s forests, demand for some of the products made from it have declined.

The world’s most precious trees are being rapidly logged into extinction in countries such as Cambodia and served up to Chinese consumers as “staggeringly” expensive ornate furniture with the complicity of Beijing, a comprehensive investigation into the trade has found. 

Appetite For Destruction: China’s trade in illegal timber, a report from the independent campaigning organisation Environmental Investigation Agency which was launched yesterday in Beijing, found that while the US, EU and Australia have taken legislative action to stop the illegal timber trade, China lags behind.

see photo below
  • A cache of illegally cut young rosewood timber concealed at a make-shift weigh station in the Central Cardamom Protected Forest in Koh Kong province. Illegal logging has plagued Cambodia’s protected forests for years. Photograph: Will Baxter/Phnom Penh Post
    A cache of illegally cut young rosewood timber concealed at a make-shift weigh station in the Central Cardamom Protected Forest in Koh Kong province. Illegal logging has plagued Cambodia’s protected forests for years. Photograph: Will Baxter/Phnom Penh Post, see article above.

Sell Gold, Buy Timber

by Carl DelfeldInvestment U Senior Analyst
Thursday, January 10, 2013: Issue #1945

No question, gold has had a nice run.

It’s been up 12 consecutive years. And during this period, gold prices are up around 500%. This is probably why in 2012, 84% of new cash invested in commodities went into gold funds.

But these investors would have done far better if they had invested in another commodity that we use every day. One that beat gold by 567% in 2012.

While gold was up 6.6% last year… Timber was up 37.4%. And timber future prices were up 49%. more sell/buy

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Update:  Forestry chief given chop after ash crisis
Oliver Moody Last updated at 12:01AM, January 22 2013

Oliver Moody
Last updated  January 22 2013

Pamela Warhurst has stepped down from the Forestry Commission 

The top official at the Forestry Commission has left her job after ministers demanded new leadership to handle the ash dieback crisis.

The shuffle comes as a cache of documents seen by The Timesreveals the Government’s chaotic approach to fighting the deadliest tree infection to hit Britain since Dutch elm disease.   more ash mess

Forestry Commission planted 70,000 imported ash trees 

Forestry Commission planted 70,000 imported ash trees despite warnings
The infected sites include Thetford Forest, in Norfolk, one of the biggest lowland forests in England Photo: Martin Pope for the Telegraph

  28 Dec 2012

The Forestry Commission imported and planted 70,000 ash trees after being warned of the dangers of bringing in diseased species, it has been alleged.

Two trade bodies, the Horticultural Trades Association and the Confederation of Forest Industries, warned the Commission of the potential threat of fungal disease in 2009.

But despite this 70,400 trees were brought in from abroad and now ash dieback- or chalara fraxinea – is now threatening to wipe out 80 million trees in Britain.

Last month Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary, called a meeting of the Cobra cabinet emergency committee to tackle the problem.

“A group of growers went over to the continent and could see what havoc was being created and on their return they wrote to the Commission requesting a ban,” said Gary Scroby, the HTA’s policy manager.

“The response from the Commission was that it was that the disease was already here and they could not do anything about in terms of quarantine. more

Restoration forestry takes root 

 A machine measures and cuts a log from an over-crowded plot in the Siuslaw National Forest.Thinning is used to reduce the number of young trees that were densely replanted after clear-cutting. This reduces the risk of forest fires and provides room for trees to mature into old growth.
 A machine measures and cuts a log from an over-crowded plot in the Siuslaw National Forest.Thinning is used to reduce the number of young trees that were densely replanted after clear-cutting. This reduces the risk of forest fires and provides room for trees to mature into old growth.

Glitch on Minnesota DNR's wolf website has critics howling

Glitch on Minnesota DNR's wolf website has critics howling
The first wolf season ran during the firearms deer season. Here, hunters gathered at a deer camp near Tower, Minn.

  • DNR's running tally went dark, worrying opponents of the wolf hunt.

Star Tribune Logo

    January 1, 2013

An ill-timed problem with the tally of wolves taken during Minnesota's closely scrutinized hunting and trapping season is giving opponents a new reason to object, but the state says the computer glitch is nothing to get worked up about.

The New Year's Day hiccup, as with nearly everything involving the emotion-charged debate, had passions inflamed. Groups that object to the hunt called it emblematic of a bigger problem with the state's new wolf season, which is nearing its end.

The problem began Tuesday morning when the state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website that hunters and trappers are required to check wasn't posting its running tally of wolves taken in the northwest region of the state -- the last region still open. more

EU Timber imports rules to change

When sourcing timber full traceability will now be required in the EU
When sourcing timber full trace-ability will now be required in the EU


January 4, 2013 

New European Union import regulations may affect the price and availability of timber used for large outrigger mats and temporary roadways.

The new rules, which take effect in March, are aimed at prohibiting the import of any illegally produced wood products into the EU in order to help combat the unlawful felling of trees and thus help combat illegal logging and the deforestation of rainforests.  more

Take a hike if you know what’s good for you. 

take a hike

Peace of mind: What
 rural folks already know

Opinion » Editorials
January 01. 2013 

Psychologists at the University of Kansas and the University of Utah wanted to study the connection between brain function and spending time in nature. 

As the Los Angeles Times reported last month, the psychologists studied Outward Bound participants who spent four to six days in the woods. 

The subjects were forbidden from using any electronic devices while on their hikes. Participants were split into groups, with one taking a mental agility test before entering the woods, the other after several days "off the grid." 

Those who were tested after four days in the woods scored 50 percent better than their counterparts who were tested before going in.
The authors concluded that "higher-order cognitive skills improve with sustained exposure to a natural environment."

That is only one study, but it is consistent with others that have shown a positive connection between attention levels and exposure to nature. 

For example, a University of Michigan study found that participants who took a long walk in a park performed better on a mental skills test than did those who took a long walk in the city. 

We also know what it can do for our peace of mind. Now scientists are confirming that it can improve creativity, attention span and mental function. Nice of them to catch up to us.
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Help wanted: MNDNR looking for helicopters and pilots

Help wanted: DNR looking for helicopter pilots

 Dec 26, 2012

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Needed: A few good helicopters and pilots for Minnesota fire control.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is hunting for helicopter services for its fire control bases in Cloquet, Princeton and Roseau. The agency hopes to hear from potential vendors by early January.

The DNR solicitation posted last week says the helicopters need to be operated by fully qualified personnel. They would be used to transport other fire personnel, equipment and supplies. They would also be deployed for reconnaissance flights, photography work and bucket-and-fire missions.more

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota researchers will soon get text messages from dead moose.


CBS Local  January 4, 2013 

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources is launching a moose research project in northeastern Minnesota to determine why the state's population of the animal is declining. 

DNR officials will hold a St. Paul news conference ...more

   Old Growth New Ideas


Autumn rains on the Oregon Coast herald the end of another parched Pacific Northwest summer. Clad in Gore-Tex and fleece, an unlikely collection of visitors to the Siuslaw National Forest greets the storm. 

You might expect these rural landowners, U.S. Forest Service employees, timber industry representatives, and environmentalists to be on opposite sides of a courtroom or forest protest. 

The stereotypes developed during the timber wars say that what’s good for the environment hurts the economy: Logging is an enemy of forest health. Loggers and tree-huggers are supposed to hate each other.

Environmental conflict is supposed to flourish in timber country. more

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This isn't what Smokey the Bear had in mind.
This isn't what Smokey the Bear had in mind.  Read more:
LOS ANGELES, CA (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) 

First Published December 28, 2012 

Fox News Latino 

Marijuana Growth in US National Forests is Big Business for Mexican Traffickers

Mexican drug traffickers are stepping up marijuana growing operations in America's national forests, according to a report by the USA Today.

Drug trafficking in U.S. national forests isn't a new thing. It was first detected in 1995, but traffickers are "finding that it's easier and grow within this country," Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen told the newspaper. 

From 2005 to 2010, undocumented immigrants tended 1,607 cultivation sites in national forests, David Ferrell, the Forest Service's law enforcement and investigations director told a congressional panel last year. In August, Operation Mountain Sweep eradicated more than 578,000 plants worth more than $1 billion in seven Western states, including California.

The problem isn't just a western state epidemic. A raid in Wisconsin seized more than 8,000 marijuana plants in Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. In a Michigan forest, 3,000 plants were seized in 2011.

Traffickers enter the federal lands, grow their plants, cut down trees, and put other Americans at risk. Experts say the strategy makes sense for traffickers looking to move the product closer to its American clients.  more

Fight against illegal logging successful – Forestry Commission

article updated at Saturday, December 29, 2012
The Forestry Commission (FC) has pledged its commitment to continue the fight against illegal logging operations and the chainsaw menace in the country.

Already, the five-member rapid response team set up and deployed to the Western, Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions has been successful in carrying out a number of operational measures to combat those activities in the forest and wildlife sector.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the FC, Mr Samuel Afari Dartey, about 154 illegally constructed hamlets within the catchment area of the Sui River Forest Reserve in the Sefwi Wiawso District in the Western Region had been demolished, while 31 hectares of illegal farms had also been destroyed in the Krokosua Hills and the Tano-Offin Forest reserves.

In addition, 18 chainsaw machines were seized during the operations, about 11,000 pieces of assorted lumber seized, 51 logs confiscated, mostly in the Nkawie and Goaso forest districts, and 45 vehicles impounded for illegally conveying lumber or logs.

Speaking at the FC’s end-of-year party in Accra last Friday, Mr Dartey said by March 2013, a new regulation that would restrict access to illegal timber/timber documentation in the European Union (EU) would come to force, hence the need to strengthen the commission’s capacity to deal with the situation.

According to data from the Ministry of  Lands and Natural Resources, at the beginning on the 20th century Ghana’s forest cover was  about 8.2 million hectares, but now it was about 1.6 million hectares, with an estimated 65 hectares being lost every year owing to logging and chainsaw operations, as well as other human activities.

It has also been established that the annual cost of forest depletion to the country stands at $300 million.
Officially, there are about 200 licensed timber companies operating in the country and these companies are under obligation to replant areas under their jurisdiction.  more