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2014 Competition at Michigan International Speedway

            The Michigan Tech 2014 MIS Team 

Competition Results
61 out of 120 teams
Completed all events

Fall Updates!

  • Testing stock Yamaha engine to establish power and torque targets
  • Incorporating Performance Electronics PE3 ECU into the Yamaha engine
  • Design and construct 1st iteration of F194 competition intake. 
  • Continuously improve dynamometer setup by incorporating dyno water discharge temperature and exhaust air to fuel ratio measurements.
  • Fabricated F194 steering system and set up chassis for preliminary drivability
  • Build chassis jigs and have begun welding of F315 chassis
  • Constructed impact attenuator for F194 out of aluminum honeycomb
  • Molded carbon fiber steering wheel for F914
  • Constructed shear panels for F315
  • Generated molds for F194 body and began a preliminary aero package report
  • Made first 3D printed brake light housing
  • Incorporated PE3 ECU into Dyno
As always, Michigan Tech's Formula SAE team is happy to provide additional information/updates to anyone interested. If you are interested in something we are doing or would like to offer assistance or advice, please don't hesitate to contact our leaders HERE

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