Throw us a Bone!

  • Interested In puppy play? Want to support the pup. community? looking for support for an event or fundraiser? shoot us an email. U・ェ・U
  • we are here to unite pups and pup friendly people all across Michigan, we are always welcome to adding new members.
  • Don't know much about pup play? Learn first hand by talking and connecting with pups at events and experience the lifestyle first hand, weather it be on the mats in a mosh, watching from the side, or anything in between. 
  • Introduce yourself and explore your curiosity in a safe place, contact us at the address below.
about us 

  • The Michigan Puppy Patrol (MiPP) is a community based safe haven for anyone in or interested in pup play. The MiPP is committed to supporting the members of the pup community, and helping expand the pup community in Michigan through education and events. Our doors are open to anyone in or interested in pup play; including handlers, pups, and trainers.
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