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Michigan Oak began as part of Paris Township and first mapped as a residential area in the 1920s. At 60.8%, it has the highest percentage of college-educated residents in the city. As of 2000, 71.8% of the neighborhood homes are owner-occupied.

            Cresting on the northeast end of Grand Rapids, MONA starts where businesses end and the row of oak trees bow overhead to form a living canopy. It is a quiet, well established community consisting of homes, condos, apartments and churches nestled on tree-lined streets. Side streets wind in on themselves providing quiet areas for bike rides, walks with family and friends or jogging.  The neighborhood includes Westboro, Middleboro and Church Lakes, three of the city’s six lakes, within its’ limits. The beautiful homes and large yards, well-kept condos and apartments and their manicured areas testify to the success of a residential neighborhood surrounded by busy thoroughfares. From throughout the community is easy access to Michigan, Fulton and Cascade roads, expressways, and Eastbelt Line.




M.O.N.A.'s  e-Community
This site provides a convenient means of communication for our neighbors, is a general resource to the residents and promotes Michigan Oaks neighborhood.
If you would like further information on our community or would like to volunteer, please find us at contactmonaboard@gmail.com






Michigan Oaks boundaries are:
Oak Industrial Drive
Eastbelt Line

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