Welcome to Michigan NAME.  
We are a local group of educators and community members committed to building connections between schools and community in Detroit and the broader metro area.   

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Hi All,

This is a reminder that we are having our monthly business meeting
this Friday November 20th at 4:30.  There has been a change of venue.
We had hoped to meet at Youthville but unfortunately this space was
not available. We are now meeting at Wayne State University in the
College of Education Building Room 298. I have been told that the best
place to park is in parking lot 31.

In addition, for those members who want to attend but can't we are
going to provide conference calling on SKYPE as well.  You can connect
to my SKYPE account at cjfburke.  If you need technical support you
can e-mail me at cjfburke@umd.umich.edu before friday and I will try
to provide that support.

We have a tentative agenda for Friday.
 1) Discuss governance structure and elect new officers. (Martha
Adler, Tasha Lebow)
 2) Community conversation plan for December meeting in Ypsilanti.
(Tom Hoetger)
 3) Follow up and discuss possible collaboration (Tasha Lebow)
 4) Are we color blind conversation at Neutral Zone Ann Arbor (Gail
 5) Community conversations with kids (Chris Burke)
 6) Other matters arising.

If there are other agenda items that you want to add please let me

I will see or talk to all of you on Friday.

Hi All,

Welcome back from summer.  I hope that it was restful and inspiring. Fall brings us the return of school and the return of MiNAME.  At the end of last year we agreed that we were going to hold our monthly business meeting on the third friday of each month from 4:30 - 6:00. We are going to rotate the meeting location between Detroit, Dearborn, and Ann Arbor in order to make it easier for individuals in each of those communities to be a part of the meetings. Below is our tentative schedule.

Sept 18th 4:30 Ann Arbor (U of M-AA School of Education)
Oct 16th 4:30 Dearborn (U of M-D School of Education)
Nov 20th 4:30 Detroit (TBD)
Dec 18th 4:30 Ann Arbor (U of M-AA School of Education)
Jan 15th 4:30 Dearborn (U of M-D School of Education)
Feb 19th 4:30 Detroit (TBD)

These dates and locations are tentative and will be clarified at the first meeting.  At the first meeting I think we are going to talk about several initiatives/ideas that were started last year or that individuals have identified and talked about over the summer. 

1) Sponsoring youth discussion panels.  - We talked about this with a teacher (Cindy Kirby) from Westwood Community schools last year and Lila offered to share her experience doing similar things with the Rosa Parks Project.  I am also interested in sponsoring this at my children's school in Ann Arbor. We had several teachers from Lincoln Public Schools and Dearborn come to our conversation last year who might also be interested in this kind of activity.  Gail has also started working with the leaders of SEED at the Neutral Zone to sponsor youth discussions on are we color blind.

2) Lila and I talked last year about making a connection with the Obama Campaign.  She had information about their providing training in community organizing.  How could we as an organization benefit from this to identify our strengths, goals, and role in the Detroit Metro Area. I still want to talk about this possibility.  I think it relates to Martha's question (see issue 5)

3) We need to follow up with the people who came to our conversation last year.  I don't know who has the list of names but I remember that several people took down these names.  We need to contact them and invite them to join us this year. Lila Cabbil emphasized correctly that these people are our who we need to stay in contact with because they, like us are in the community and share our commitment to addressing issues of race and inequity in the community.  This is why they came to our conversation and follow up on this contact is essential to building the group.

4)  Membership - We spent a lot of time talking last year about who are members are.  This e-mial has been sent to as many names as I could find but I have a sense that there are other individuals out there that think of themselves as part of the group.  I have heard stories told of individuals of legend.  (OK I have slipped into hyperbole)... It is not clear to me who is a member of Michigan-NAME or how we would go about tracking down individuals who want to be in the group or who are lapsed members.  Just like we need to follow up with the new individuals who we have had contact with we need to re-connect with our current and lapsed members. When I use the royal we I want to know who that we is.

5) Governance - Martha Adler started last year advocating that we re-examine the by laws and elect leadership.

6) Communication - Last year there were several people who met on a regular basis and we didn't know who set up the Yahoo group and we were not sure who was in the group or who was managing the group.  Tasha later told me who had set it up and who was in charge of it and I have since forgotten.  Before this happened I also set up a google group, web site and blog.  Leah VanBelle also set up a facebook page.  At this point I think we have yahoo, google and facebook covered but we don't have a consistent way to contact all of the people who we don't know are in the group. I think most of the time we send e-mails to groups of individuals and the cc list is seldom complete.  A decision needs to be made about how to facilitate communication among the group.  If it is left up to me I will promote and use google but I really don't care.   (Insert your agenda item here.) Several of you probably got this message three times because I am going to post it on Yahoo, Google and I am going to e-mail it to the list of people I have in my e-mail.  If you didn't get this message three times then you are not on one of those lists.  If you did then you are well connected in Michigan - NAME and you are now mad at me.

Enough agenda items.  I look forward to seeing all of you on September 18th

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