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We treat all timberland with respect.

Landowners will 
receive highest fair market value for their timber. 

The extra care and effort that is needed to ensure the forest's health is always proudly included as part of our service.

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 About Selling Your Timber

Our commitment is to provide timber landowners a quality harvest while ensuring both a profitable outcome and enhancement your woods, for future growth and better forest regeneration.

As a privately owned business our dedication to woodland owners and responsible harvesting practices that go beyond just the financial bottom line.

We  hope that in the future we will be able to return to your woodlot and continue to use it as a productive, renewable resource. 

Your woods is a dynamic, ever changing ecosystem.  Our Michigan Logging Company can improve your forest's long term quality through careful selection of financially mature trees and our safe, quality harvesting methods.

The first step is your timber evaluation which will be performed  by one of our timber buyers  who will physically walk the woods marking trees 16” in diameter or larger, or those detrimental to the health of the woodlot. This is a service provided free of charge to qualified timber landowners. 

Small or large acreage, our company believes that a well informed  woodland owner can make a substantial difference and better decisions for their woods.That is why we have provided the resources that are here.

If you need additional information, or have if you have any questions about your woodlot, feel free to contact us at any time. We are always glad to help in properly maintaining your woodlot through quality timber harvesting practices.

How We Do It

We  identify dying, damaged and diseased trees, and trees that have reached peak maturity and mark them for harvest to help improve the overall health of your forest

Topics like watershed quality, wildlife habitat and future harvests are all taken into account. 

This helps to improve the overall health of your wooded acreage.  

By removing over mature trees, openings in the forest canopy are created allowing enough sunlight to reach the forest floor, sunlight that new seedlings and sprouts  will use to thrive and prosper.

It is our belief that all forestland should be managed in a sustainable manner and that the most important step is treating your forest as a valuable natural resource. 

Is should be used it in a responsible manner that allows us to take a few trees today and leave a better woods when we are through.


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