Table Tips

*You can download these tips as a .pdf for easy printing from the "Promo Materials" section located on the left-side menu

Make it easy. 
If you’ve got a laptop, have people hand you their driver’s license so you can navigate the website (you’ll be more familiar with it, and it’ll go faster). Use the URL shortcut ( No laptop? Use the spreadsheets and collect their information to enter later. 

No red heart?
Many people think they’re already signed up, but signing the back of the license is not enough. If they don’t have a red heart emblem on the front, explain the Donor Registry. 

Tell, don’t ask.
Instead of asking if someone wants to sign up, try telling people what you’re doing: “Hi! We’re signing people up on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry. You can help our library in the Michigan Libraries for Life event by signing up as an organ donor today!” This approach makes people feel more like they’re part of a team effort, and doing something valuable. 

30-second rule.
People are in a hurry. If they hesitate after you’ve let them know that you can register them, follow up quickly with, “It only takes about 30 seconds.” If they say yes, hold true to your word. If it’s taking longer, give them a brochure to sign up later on their own. 

Don’t wait.
Approach people in a friendly, outgoing way. Don’t wait for them to come to you. Offer them freebies! 

Start fresh with each new donor.
Bookmark the webpage with the URL shortcut (, or make it your temporary homepage. You MUST return to this page after every single sign-up, or the system won’t credit the library properly. Don’t hit the “back” button to get to it—start fresh. 

Donor for what?
Don’t tell people you can help them be ‘a donor.’ Make sure you’re clear from the start: organ and tissue donor. 

Help the undecided.
If someone can’t decide if they want to sign up, or needs more information, make sure they leave the table with a brochure

Live out-of-state? 

There are people from all 50 states and Canada on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry. The sign-up page asks if you have a valid Michigan license, just select “No” and a form will appear to type in your name, address and birthdate. Use your home address. The Michigan Secretary of State won’t send you a red heart donor sticker, but you ARE helping your library participate in the Michigan Libraries for Life campaign, and may save a life someday. You may want to sign up on the National Donate Life Registry at, also.

Be enthusiastic, but not aggressive.
Answer questions, talk about the lives that can be saved. But don’t be pushy—we don’t want to turn people off to the cause. Someone who is hesitant to sign up but treated nicely is more likely to decide to donate later. 

Give and get.
Use the brochures, candies and other giveaways to attract people to the table. Give bookmarks, heart-shaped stress squeezies, or pens to people who sign up as a “thank you” gift. 

“No” is okay.
If someone firmly says “No,” don’t pressure them. Thank them politely and turn your attention to the next person. 

Contact Jennifer Tislerics at Gift of Life Michigan. 866-500-5801, ext. 1048 or