Manager Checklist for Registering

All documents can be submitted online.

#1- Facility Rules

  • TBA

#2- Tournament Roster (To be completed online).

  • Be sure to complete all information including date of birth.
  • Please print a copy of this roster and bring to check-in.

#3- Laminated Player Cards.

  • Player Cards are not needed but, proof of birth may be required.

#4- Medical Releases.

  • Applicable to US teams only.
  • These forms should be from current league/state and must be checked by staff prior to first game.
  • Medical Release forms must be available for every game but, are to be kept by team manager or coach.

#5- Liability and waiver form.

  • If you are having trouble downloading this form from the forms page, your computer may be blocking cookies. Go to this page to print the form.

#6- Travel Forms and/or Permits

  • None needed.