2010 Tournament Results

***Tournament results will be posted as they are received during the 2010 season.  If you are running a tournament in Michigan please send an email listing the winner of your tournament and any other information you wish to provide.***

Michigan ASA State Champions

"B" Champs- RT Boring        (Full Results)

"C" Champs- Munger Fireman        (Full Results)

"D" Champs- Fat Boyz        (Full Results)

"E" Champs- Hastings Moose Lodge        (Results)

Michigan Invitational Tournament Champions

Early Bird (Coldwater)- Lightning        (Full Results)

Coldwater Inv.- Neitzert's/Kelly's        (Full Results)

Riverfront Shootout- Lightning        (Full Results)

Neitzert's Memorial- All Star Mechanical

White Mem.- Hastings Merchants        (Full Results)

Zulski Inv.- Crouch Electric        (Full Results)

Boulevard Lounge- Chicago/NY        (Full Results)

Plangger Inv.- Smalltown Fastpitch

Port Huron Inv.- (Full results)

Marquardt Mem.- Lightning        (Full Results)

Hall of Fame- Hastings Merchants

Schwab Mem.- Alvinston        (Full Results)

Klooster Mem.- Bay Street Orthopedics    (Results)

Mentor/Novice- Hastings Merchants