About the Michigan Fastpitch Website

The Michigan Fast Pitch website was designed to promote men's fastpitch softball in Michigan. The site is used to organize information about teams, leagues, tournaments, etc. so that this information can be found in one location.  This site was created in October of 2009.  

This website is not affiliated with any softball association.  See the MASAASAISC, or NAFA websites for official information about sanctioned tournaments, pitcher lists, and team classifications.


The purpose of the Teams page is to list all of the teams in (or near) Michigan along with the manager and contact information.  Please submit your information on the Teams page if you have a team to add to the list or if you can fill in information that is missing.  A link to your team's website can also be posted if you provide the link.

The purpose of the Leagues page is to list all of the leagues in (or near) Michigan.     

The purpose of the Tournaments page is to list all of the tournaments in (or near) Michigan.  Please submit your tournament information on the Tournaments page or provide any information that is currently missing.

The purpose of the Results page is to post results from each tournament held in (or near) Michigan. This will promote the tournaments and help the classification committee when they are evaluating teams and pitchers.  If you are a tournament organizer please submit the results from your tournament when it is complete.


Your contact information will not be posted on this site unless you give permission to do so or you have already posted your information on another site.