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Emergency power for your Appliances during Sandy using your EV

Coverage of National Plug-in Day 
Vicki Ringold of Ann Arbor, left, and her daughter Allison, 11, right along with their Volt at Plug-in Day 2012

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News coverage of Red Point Engineering Auburn Hills, MI 

2. Boxster was showcased at EVCCON 2012 (Electric Vehicle Convention 2012 in Cape Girardeou, Missouri) -

3. Porsche EV Conversion kits announcement:

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Radio Interview on 1270 AM Lucy Ann Lance Show

Main Street Area Association: Experience Downtown:

September 14, 2012:
  Main Street Area Association:  Experience Downtown:  National Plug In Day –  Bruce Westlake, Michigan Electric Auto Association – More than 50 cities, including Ann Arbor and Saline, are participating in the September 23 National Plug In Day to promote electric vehicles.  Billed as the nation’s largest grassroots EV event, the goal is to showcase the environmental, economic, and other benefits of plug-in autos.