Dragon Cup Soccer Tournament Rules


A.    Beginning in 2016, all age groups will be based on birth year, not the August 1st cutoff. Any team still using the August 1st cutoff will have to “play up” an age group to adhere to the birth year policy.  The oldest player on the team determines the team’s age group.


B. Tournament Registration

Team registration deadline is August 12, 2016.  Register through the tournament website,

 Entry fee for Michigan Dragon Cup:

4 v 4 - $225

7 v 7 - $300

9 v 9 - $395

11 v 11 - $450


C. Roster Size

11v11 teams will have a maximum roster size of twenty (20) players.

9 v 9 teams will have a maximum roster size of sixteen (16) players.

7 v 7 teams will have a maximum roster size of twelve (12) players.

4 v 4 teams will have a maximum roster size of eight (8) players.


D. Check-In

Check-in will occur on Saturday, August 27, 2016 at Friendship Park, 3380 W Clarkston Road, Lake Orion 48362 beginning at 7:30am.  Teams are required to email the listed registration documents to by August 17, 2016 (teams that do not email all forms must bring hard copies to check-in).  ALL teams must have a coach or manager check in at the park at least 30 minutes prior to their first game. Teams do NOT have to be present at this check in.


Check-in/Registration Documents Required:

1.      Copy of official roster

2.      Copy of passcards - front and back (**passcards MUST be kept with each team throughout the weekend.  Referees may check player eligibility at any time).

3.      Liability release form

4.      Contact sheet

5.      Copy of coach risk management card (Michigan coaches & team representatives)

6.      Guest player form (if applicable)

7.      Each team should have medical treatment authorizations for each player.

8.      Each player, manager and coach should have on hand a completed Michigan Department of Community Health/CDC Parent and athlete concussion information sheet.


E. Game Length and Overtime

4 v 4 – four (4) ten (10) minute periods, size 3 ball

7 v 7 – two (2) twenty five (25) minute halves, size 4 ball

9 v 9 – two (2) thirty (30) minute halves, size 4 ball

11 v 11 – two (2) thirty five (35) minute halves, size 5 ball


Overtime periods for playoff matches will consist of two (2) five (5) minute overtime periods played to their conclusion.  Teams will switch ends at half-time.  NO GOLDEN GOAL WILL BE GIVEN.  If no winner is determined after the overtime periods, FIFA Penalties will be used to declare the winner.


F. Scoring System

1. Teams will be given 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

2. In the event of a tie for the group winner or wild card, the following criteria will be used:

1. The winner of head to head (not applicable if more than 2 teams are tied)

2. Most wins

3. Goal differential-Goals for minus goals against (maximum of 4 per game)

4. Fewest goals allowed

5. Most goals scored

6. FIFA penalty shootout


In the event of a 3-way tie, the tiebreaker will NOT start at the beginning

once a team has been eliminated but will continue to work down the tiebreaker process.


G. All FIFA rules will apply to the Michigan Dragon Cup unless otherwise stated herein:

a. Substitutions will be allowed at any stoppage with the referee’s approval. This means either team my sub on any whistle regardless on which team’s throw/kick it may be.  An official may choose not to allow a substitution if he/she feels the flow of the game will be interrupted unnecessarily.

b. 7v7 Exception:

i. There will be no offside for 7v7

ii. All defending players must retreat to the build out line once the

goalkeeper has the ball in their hands. Players may cross the build out line once the ball leave the penalty area.

iii. For goalkicks, the goalkeeper may play the ball from their hands or from the ground.

iv. Punting from the goalkeeper is not allowed. The restart will be an indirect free kick for the opposing team.

c. 4v4 exception:

i. There will be no offside for 4v4

ii. When the ball goes out the sideline a kick-in will restart

iii. When the ball goes over the endline it will be restarted with either a goalkick or a corner depending on who touched it last.

iv. No goalkeepers.

d. Overtime

i. No overtime will be played in the preliminary round robin games.

Games will end in a tie.

ii. Finals and Semi Finals will play two (2) five (5)-minute overtimes. NO GOLDEN GOAL WILL BE GIVEN. The full 10 minutes will be

played regardless to whether a goal is scored or not.

e. Home team will be listed first on schedule and will be responsible to change jerseys, if in the opinion of the referee there is a conflict. It is also the home team’s responsibility to supply a game ball.

f. The jersey number of each player must match the number on the tournament roster form.  If the numbers are not the same, the referee will not allow the player to take part in the match until the correction has been made.

g. Both teams will occupy the same side of the field while all spectators will be on the opposite side.

h. All jewelry shall be removed prior to the start of the game.

i. No hard casts will be permitted.  Soft casts will only be allowed with referee approval.

j. Any team not having the minimum number of players shall forfeit the match.

Any team that has forfeited a round robin match shall not be allowed to move onto a knock out stage as either a group winner or a wild card. A 10-minute grace period from schedule kick off will be allowed. A minimum of 7 players for 11v11, 6 players for 9v9, 4 players for 7v7 and 3 players for 4v4 games. The score for a forfeited game will be recorded as 3-0.

k. Shin guards are required for all players.

l. Any acts of nature that interrupt a game will cause the game to be suspended. Games will be restarted at the point of interruption, if possible. If time does not permit that, the game will declared final and the score will stand at the time of the interruption. The Tournament Committee will also have final say as to whether games are shortened and/or cancelled.

m. Both coaches will be required to sign a game sheet at the conclusion of each match, confirming that the score is correct.

n. Substitutions are unlimited.


H. The Michigan Dragon Cup Tournament Committee reserves the right to combine age groups where needed. No team will be asked to play up more than 1 year.


I.  A red card to any player, coach or team official in the Michigan Dragon Cup will result in a minimum 1 game suspension. All yellow and red cards will be report to their respective leagues. Red cards received in the Michigan Dragon Cup but not served will be carried over into team’s next league game.  The tournament committee has the right to take additional disciplinary action against a team or individual for serious offenses, including suspension from the remainder of the tournament and non-eligibility for future tournaments.  Tournament officials will hold an ejected coach or player’s pass card until the suspension has been served.


J. ABSOLUTELY NO ABUSE TOWARD REFEREES WILL BE TOLERATED.  Any parent or spectator in violation will be asked to leave the field and be barred from the tournament. It is the responsibility of the coach to make sure his/her parents understand this rule.


K. Tournament Cancellation process: In the event that the fields become unplayable due to field damage or weather, the Michigan Dragon Cup Committee or Lake Orion Parks and Rec reserve the right to shut down the fields.  IN THE EVENT OF A CANCELLATION BEYOND OUR CONTROL, MICHIGAN DRAGON CUP WILL NOT BE RESPOINSIBLE FOR ANY REFUNDS.


L. No game protests will be heard unless it is in the case of an ineligible player (beyond requesting review of player passcards). The tournament committee will need a $100 bond in cash for a protest and will be returned  upon the protest being upheld. If it is not upheld then the bond will not be returned.  REFEREES’ DECSIONS ARE NOT PROTESTABLE. All decision made by the Michigan Dragon Cup Committee are final and may not be appealed.


M. Friendship Park and General Facility Rules

1. No pets are allowed.

2. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited within the park.

3. No illegal drugs.

4. No weapons of any kind.

5. No violent or abusive behavior of any kind.

6. No noise making devices.

7. No camping or overnight parking.

8. Please clean your bench after games and dispose of refuse into garbage cans.


N. Medical releases are required to be held by manager/coach during all games.


O. Referees

1. All referee assigning will be done through Game Officials.

2. Referees from out of area will be required to show photo identification to prove identity.

3. Tournament will use a 2016 USSF-certified referee assignor for all games.

4. 11 v 11 and 9 v 9 games will by officiated by a 3-man referee system.  7 v 7 and 4 v 4 will be officiated by 1 referee.       


P. Heading

1. Intentional heading will not be permitted for players u11 and under. Any header that the referee deems to be intentional will result in an indirect free kick against the offending team.