Michelotti TR

Maintenance and Modification

First of all, I would like to make clear this is only meant to be a supplement for Michelotti TR owners. As always, I welcome contributions to this page, and will gladly give credit to whomever does contribute.  All information on this site is provided for entertainment/discussion purposes only.  If you decide to follow the advice of anything inside this website, you do so at your own risk.


The Poor Man's Approach to Restoring an Original TR6 Steering Wheel
(OR, isn't this a little hard to steer with Vice-Grips?)
- copyright 2001 Raymond L. Hatfield

Interior Installation - copyright 2001 Raymond L. Hatfield


TR4 - New Robbins Top Installation - copyright 2000, Brian Sanborn

Opening Your Bonnet with a Broken Release Cable - Nelson Riedel

TR Door Rebuilding Copyright 2005 Raymond L. Hatfield


Converting to Negative Ground 

Alternator Conversions - copyright 1998, 2000, Dan Masters

Making or Repairing Wiring Harnesses - copyright 1998, 2000, Dan Masters

Upgraded Voltage Stabilizer - copyright 2005 Raymond L. Hatfield


Tire Conversion Charts - Copyright 1999 Raymond L. Hatfield

Custom Wheel choices for TRs - Copyright 2005 Raymond L. Hatfield

IRS Rear Hub Rebuild Notes .pdf - copyright 2000, Tony Gordon

Hub Puller Tool diagram .pdf - copyright 2000, Tony Gordon

Homemade Big Spanner .pdf - copyright 2000, Tony Gordon

IRS TR Front Suspension Rebuild
(OR, It rolls better with wheels - doesn't it?)
- Copyright 2003 Raymond L. Hatfield

Adjustable Front Suspension
(OR, How to convince your friends you don't have a TR4x4)
- Copyright 2005 Raymond L. Hatfield


TR4-TR6 Front Brake Upgrade - copyright 2000, R. John Lye

Fuel Systems

How to Patch Your Gas Tank with Paint
(OR, are you SURE that cigarette is out?)
- copyright 1999 Raymond L. Hatfield

Rebuilding ZS Carb article by Nelson Riedel 

Carbs Pt 1

Carbs Pt 2

Carbs Pt 3

Powder Coating ZS Carbs

Modifying ZS Carbs to use Adjustable Needle

Weber Carbs for the Triumph 4-cyl - by TerriAnn Wakeman

Weber Carbs for the Triumph 6-cyl- by Shane Ingate

Lucas Petrol Injection Notes

More Lucas Petrol Injection Notes

Lucas Petrol Injection Conversion Notes

ZS Throttle Body Injection Conversion

Drive Train

TR2-4A Engine- Piston Liner "Make-Your-Own" Clamps - copyright 2001, Brian Sanborn

TerriAnn's TR 4-cyl engine for fast street - copyright 2001, TerriAnn Wakeman

Excellent Clutch article by Nelson Riedel

Clutch Checklist

Clutch Release Calculations

Clutch Release Measurements

Removing Broken Clutch Fork Pins

Clutch Operating Shaft Overhaul (and that nasty pin)

Clutch Hydraulics Overhaul

Sticky Clutch

Release Bearings Woes

Excellent Transmission Rebuild article by Nelson Riedel

Part I - Disassembly

Part II - Overhaul Pt1

Part III - Overhaul Pt2

Part IV - Gearbox Cover

Excellent A Type Overdrive Rebuild article by Nelson Riedel

Part I - Theory

Part II - Disassembly

Part III - Reassembly

Part IV - Final Assembly & Testing

Part V - Troubleshooting


A Guide to the U.K. Vehicle Licensing System - Copyright 2005 Raymond L. Hatfield

Special Treats:

Download Acrobat Reader to view the .pdf files

Factory A-Type Overdrive Manual, circa 1954 - .pdf

Triumph TR Maintenance, Modification & Tuning, by  J.L.S. Maclay circa 1967 - .pdf

Tuning Standard Triumphsby David Vizard circa 1970 - .pdf

SAH Performance Catalog, circa 1970 - .pdf

Future Features:

Rear Disc Brake Conversion for IRS TR
(OR, WHOA when I say whoa!)

How to Install Miata Seats in Your TR

How to Install Cooling Vents in Your TR