Lyme disease, most of you have heard of it; many of you have known someone who has had it; and most likely few of you know how serious and chronic the illness can be. Our mission is two-fold: first, to raise awareness of one of the fastest-growing infectious diseases in the United States, and second, to raise funds for a beloved friend, Michelle McKeon, who suffers from a particularly vicious episode of Chronic Lyme disease. Michelle has been sick for over five years and has been told by doctors that she suffers from one of the worst cases they have ever encountered. She is told that her best chance at getting her life back is to undergo a hyperthermic procedure at the St. Georg Klinik in Bad Aibling, Germany. The procedure, accomodations, post-treatment, and travel expenses will total near $25,000 USD. She needs your help in raising this money.

This website is our attempt to raise the funds for Michelle's procedure. It is due to the low-profile of Lyme disease in this country that Michelle struggles to receive the proper care that she needs. Michelle's story is not unique; her plight mirrors that of thousands of other Lyme victims in the States. Many studies suggest that one-third of Lyme disease patients continue to show chronic symptoms after undergoing an antibiotic treatment, yet the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) do not recognize Lyme as a chronic illness. Lyme disease research - though it has come a great distance from its inception when the disease was discovered in the 1970s - remains in its infancy. Currently, due to the status of Lyme as a temporary illness, long-term sufferers often slip through the holes in our health care and disability systems. Many with Chronic Lyme, like Michelle, were forced to quit their jobs when they became too ill to work. Unable to go on Disability, it has become increasingly difficult to pay medical bills, especially because most Lyme doctors cannot provide care under health insurance. After much research on the part of Michelle and her Lyme disease specialists in Hyde Park, NY, Michelle finally has hope in a clinic in Germany that treats Lyme and Cancer patients through Hyperthermia. To learn more about Michelle's story, clinics in Germany that offer this treatment, and current Lyme research, scroll through the pages of our website. We hope we have been able to provide some helpful links to direct people to information, to options, to hope, and a community.