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Well, I've finally finally archived all the story's about Rome and Ostia and thus in fact I've archived my entire diary so far...


Let me see, Ostia... That was like hm two years ago now? And I didn't even complete that.. I think half of it is missing and offcourse I cannot remember what I did at that time anymore (its my famous badly working memory, everything that happened more than two weeks ago just disappears in my head!) But well here then is an update of what Michelle has been up to since 2000 and 6!

I've sorta finished my bachelor degree in Art History (sorta because I stil have to write one tiny paper about either women in classical novels or space in classical novels. But if I get myself to do that, I'm officially a BA. I'm in the meanwhile also doing my master/final year in Nijmegen (archealogy turned out to be, well not what I expected..) At the moment I am an intern at the RACM (Rijksdienst voor Archeologie, Cultuurlandschap en Monumenten) and I like it. I have lots of freedom (which might not be a good idea, taking my lack of discipline into acount) and lots of interesting stuff to read. So surprisingly I am actually working and doing stuff just because I find it interesting to do. That helps!

I am also living together with my boyfriend in a temporary home (its on the list for demolition you see..) but last friday we received news about a VERY nice (newly built) house that we applied for and the letter in the mail stated that we are the happy new renters of this place! So we are on the move again. Joost and I offcourse decorated and funished the entire house already (in our minds note) so we can't wait to receive the keys.. Probably lots of people will come to our aid (yes I am hinting here...) to paint and stuff. I'll take pics of that happy event and post them here or there (picasa might be a good non annoying option). The last time we painted a house (our temp place) we had good fun and spoiled an halffull bucket of paint when Joost kicked (!!!) it upsidedown.. Our walls were creamy white with sand and other dirt in the end :D.

Okay because I just cannot stop talking about our new home I will tell you all what colours we've (with reservations) chosen.

  • The livingroom

The lovely L-shaped livingroom (very light and bright thanks to the glass 'wall' at one end) will get the same colouring as the one we have now. Being: blueish greenish seagreenish sorta. And we're also planning on maybe doing something with wallpaper (very subtile if Joost likes it, because he doesn't like wallpaper, God knows why!)

  • The Bedroom

Ah the bedroom... After the drama we had trying a red wall in our current home (four layers and stil no even coverage!!!), we decided (well I asked Joost beggingly because I really liked it, and he agreed with reservation) on a bit more romantic theme instead of the chinese look we have now (Joost is going to feel sick when he reads this because I have promised him not to make it 'truttig', which I really won't Joost! Promised! (again..)) There will be one main colour which will be a greyish, purplish, blueish in a very light shade covering all the walls (exept if we also want to do something with wallpaper here (Joost: krrgg wtf??!). Furthermore I have seen some lovely lace (Joost: aaargh!!) drapery that wasn't expensive or truttig for that matter, at all (even Joost liked them)! Together with the thick curtains in a brighter greyish, purplish, blueish colour and the white furniture (the four poster bed will be painted white)that will look very nice! Don't you agree girls ;)!

  • The study

Hehe since Joost allowed me the bedroomdecoration, we made a deal (besides me not making the bedroom frumpy) that allows him the decoration of the study because he will spend more time there then I will (thanks to my laptop and perhaps a new lazy couch). I don't think he knows what he wants yet, besides having lots of shelves for his and mine studybooks. Maybe bright and light yellow, right Joost?

  • The kitchen

Can't tell you anything bout the kitchen yet because we still have to choose one. But the kitchen is an open space in the livingroom, so it will share it's colourscheme with the livingroom.

  • The hallway

Huh you know, we totally forgot about the hallway!! And it is the first thing you see when you enter. Hmz, I will update this as soon as we know what we would like for the hallway. Update: Joost has some old looking tinware commercials that will cover the wall in the hallway (at least part of it) ánd he demanded leadership over the hallway decoration because the study is very small compared to the bedroom that is in my possesion ;). I agreed with the reservation that he cannot choose dark colours. It is a give and take buissnes people!

  • Bathroom and toilet

All tiles... up to the ceiling. So nothing to paint here (thank god!)

 As you can see, we have had a busy friday evening/night in decorating our new home :). Mind you, these are just ideas, we do not know for sure if they will work out. But hey, nobody's hurt by dreaming a bit!


I should be working right now.... But I'm having serious problems with my concentration since I haven't slept a lot this weekend. Friday offcourse it was late thanks to the thrill of having a new home. Saturday Rhiannon visit us and we introduced her to the wonderfull World of Warcraft :). Needless to say, we didn't got much sleep either that evening. And despite having the opportunity to have a good night sleep because we didn't have to get up early, I awoke at eight in the morning..

Saturday we went to my parents place to celebrate easter with them (my father prepared a great meal, which was offcourse a very good extra reason to be there). Despite the fact that my father is an excellent cook, he is also a morningbird and since we slept in the livingroom thanks to the lack of space anywhere else, he woke us way too early :(.

Thus my dramatic lack of concentration since I'm falling asleep at my desk.

Ps: here is a warning for people actually thinking of going to any IKEA on easter: just don't do it! We eventually visit my aunt because when we came in Duiven, the cars were waiting on the highway thanks to the traffic-jam at the exit to Ikea...

Pps: thinking of getting a nice tan before you go on a holliday like my sister? Be carefull with the time you spend under/in a sunbed, because you might end up looking like an overboiled lobster like my sister did :D! Though on the plus site: her teeth have never looked whiter..

My phone is blieping for its battery...


Yes yes, I should be working I know.. I've just allowed myself a little break to post something here. Not that I have anything interesting to tell you. Woonstede hasn't called yet (their behind on their administration, I tell you!) and the kitchen people haven't either. I'm getting this stupid feeling they don't know the house is ours and they will give it to somebody else before we have had a chance to tell them not to.  I know it is stupid, but I also think I will have these doubts until Joost and I have signed the contract.. Oh my, I'm starting to stress out over nothing! (Hm, who does that remind me of :)..)

The problem is, Joost sent me these pics of the house that his mum made and offcourse after seeing them (just now), I'm all ready and wanting to do something, just anything! Like calling Woonstede if they really really are planning to give us the house. Zucht, I am even tirering myself now :D. I'm gonna get me some hot cocoa, that will cheer me up!

Back with the hot chocolate! What else do I have to tell you? Well I am a happy Level 19 in WoW right now (I know, still a NooB..) after exploring and questing a bit with Joost. The fast leveling guide that Joni gave me also helps a fair bit. And.. at 18 I got myself the aquatic form! It/I look like a sealion when transforming into that one. Well, I look like a scary, ugly, ponderous sealion with demon eyes, flappy ears and a but that is huge compared to my tiny flippers.. But hey, it swims A LOT faster than my caster shape and I don't have to worry about my breath because I don't need any! Oh for people who didn't know, I'm a night elf druid and they rock! The shapeshifting is the most coolest option in the game if you ask me. If you would ask Joni (dranaei mage) or Jeremy (gnome warlock) or Joost (dwarf hunter) they will tell you otherwise, but don't let them fool you, go druid! At Level 20 I will get my cat form, and I am looking forward to it. No weird quests need to be done (yet) to get  this one. Just a training session with my druid trainer in Darnassus. That reminds me, I will post some pics of all my animal forms and my caster form so you will get an idea of what I'm talking about. (I'll do it whem I'm L20 and then post them on Picassa which is definitly a better option than googlepages.)

Back to work!! I'll post something later this day if I have anything to tell you.


Ok, so for all of you who are curious about the progress of our new home: we now have the official confirmation that the house is ours. We also have an appointment to choose a kitchen. This exciting event will happen on thursday the 17th of april. I can hear you think: that's in about 2.5 weeks and since the kitchen has to be orded, there's a delivery time (4-6 weeks maybe), so that means they can acces their new home in about, hm, two months? That is at least the time we estamate it will take.

After we've chosen a kitchen we have to contact Woonstede so that they know whats going on (no they indeed do not comunicate with their other departments) and so that we can finally sign the rental contract and receive our keys. Yes, we probably cannot acces our house before that, so that means we cannot plan anything untill the house is finished which also means we cannot paint our whatever in advance. Which also means we cannot avoid double rent, because if we would end the contract of our old house before the new one is painted and has floors and stuff, we would have to finish the entire house with the furniture etc allready there. Not too handy.. I suspect Woonstede is trying to make up for the two months rental loss by making it impossible for us to avoid double rent..

On the good side though: I am now absolutely sure that Joost and I have a new home!


Ok I'm back! On a short 15mins break... Think I will have a look at the pics again :D.


As promised: the link to the pics of our new home..

foto's huisje 


Aargh, this has been a nightmare morning! First of all: I got no, absolutely no sleep last night. Second: I overslept this morning.. (by an hour app.) And thirdly: the train was late, like half an hour late. And the bus was also late, like 15 mins late. So, offcourse, I was late, like TWO hours late. Stupid stupid public transport! And now I'm at work, tired and cranky.


Whahoe, just received good news: I can visit Huis Doorn as part of my internship. And I am also going to visit other places/castles/countryhouses. I have to test the criteria I set up to identify important interior 'ensembles'.  This is something I am looking forward to, I can finally test the system I set up and see if I've actually done something useful here :).

The above link to the pics of the new house now also contains a floor plan of our house. This because the pictures do not give a good overview (and offcourse so that you all can prepare yourselves for the amount of work that needs to be done ;) ).

 Btw: The IBG sucks!! Big time!!


On a break. Despite being tired, I am productive today. But I am getting close to the point where I've finished what I had to do and don't have anything else that needs work. Oh well, we'll see! At least I can do field work, lots of field work!!

Hmz, we also (we= Joost and Mi) saw a huge table at the Ikea website yesterday that we really like and that isn't more expensive than the old one (well the old six ones we've had thanks to the Trendhopper <-- never shop at Trendhopper!). The only thing is: it's 'fineer', so not solid oak which we were looking for. And we haven't seen it in 'real life'. Wait and see, wait and see! It is way more fun to shop in this manner, instead of going to an Ikea or so, and getting everything at once because you need to buy it, instead of just liking it and want to buy it.


 Yeah, and there we are. I have finished all my tasks and now have nothing to do! Hmz, what to do next? Perhaps some reading on the subject...? Maybe that's a good idea. Or or or I could have a look at some castle webpages and try to decide which ones I'm going to visit. :D


Whoah! In the context of new-home-purchase I've just bought two very nice lamps. One as a reading light in the bedroom and the other as  decoration in the living room. If I tell you that one represents a climbing man and the other a firefly, you'd probably think I've gone back to my child years right? Wrong! There both very stillised and very nice as I said. To prove this to you, here are the pics:








 To the left the climbing man and to the right the firefly. Nice eh? Me thinks so to! And no, they weren't overtly expensive, but I'm not giving you details :D. Oh and we also saw another table, solid oak this time, on the praxis webpage. Cheaper than our original one, and we have to finish it ourselves (beitsen en lakken), but very nice and 'normal' size (200x90cm). Which might be a bit more practical than a huge size table in our modest home :D.  (And no, it's not the same as Lien and Cyriel have.) 

See..?!! It's different... Ithink.. :) We'd probably want to keep it this color if we are actually getting this one, so that's also a difference! Oe, and another thing: we saw some wallpaper that Joost actually liked!! (I like it too.) So there is progress here!


Wallpaper that Joost likes, two colors.. (above pic)

 Lovely wallpaper......... As you can see, we are shopping around, spreading our spendings ;), and looking around a bit. Just how I like it!



Yay, next week (and perhaps the week after that) will be castle visiting week! I am looking forward to that. I have now a list of eight castles and houses that I have to visit, and offcourse I can visit some more if I want to. So on the list are:

  • Duivenvoorde
  • Paleis het Loo
  • Zypendaal
  • Huis Berg
  • Nijenhuis
  • Menkemaborg
  • Heeswijck-Dinther
  • Huis Doorn

And I'll probably visit Amerongen and De Haar even though they are being restored. But there are quite a few castles and houses not on this list, but still worth a visit. I don't think I can do them all though.. ;), at least not as part of my internship. Well I'm off again, planning my first visit which will be Huis Doorn probably.

Update: the website of Huis Doorn isn't accessible here at work, because the flashplayer on the pc is to old and I cannot update it because I can't install any programs or updates, only tech support can do that..! Damn..


Hang man is addicting...


Still addicted to hang man.. I'm winning though.


Pin fraude in Ede... Apparently some atm machines were skimmed and people are missing thousands of euro's. Joosts account  and our joined acount seem ok, I can't check mine untill I get home. Fingers crossed..


Addicted to online painter right now.. see:

Nice artwork eh?? (kuch!)


Okay, my account turned out to be fine, so hopefully this means Joost and I escaped the skimming thing. Us lucky!

I am, as always, at work. Today I was actually on timeish because the train was delayed 'for several minutes' only. I really do hate the NS most of the time because they are ALWAYS late somehow. Last week I was late at least 90% of the time, all thanks to the ns (well and one time partly thanks to myself because I overslept). But I won't bore you with NS moaning (since I'm convinced you all know exactly what I mean..). I am sitting here but my thoughts are (no, not with the new home) with the upcoming weekend. We (our group of friends) are going to.... eh it wasn't Centerparks, what was it called, hm, think, think harder.... ah! Landal Greenparks for the weekend. Somewhere at the Veluwe, near the largest waterfall in the Netherlands (mind you: largest being like three meters high or so.... I mean, it is Holland right, as flat as the but of an anorexia patient)

And now I have to decide what Joost and I are going to cook for diner on sunday?? Maybe I should have a look again at all those emails, that were needed to decide who was cooking when.. I think we'll make spaghetti. I am certainly not going to try something difficult, since I'll probably screw it up :). Spaghetti is nice right? And very cultural approved, ánd everybody likes it. With that solved, I now can spend an entire day deciding how much wine we need... I think I'll bring one bottle and buy some more at the local grocery store when (not if, certainly not if :) ) we've finished that. So another problem solved. I'm on a roll here!

Okay, back to work (or hangman :D )!


weatherforecast this weekend: perhaps 9degrees, (freezing) cold wind, maybe some (wet) snow and or a thunderstorm on sunday. Wtf?! We will be in a nice walking area, hours away from any inside activity and it's april for gods sake! Give us some nice weather,we haven't had any for a while... But hey, the forecast also says it should be sunny and warm right now. Well about temps I cannot speak because I'm inside, but it is very cloudy here, no sun at all. So never trust a weather forecast, especially if they can't even predict the weather on the actual day itself! Science mate...

Spaghetti recipe (8pers):

  • spaghetti (well duh)
  • 2 onions
  • 4x garlic
  • 4 carrots (good for ya eyes)
  • 2 bleekselderij (blanched celery???)
  • 1 kg minced meat (also know here as: rundergehakt)
  • 2 dl red wine (wine wine wine!)
  • 4el olive oil
  • 1 or 2 bouillonblokje (it has to be 4dl bouillon)
  • 6 el tomato ketchup (the one and only: Heinz)
  • oregano, basilicum (basil), peterselie (parsley) and some other Italian herbs
Pel en snipper de ui en knoflook.
Maak de wortels en de bleekselderij schoon en snijd ze in kleine stukjes.
Verhit de olie in de braadpan.
Voeg het gehakt toe en bak dit ca. 5 min.
Schep de ui, knoflook, wortel en selderij erbij en bak alles nog zo'n 3 min mee.
Voeg de wijn, bouillion en ketchup toe en breng het gehaktmengsel al roerende aan de kook.
Laat de saus ca. 30-40 min heel zachtjes sudderen.
Why has my text colour changed?? Weird..

Is this my old colour? Yep! Ok, so hopefully everybody likes it, and if they don't, go buy french fries or something!


Searched for  'rosacea' finally on the internet and the pics show something that does look a lot like what I have in my face, only I seem to have a very mild variety. Meaning: I do have these red cheeks and bumps (that are not pimples) but I only have red cheeks (my nose, forehead and chin are fine) and I do not have some of the more serieus symptoms like swellings or a 'bloemkoolneus'. Furthermore, my symptoms disappear in the summertime and the clinique anti redness cream (plus the occasional good oll' Nivea cream <-- the one in the blue pot) works very well sofar (the redness, but more important, the 'bumps' have almost disappeared). So the question remains: do I or do I not have that rosacea thing (I hope not truly). I will have to ask my GP to get an definite answer. For now: Yay to clinique and their redness solution products! They may not be cheap (though they're not hugely expensive either) but they work very well (and fast, lets not forget that!).


So it has been a little while but here I am again. At work, after a week of castle visiting. I've been to Paleis het Loo and Huis Bergh. They were very different, but both nice (though I like Huis Bergh a little bit more because of the medieval art present there and because of the terrific tour and guide who knew what she was talking about). The tour around Paleis het Loo was funny. I was by far the youngest, the other people were mostly 50+. The tour unfortenately didn't inform you about the interior nearly as much as it informed you about the royal family (which I find hugely uninteresting) so in that sense it wasn't that usefull. But it was quite funny to experience how old and non-art historical informed people view a palace like that. They were talking about how small the beds were (mind you they were 2mtrs long and wide! so actually quite large) and about the dresses people wear in the paintings and how soft the carpet was. Ow and some old guy (that was considered an expert by the others thanks to some comment about Willem van Oranje flattening out the whole of England (anybody heared that story before?)) frequently asked questions like: The books in the library of Willem III, in which language are they written and what are they about? (science fiction mister intelligence, ánd their written in Polish right!) And he was leaning against a painting! I'm not kidding, he was leaning against a painted canvas, he touched the canvas with his head and his shoulders. I mean come on!! Even if it is a worthless painting (it wasn't protected by glass or some separation)you still do not bump your head in it!! No matter how old you are.. save perhaps if you're dying, that might  be an excuse. Oh, and how they liked the china! The china that was everywhere (and ugly if you ask me :D )

But ok, they amused me by being so f*ing naieve and they annoyed me by being so f*ing positive about our royal pig resembling family.

The lady bug plague that I discovered in one of the salons (not two or three but more like 50) completed this vaguely surrealist tour through Paleis het Loo.

Huis Bergh was quite different as I said. First (and unfortenately) the group of people was quite large (40 or so compared to the 10 or so in Paleis het Loo). Second the guide was an art historian and spoke more of the interior and the medieval art (and she put it in context) instead of little anecdotes about some family. Since I like medieval art a lot (the paintings are often little stories full of symbolic meaning) I enjoyed this tour. My sister and Joost accompanied me, so the journey back and forth wasn't as boring as it otherwise would have been.


Right, today I am going to visit Huis Zypendaal (in Arnhem). Joost wil accompany me, but since he has to do a test (something about politics after WO2) first, we will try the tour of three 'o clock. Which means I have nothing to do. Well, had nothing to do untill I decided I would go to the library and get some books about Zypendaal en Huis Doorn and do some reading on the subject. It is a workday after all!

Tomorrow it´s kitchen choice time! Finally... We both (J en me) d0 not have the feeling we have a new home since nothing is happening sofar. But tomorrow something will and hopefully we also get a clearer view about the when and where's. After tomorrow we will start packing stuff we don't imediately need and that means we have to collect boxes! I am looking forward too packing stuff because the (old) house is an absolute mess!! Since we are (eventually) moving out of this house, we don't feel like cleaning a lot.. and that has resulted in a dusty dirty home. And still we don't feel like cleaning, we just keep making excuses like: ah well, we'll clean when we pack things. And: we'll clean áfter we've packed things... You see, we need to start packing stuff before the house turns into something unlivable! The plan is now to clean stuff like books and glassware etc and then pack them, and after everything is gone, clean the entire house without stuff in it (and thus making it less work to do so hopefully). Yah, we'll see how long it takes before we're bored with the cleaning and packing and decide we'll clean stuff when we unpack it :D!! But for now I'm going to take a shower and dream about a brand new clean home!


Right, we got ourselves a brand new kitchen and it is beee-autifull! 

This is a drawing mind you, the actual kitchen will be placed somewhere around the 26th of may

We also have to buy the combi-oven ourselves. But still, isn't it a beauty? The less liked thing is the open space for the fridge, but we really don't have the money to buy a build- in fridge. So the plan for now: just keep the old fridge and buy a new one when we have the money. We'll problably try to get a steel one, instead of white (it thus matching the combi-oven ;) ).

And now what? How will things proceed from here? Well, since the kitchen won't be finished before the end of may (or the beginning of june), we'll have to wait.  The house is only rentable with kitchen, so the renting contract cannot be signed untill the kitchen is finished. This is actually favored by us, since my internship ends the 22nd of may ánd we have to buy a table and a couch at some point. This means we will have the time, the stuff and the money to make our new house almost perfect (nobody wants perfect..that would be utterly boring right?). Offcourse this is my mind speaking, my heart just wants to move in as fast as possible and start using that oven to make chocolate pie or brownies or chocolate cake or a whole chicken with fresh herbs (and all sorts of things in my receipe books I cannot make right now because of the lack of a good oven). Do we really have to wait 1 1/2 months? That will be sooooo long! Well, time to let the mind take over again..

Offcourse in june the weather hopefully, will work with us and my classes will be finished by then (I will have to work on my master thesis though, but that's more easily put aside than college). And in june my savings have grown (also hopefully), allowing me to buy the unessecary stuff like that sweet table light I saw in the Ikea family yesterday. And we'll have all the time we need to look at hundred of couches and perhaps tables.

Right, time to get dressed and visit Huis Doorn! (Lucky for me I can distract my attention away from the new house, by visiting other nice houses.)


Listening to My Winterstorm (Tarja  Turunen) and wow, what a great cd! I like Tarja without Nightwish (though I also liked her with Nightwish). She has that great voice that truely shines on this album. I haven't heard all songs on the new Nightwish album yet, but in my opinion Nightwish has become more mainstream vocally. The new singer isn't bad, but isn't very special or very good either in my opinion. (My opinion right now, as said I still have to hear Dark Passion Play as  a complete album in stead of some loose songs.) She is more of a popsinger than a metal one, but hey, I do like the songs where that guitar player (whats his name??) Marco sings, he's great!! But for now, it's Tarja in my cd player and not Nightwish!


Right, sometimes you realise all the sudden something and that hits you right in the face. Today it really kicked in that in januari next year I'll (hopefully) be a working girl. That scares the shit out of me! I like this castle thing I have going on here, but is working at the RACM something I would like to do everyday? And would I be good at it, I mean, what do I know about interior ensembles if you think about it.. We've never had arts and crafts during our art history education. I couldn't tell expensive wallpaper from a cheep one, let alone an expensive piece of furniture from a fake one, well most of the time. I like castles, from the inside and the outside but I'm certainly no expert on this terrain. But what else is worth doing? This is the only thing in years, that comes close to something I want to do the rest of my life.. Besides writing offcourse, which is a ridiculous dream (and must stay that: a dream). I know I don't like doing research, I just don't have the discipline for it. So work must be something where I can dó something. But what? What can I do with castles that doesn't require expert knowledge on the subject? And that is a problem, I simply have absolutely no idea what I would like to do the rest of my working life. None whatsoever. And in januari I have to decide what to do. I'm starting a career and I need to know where that career is heading. But I just don't know what I want. Problem!!


Wow, the above is an example of a full blown panic attack! But, as always, I've calmed and am not worrying anymore. Things have worked out fine the last 24 years, so why would it go wrong now :D.

Apparently we are going to the gym on saturday (in Eindhoven, with friends). Do some squash, or maybe go swimming. How very active!

Also me visits (yes deliberately incorrect English :) )het Nijenhuis this week (just go google it, you shoudn't have any problems finding it) and perhaps the Veluwe (because of the absolute lovely weather). Hm, that reminds me: I'm wearing my favorite long skirt today (offcourse I also have favorite short, medium, winter and alto skirts but that put aside) but I shouldn't have. First of all: cycling and long skirts make disaster! (Mine got caught in het remblok and in the kettingkast.) Second: when cycling everybody can see your way to pale winterlegs (especially bad if you also wear black socks because bare feet in shoes are still to cold). And thirdly: because of the lovely weather people organised a 'paaltjesvoetbal' game (other people might know it as: flesjesvoetbal or watervoetbal). Needless to say I was hopeless at it with long skirt!!

Ah and that brings me to another very important subject: how to cut my hair. Shall I go for the chin length 'bob' or the shoulder length, messed up layers? And is the perfect colour chocolate brown or gold blond? Difficult decision... Shall I take highlights or lowlights :D?? I think the messed up layers are better in the summertime (less work) but the colour.. I like blond but I also like brown but I had brown before but the last time I was blond was when I was a child.... Pfoe, the stilist told me (well the old one) that my eyes were to dark to go blond, but my eyes aren't really that dark and besides, they are the same colour I had as a child and that time blond looked very good on me! It's my eyebrows that are to dark. They're lots darker than my eyes and I think I will have to bleach them if I really want to go blond... Eeks, that sounds painfull and difficult. But still, my eyes will really pop out and since they are the best part of my face... I'll ask the new stilist about it..


How vain Michelle, to take about how beautifull your eyes are! :D. People will have to decide for themselves what they think about my eyes. I know that Joost likes them.. (And I know they fail me completely since I'm practically blind withouth my contact lenses!)  

eyes (and a big chunk of my huge nose :D):


But anyways (since I was still talking about my eyes ;) ), today was originaly the day I'd visit eh Sypenstein? but we rescheduled that (tomorrow). So now today will be the day to go to the library again and work on my 'stageverslag'. 

About those promised WoW character pics.. That will have to wait since I still have to take a pic of my aquatic form. I'm Lvl 26 now, going for 30 because at that Lvl I'll get my travel form which means faster land travel finally! Sadly the guild in which we were participating has been cancelled... Phoenix Risen is no more! It's a shame because people were great fun espec in guild chat! We (J and J and I)'ve found a new guild though. 'Kings Light', it is a Dutch guild, so no more practicing my English :(, but people seem nice. It seems I'm the only druid in this guild, but there's one more druid in a connected guild whom I can ask questions (since she's Lvl 70).

Well, I have to take a shower!


I made Asperges today (the classic version with ham and eggs and buttergravy) and and it worked ánd they tasted 'superlekker!'. Jeeh, it's actually quite easy though. Hm, and I'm gonna get me an aspergeschiller, because they're superduper handy! So thanks Joni..

Cyriels birthday was fun, we went to bed at four in the morning.. After playing a few games of 'met het mes op tafel' which is a combination between a quizz and poker. Jeremy won the first or second round, not bad for an American doing a Dutch game with Dutch questions!

And like I said earlier in this diary, we've also been to the Fantasy Fair:


Group Picture, from left to right (and top to bottom): The Monk, The Roman Viking ;), The Ordinary Viking, The Goth, Me!, The Fantasy Viking, and Goth No.2

We are missing one person in this picture, but since she is taking it.. I don't have a pic of her (The ArT Goddess) yet, but that will hapen sometime soon I hope.

Oh yes, btw, about the stuff packing: we've actually packed all our books and accessories (in the livingroom): no less than 11 boxes mostly stuffed with books... Well you can never have enough books in my opinion! Next in line is the kitchen. We have a very clever idea: if we pack most of the china and tableware etc., we simply can't make a huge mess in the kitchen anymore because there is not enough stuff to make a mess with! Furthermore, this will force us to do the dishes more often since we don't have enough dishes left to pile them up! So the plan is to pack all the plates etc that we want to take to the new home and leave all the old stuff here to use it this (hopefully) last month. Ey, isn't that smart or what!


Had nothing to do:


The furniture is of course all wrong (the chaise longue for instance :D) and same goes for the colours but I just tried to fit eveything in it. (And it worked!!) 

Oh and eh... I did the bedroom too ;) :


Right! The thing right from the door is this cute cabinet:


Lovely! I want to decorate my new home :(. Btw: I got a phonecall today (Woonstede): apparently I'm also the happy new renter of Patrijsstraat 32, or so the guy who phoned me thought...  I told him he was wrong, but I wonder what sort of house the Patrijsstraat 32 is.....

So, yesterday we packed some kitchen stuff. Which means we have four dinerplates and five breakfast plates left. If this doesn't diminish our dishwashing problems, I don't know what else to do.. Joost's father lent us eleven praxis verhuisdozen, at that time we were sure that would be enough. But now, we've filled up ten boxes (including our own), and we've got four boxes left to do the kitchen, the study and the guestroom etc... Maybe we should ask J's parents for some more boxes..


Not much is happening.. I'm reading interesting books to enhance my knowledge about historic interiors (one is about doll's houses of the 17th and 18th century. Doll's houses rock!), so I might be able to see one from another. Furthermore, I should be working on my stageverslag, but in chapter one (which is where I am now) I have to write something about the RACM. Boring! It's a government organisation which means lots of blablabla and no action!

Look at their mission statement:

"Wij zijn een Rijksdienst die, in wisselwerking met de maatschappij, de waarde van het archeologische, gebouwde en cultuurlandschappelijke erfgoed duidt en toegankelijk maakt. Wij willen dit erfgoed behouden en duurzaam ontwikkelen en zo betekenis geven aan de leefomgeving. Onze positie op het snijvlak van wetenschap, beleid en praktijk stelt ons in staat kennis te vernieuwen, te verrijken en te delen en een unieke rol te spelen bij het realiseren van onze opdracht."

and then look at this article (published in AD):

"(...) Mr.dr. Leo Klinkers, voormalig ambtenaar en wetenschapper en sinds de jaren tachtig bestuurskundig adviseur in binnen- en buitenland, voorspelt een rampscenario voor de overheid. Klinkers verwacht al op korte termijn nieuwe verhoudingen op de arbeidsmarkt die niet alleen zullen leiden tot hoge looneisen voor alle functies, maar die bovendien een enorme kenniskloof bij het rijk gaan veroorzaken.Mr.dr. Leo Klinkers, voormalig ambtenaar en wetenschapper en sinds de jaren tachtig bestuurskundig adviseur in binnen- en buitenland, voorspelt een rampscenario voor de overheid. Klinkers verwacht al op korte termijn nieuwe verhoudingen op de arbeidsmarkt die niet alleen zullen leiden tot hoge looneisen voor alle functies, maar die bovendien een enorme kenniskloof bij het rijk gaan veroorzaken. (...)

Twan Tak, hoogleraar staats- en bestuursrecht aan de Universiteit Maastricht, is vooral somber gestemd over het toekomstperspectief van jonge ambtenaren. Tak gelooft niet dat het ooit nog echt leuk wordt om te gaan werken bij de rijksoverheid. Na een aantal jaren loopt men vast in de oorspronkelijke ambitie en verdwijnt de arbeidsvreugde, zegt hij.
„Het ontbreekt aan mogelijkheden tot ontplooiing van het individu, wat juist het allerbelangrijkste is. Zo’n ambtenaar komt erachter dat hij of zij niet meer is dan een klein radertje in het logge systeem van de overheid. Een burn-out ligt dan op de loer.’’

"Werken bij het Rijk, als je verder denkt " yeah right!


I'm hungry.. But saving hunger for this evening since I,ve heard there will be lots of dishes to choose from...


Okay, if anybody can help me: wat is de overtreffende trap van onvangbaar? En van onmisbaar? Ik heb twee begrippen nodig die duiden dat ze nog belangrijker zijn dan onvervangbare en onmisbare dingen..... (ow, en dingen als zeldzaam en uniek vallen helaas buiten de boot...)


Hi! Koninginnedag and Hemelvaart are behind us, Bevrijdingsdag en Pinksteren are on their way. So lots of free days this month. And some super lovely weather coming up, don't you just loooove may :D? I do! Today I'm going (first) to Joni and, when Joost has joined us, we will go to the Millais exhibition. Now Joni won't join us, because she's been there twice :), but it is highly recommended by her (and I like the pre-reafalites). So looking forward to that! Tomorrow it's haircut time, and I still don't know what hairstyle and colour I want. The plan is to just go there, explain my problem, and see what happens. It's a good stylist, so I'm not too worried they'll mess it up...

Today is also library visit time! I think I haven't said yet that the new house is like a three minutes (bicycle) away from the library, so yay to that! Oh, and Joost and I have plans to go out for diner on saturday. Actually we wanted to go on Hemelvaart, but I looked like something you mopp floors with (ánd then throw away), so I wasn't at all willing to go anywhere.. But saturday, when my hair is looking good and all, I might :) (unless the stylist really really f*cked it).


Great date.. Today we celibrate our freedom and I hope that around the world people at some point will be free in all meanings of the word: free to express their opinion, free from hate ánd free from being hated, free to go, be and do what was ment to be...


Well, to come back to the above stories about my hair: it is now a layered bob (couldn't make a choice between the two ;) ) in a brownish colour with lots of blonde highlights (I indeed could not choose between those either :D ). It's a nice mixture... So, I'm happy with my new haircut! 

Joost and I enjoyed a very good meal that same day at a restaurant called: eh.. euh.. 'De Heksenkamer' of ketel, something like that... I took the rundercarpaccio als voorgerecht (yummie as hell!) and the Ter Land, Ter Zee als hoofdgerecht (which were shrimps and steak with some ketchap sauce, very good, very good!). Joost had the spicey tomatosoup (that was actually very spicy) and the spareribs (with the hot marinade, not the Superduivels which is prepared with the spiciest peppers in the world it was, I think). It was a tasty meal and nicely priced, so we will be back! We sat outside all evening (till about ten) and the weather was lovely. Even better: the restaurant is a one minute walk away from our new home! (Not kidding, we timed it when we walked back to our bikes, its a one minute sloooow walk from our new home.)

After I got my hair done, we did some shopping, since J needed new shirts and trousers. He got one shirt with a funny print and a pair of pants which were 20% off, so not too expensive (my j is a cheepo when it comes to clothes..). I wasn't planning on buying anything, since the haircut was expensive enough, but then J saw a red dress (bit fifty's like) and sorta pushed me into trying it on. Offcourse after that he had to buy it for me.. (He's not a cheepo when it comes to my clothes, though the dress wasn't that expensive..) So I'm now the happy new owner of a red dress.. Hm, this reminds me: I still don't have a little black dress... I'll put it on my 'to buy' list :).

That evening we talked a lot about (what else...) our new home ánd we've invented two new words when we were talking about cleaning the place (and the old house): verlatingsschoonmaak and bindingspoetsen! Verlatingsschoonmaak is the big clean before you definitely leave your old home, and the sorta saying goodbye that you do at the same time. Bindingspoetsen on the contrary expresses the clean before and when you decorate your new house and the connection that you get with the new home while doing it. Aren't we the creative kind :)?

Today we went to the heide (de Ginkelse of de Edese, welke weten we niet). It was hot hot hot and we problably disturbed a couple making love, but we're not sure because we coudn't catch them with their clothes off.. We also enjoyed the sheep and the kiddo's trying to pat the sheep like they were dogs :). They actually managed to get to one (a lamb) and it behaved surprisingly like a dog being padded! It was cute.. The rest of the day I sat on the balcony reading, which has resulted in me having sunburn on my well.. two beloved girls... (and my feet, but they're just my feet right..). They're ok now (the girls I mean). Tomorrow it's again castle visiting time, Duivenvoorde this time I think. I'm off now, think I'll read some more. (Need new books tomorrow.)


Note to self: bring cash money when visiting castles, because 9 out of 10 they don't have an atm!! Or so I found out yesterday, when I arrived at castle Duivenvoorde and had to pay 5euro cash and didn't have 5euro cash, so had to walk back to the busstop, ran the last 200 mtrs to catch the bus, take bus to city center (Loosdrecht), get 5euro cash, eat icecream because there was no way I could be in time for the two 'o clock tour, walk back to busstop, take bus to castle and wait untill 15.30 to take that tour... But ok, I had a private tour around castle Duivenvoorde, the tourguide was very friendly, funny and she spoke so fast that afterwards I felt like being ran over by a horde of dunno... dinosaurs?!!  The castle is beautifull though, absolutely gorgeous! The gardens are well also gorgeous :) (English landscape garden). It's therefore a shame that the 18th century curtains and wallpaper literally fall apart. It's hanging by a thread.. Somebody do something about that!!

Today I'm going to Heeze. There's only one tour at two 'o clock, so I'll bring my 8euro's (this time) cash with me!!


NS moaning!! I went to Heeze last week and the journey back was, well, not easy.. First the train in Heeze had a 15mins delay, but ok, I sat in the sun and saw it was good. Then in Eindhoven the train to Den Bosch and Utrecht had a 10mins delay, ok fine, I'll get me a swirl. But the row in front of the icecreamshop was way too long. After the disappointment had faded, Joost called me and told me I'd better get off in Den Bosch because trains between Utrecht and Driebergen were stuck (some lady jumped before a train). So, I went to Den Bosch and took a train to Nijmegen (perfect transfer, that should've warned me offcourse). In Nijmegen I had to take the train to Ede-Wageningen, only another problem showed: the trains between Arnhem and Ede did not depart because of a either 'seinstoring' or a defect train. People were advised to go to Den Bosch and there take the train to Utrecht (and via Utrecht to Ede). But? But! The trains in Utrecht will not depart because of the stupid suicide lady?! And and I've just been to Den Bosch and was advised to go via Nijmegen! Ok, so I pledgedly asked the conducteur whether the train in Nijmegen would perhaps still take me to Ede?? He said (quote): "The last thing I heard was that this train will go all the way to Den Helder, but I'll make a phonecall." He did make a phonecall, only nobody answered. I was advised to just get on the train, and see what would happen. I did so. What happened was this: The train departed, got to Arnhem and then stopped. At first it would not get any further than Ede (fine by me!) but then we just did not depart. After 15 mins the lovely NS people told us the train we were in was the train to Den Haag (it was definitely the train to Den Helder before, but ok, Den Haag is still good because that one makes a stop in Ede too), so too bad for the people who were hoping to get to Den Helder.. But still, we did not depart. After another 10 mins they told us they were waiting for the/any machinist, who turned up after another 5mins. After even more minutes the train finally departed.

So you think that the end of the story right? Wrong!

After departing the lovely NS people told us the train would go on, on a slow speed the rest of the journey because of some overweg storing. So, finally, after a journey that took twice as much time as it should have, I arrived (met een slakkengang) in Ede.

The End.


Sometimes the best news comes unexpected! We've just heard that we can sign our rental contract next monday and from that day on, the house will be ours! The new kitchen hasn't arrived yet (the date's still set on 26th of may/5th of june) but because of the rental loss and the kitchen delivery duration, Woonstede is allowed to rent us the house without a kitchen in it. So, Joost went to Woonstede today to end the rent of our old home (which will now end on the 16th of june), which also means we only have one month of double rent! Great great news! Finally we can see our new home again and start working on it. So.... hehehe... which of you has a day off, to help us paint??? :D! You'll be hearing from me soon! Happy happy happy!


Been there, done that! We have the keys of our new home. We have de remote control for the parking garage and we have the card to open the trashcontainer. Now it's time to start the hard work!