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My name is Michelle McCormack, or as my students call me, Señorita McCormack. I am a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Western Connecticut State University, specializing in Secondary Education of Spanish. I will be graduating from the program this July with teacher certification (Spanish 7-12).

I recently completed my student teaching this past spring at East Ridge Middle School where I had a wonderful experience working with students in grade levels 6-8. Transferring my knowledge to the classroom, learned even more about lesson planning, classroom management, and different teaching styles and techniques. Through my experience, I felt confident and I learned that I have a true love of learning and teaching. Every day I did my best to share that with my students. What I loved most about working at East Ridge was the opportunity to connect with my students. I learned so much about each and every one of them and I truly enjoyed incorporating their individual interests and experiences into what we do within the foreign language classroom.



During my junior year at Penn State, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study abroad in Alicante, Spain. I had an amazing experience living with a Spanish host family and made friends with local Spaniards. Throughout the five months I had spent in Alicante, my Spanish language abilities had drastically increased and I learned a vast amount about the Spanish culture and what the country had to offer. My experiences studying in Spain and living with a Spanish host family have greatly improved my Spanish and I will bring everything I learned about the Spanish language and culture to my classroom and share my passion for Spanish with my future students.