I am currently a PhD Candidate at Florida International University in Dr. Maureen Donnelly's lab. I am interested in population ecology, conservation biology, and mechanisms affecting diversity and community assembly. Most of my research focuses on how populations and communities respond to natural or anthropogenic disturbance. To answer these questions, I combine fieldwork with quantitative approaches such as occupancy and mark-recapture modeling.

My favorite focal species are amphibians and reptiles and I am
primarily interested in the Latin American tropics but I have worked with many different types of organisms in various places in the past.

ResearchGate profile

Department of Biological Sciences, OE-167
Florida International University
11200 S.W. 8th Street
Miami, Florida 33199

Lab Room: ECS 153
Lab Phone: (305) 348-6513
FIU Herpetology Website: http://herpetologylab.org/

Email: michelle.elaine.thompson"at"gmail.com