make up artist

     Michelle Caspe Sampaga is a freelance make up artist,she had received her formal training from Rustan Marketing Corporation under Maxfactor Cosmetics Division, In addition for her formal training, she is constantly supplementing her skills through books, seminars, and videos,she create make up look for fashion, wedding, proms, graduations, awarding, parties and other similar productions including all aspects of the modeling world.

  "Being a freelance make up artist, I usually travels to my clients location ,In addition to applying make up i should also know how to styled their hair that may suite to their make up looks"...." I love these job so much"

She was engage in cosmetics year 2009 as a Beauty Consultant of Maxfactor Colour  Cosmetics under Rustan Marketing Corporation, same as the other beginners who are not related to the nature of their job before and not specialize on it , she had  been made lots of adjustment , how to improve her makeup skills for her self and also for her future clients. Self confident is one of her positive factor, for her trial and error is given, but most important is giving her  best and heart on her chosen field of work. Everyday she do make over at the counter/store, assist clients and offer make over for free. She become more interested on Beauty Industry , she read books, magazine,watching videos , her company also sent her on seminars (makeup tutorial) An experience  and her everyday routine is an  advance. She started to accept clients for Hair and Makeup Service, take a Picture with her Clients and kept it for her Portfolio and also She expand her business thru Advertising Online  for easy access of her future Customers.

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